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Will Hollywood meet the Beltway tonight at the Academy Awards ceremony? (7:30 p.m. on ABC.) “There will be some element in it,” predicts host Jimmy Kimmel. Meanwhile, John Legend, who is skedded tonight and is a Clinton supporter, says, “I’ll continue to speak out.”

Sadly, Lake Forest Confectioners is shuttering. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to revive the old Lake Forest Bakery and its paradise cakes? For now, the candy maker has joined the ranks of those we enjoyed and lost through the years such as Mavrakos, Busy Bee, Barbakos and Friliingo’s. Another option was buying candy: Brach’s, Mars; Kit Kat, 5th Avenue, Musketeers, Payday, Milk Shake, Boston Baked Beans and Reed’s. We continue to have Crown Candy Kitchen although most of its candy is provided by National Candy Co. of Milwaukee. There’s also Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate and each time I have bought their products at Dierbergs they’ve been stale.

HISTORIC FEB. 27: 1974, People magazine made its debut; 1956, Elvis Presley recorded “Heartbreak Hotel” and in 1922, The U.S. Supreme Court unanimously upheld the 19th Amendment giving women’s rights to vote.


  • Cowboy22 says:

    Wasn’t it Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr who said “I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”? The academy could take a lesson from that idea. We all could, because it works in all directions.

  • m says:

    Re past candy stores. Now there’s an excuse to visit THE HILL and tour the Chocolate store, (it’s got to be fresh there) then enjoy a dinner or lunch at one of the restaurants.

  • KITTY says:

    Amen, Cowboy22!And bet the farm, there will be more hate filled rhetoric spewed at tonight’s Academy Awards show than any other time in the academy’s history. Don’t be surprised when 90% of the presentators, performers and comedians viciously attack President Trump. Martin Luther King’s words only mean something to these egotistical has beens when it fits their agenda, and tonight will not be one of them. In a perfect world, once one of them starts an anti-Trump tirade, their mic should be cut off and instantly go to a commercial break.

    I stopped watching the Academy Awards years ago on the night I puked my guts up listening to no-talent Sally Field’s nausaating speech, “I think you love me.”

  • cynical says:

    They may have loads of talent in the acting, producing, directing, writing field, but what makes them think they are credible in any subject not related to their God-given talent? That, plus they are all (at this level) part of the 1% that they bash so badly! Go figure.

  • gerbal says:

    Cynical…..really….agent orange is a reality star…..your logic does not fit there. Kitty…..You are just sick to the core and to be pittied.

  • Binky says:

    Bissinger’s makes chocolate at 1600 N. Broadway (with a shop in the factory) and has shops at Plaza Frontenac and Maryland Plaza…the dark chocolate is very healthy!

  • buttinsky says:

    America is tired of being lectured by liberal arts majors who didn’t have what it takes to master the big boy classes in school.

  • KITTY says:

    And the envelope is: La La Land! Oops.

  • Eagle says:

    Prediction: 30 years from now they’ll still be talking about last night’s epic embarrassment. Prediction 2: When Best Picture is announced next year, there’ll be a joke to the extent “Now is this for first place or runner up?”

  • Big dick says:

    The winner is all us bigoted people who’ll run the earth into the ground……..holla !

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