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Can you just imagine these headlines in 2050? “Remember when the Cardinals won the World Series in 2011?”  “Baby conceived naturally, Scientists stumped!”
Centene’s Mike Neidorf was pressed tighter than Kim Kardashian’s push-up bra at Tony’s the other night by his glammy wife Neomi, while the couple toasted St. Louis Symph chief Fred Bronstein and 12 others over dinner.  The Symph is the place to be over the weekend when it screens the original “Phantom of the Opera” for a Halloween fest Friday-Saturday and “The Composer’s Dead” concert on Sunday. . .Prominent barrister Jim Gunn was nearby, celebrating with fellow alums of SLU High. . .SLU profs Matt Daniels and Aaron Johnson of the Dept. of Fine & Perf. Arts remain jubilant over their Tavern of Fine Arts in the DeBaliviere nabe. Also at SLU, a new partnership is in the works with Oxford University in a study abroad program. Over at WashU, a committee has been formed to create a new sorority. At Mizzou, Michelle Obama will be paged for a food symposium in March to talk about nutrition. . .Wendi and Norm Pressman caught the Rep. alum Jared Gertner as a standby for a lead in the Broadway production of “Book of Mormon” and he performed that night. Theatergoers remember him well from a standout on the boards at the Rep of “A Funny Thing”. . .Longtime barrister Larry Fleming was put on probation by the Mo. Supreme Court for some unstated ethical violation for at least the second time. . .Elliot Smith, who shuttered his contemporary art gallery on McPherson Avenue, has taken his life. Smith had moved to Ft. Lauderdale and then went to NYC, where he was found dead. .  . .Stephen and Phyllis Suntrup are calling it quits. . .Here’s how to keep Albert Pujols here, according to T.J. Birkenmeir: $10 million a-year for seven years; 9-15 percent ownership interest in the team; Earmark half-1percent of all food concession receipts for duration of his life in a 4-way split to The Pujols Foundation, Cardinal Glennon Hospital, St. Louis Children’s Hospital and Shriners Hospital. . .David Guggenheim, son of the late prolific documentary producer, Charles Guggenheim, is readying his next thriller, “Medalion,” starring Nicholas Cage. Dad Charles was beckoned to our town to become the director of KETC, one of the first public television stations in the U.S.. . ..America Traffic Solutions is applauding the ruling by the Mo. Court of Appeals that red-light safety camera programs don’t conflict with state law.


  • Scott S says:

    Albert Pujols cannot own shares of a team. Players cannot be owners under MLB rules. Probably federal laws as well – he’s a union member and whoever heard of a union member and owner of the same business?

  • Scott S says:

    Schedule A of the current collective bargaining agreement, the “Uniform Player’s Contract.” This is the building block for any player’s deal, and all contracts are subject to the rules therein. Rule 4(c) makes things fairly clear regarding this matter.

    Interest in Club

    4.(c) The Player represents that he does not, directly or indirectly, own�stock or have any financial interest in the ownership or earnings of any�Major League Club, except as hereinafter expressly set forth, and�covenants that he will not hereafter, while connected with any Major�League Club, acquire or hold any such stock or interest except in�accordance with Major League Rule 20(e).�
    Rule 20(e). WITHIN CLUB. No manager or player on a Club shall, directly or indirectly, own stock or any other proprietary interest or have any financial interest in the Club by which the manager or player is employed except under an agreement approved by the Commissioner, which agreement shall provide for the immediate sale (and the terms there of) of such stock or other proprietary interest or financial interest in the event of the manager or player’s transfer (if a player or playing manager) to or joining another Club. A manager or player having any such interest in the Club by which the manager or player is employed shall be ineligible to play for or manage any other Club in that League while, in the opinion of the Commissioner, such interest is retained by or for the manager or player, directly or indirectly.

  • JLS says:

    such a deal for Albert Pujols, who is so very talented, but….a ball player. Ball players get injured. Ball players get tired. Ball players arms get really long. I say, we are the best ball team in the nation, and he should be paid and paid well, and consider it a great honor to play in a city that adores him.

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