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I’m not young enough to know everything, but why is there such a sudden blitz of car dealerships peddling their “deals?” Why is St. Louis first in anything anymore? Speaking of firsts, I’ll bet you’ll never forget the thrill of coming out of the dark entry-way into the golden sunshine of your first professional baseball game. Baseball is a sentimental game and always had a stronger appeal for writers. Presidential Medal of Freedom awardee Stan Musial ended his playing 50 years ago with the Cardinals after 22 seasons and Phil Wrigley stand out in mind. Wrigley was the last to succumb to the playing of the National Anthem before every game, a brutish idea conceived during World War II to delude the public into regarding a ball game as “patriotic.” Some campaigned assiduously for “America the Beautiful” but there were complaints that the song wasn’t stirring enough with the ending, “And crowned they good with brotherhood,” was a little too – you know – democratic. Cozy wooden ballyards have been replaced by concrete mixing bowls, hot dogs cost three times as much and are half as good and a lot of good gray heads are even to concede we may live long enough to see the end of baseball as we’ve known it.
So, here we are a few days from year’s-end, when many look forward to the New Year for a new start on old habits.

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  • buttinsky says:

    Jerry, the reason the car dealers are so hopped up to unload iron before the end of the year is whoever owns it on the first of the year pays the personal property tax. I noticed there is one dealer advertising on the post website and the ad says 2014 but when you click it the details say 2013. You have to watch those dealers. I once leased a new SUV. When I went to pick it up, it had 6000 miles on it. The salesman said proudly it had been the owners “demo.” I said I was paying for a “new” car not one with 6000 miles. He said with a straight face, “you’re just buying a set number of miles, not a new car.” I told him where he could drive it. Not sure if it fit.

  • KITTY says:

    Why isn’t St. Louis first in anything anymore? Well, St. Louis is #1 in cases of Clap, #1 for black on black homicide, and generally ranked the #1 Most Dangerous City in America.

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