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St. Louis Aldermanic President Lewis Reed is backing a multimillion dollar bond issue to renovate City Hall. Reed throws a few bones as well. . .fixing up firehouses and police stations and buying some new rolling stock.  If memory serves, the city just spent gazillions on fixing up firehouses less than 10 years ago and for new police stations less than 20 years ago. Reed might have some friends in the construction business in need of clients. Meanwhile, some Christians have come down hard on Reed for the timing of three public meetings on the proposal: all the week of April 14, which if he were Christian, he would realize that’s Holy Week, and a time of reflection and prayer for many. Can the timed meetings avoid pubic input?


  • RETIRED1 says:

    There are many atheists,agnostics,muslims,jews,Hare Krishna,Scientologists,Hindus,Buddists,Witches,Warlocks,non-religious people,pedohile Catholic priests…that don’t give a damn about primitive fairy tales based christian religious holidays! If Mr.Reed is not religious or Christian as implied in this blog then there is absolutely nothing wrong with that and it would make me respect him more if he isn’t “Christian” or any other religion!

  • KITTY says:

    Now, I am curious Bergermeister. If Reed isn’t a Christian, is he a Jew, Buddist, Hindu, or god forbid a fkn’ Muslim? Or maybe the Atheist hero of Retired1?

  • Skeptic says:

    Is this a gossip column or a paid attack ad? Quite a hatchet job. I wasn’t aware that professional people in St. Louis took off the entire week before Easter.

  • D. J. Fone says:

    Yeah, just try and phone in to work and say “I’m a Christian, so I’m taking Holy Week off.”

    Between this, the pedophile priests columns, and the weekly updates re Fr. Timothy Dolan, is the Bergermeister finding religion in his twilight, or, like W. C. Fields reading a bible on his deathbed, “Looking for loopholes”?

  • Great Caesar's Ghost says:

    I could hear it…”I’m Christian and it’s Holy Week and I’m taking the week off…” Voice on other end says “Are you Muslim?” The answer, “No, I’m Christian…” Answer, “Then you’re fired !” Could happen if current trends continue.

  • Albert Wien says:

    Since when do Christians stop working for a week before Easter? And they’re too busy reflecting to attend public meetings? (Not that I’d be in a hurry to attend any meeting with “pubic input”…)

  • Great Caesar's Ghost says:

    Christians don’t stop working for Holy Week, but Muslims are excused from anything and everything if it interferes with their religious duties, and are accommodated many rituals that they demand in the name of their religion.

    Enough said.

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