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Republican Vice Presidential hopeful Paul Ryan visited Springfield, MO Thursday night and raised $1.2 million for the Romney campaign via tickets that ranged from $1,000 to nearly $25,000 each. Ryan made no mention of the Senate race, but spoke generally about wanting an “affirming election to give the GOP the presidency and majorities in both Houses of Congress. . .The new head of SLU’s law school, barrister Thomas Keefe, denies being Fr. Lawrence Biond’s  “butt boy,” “trained monkey” and “yes man” in an interview with Missouri Lawyers Weekly. Keefe, a Democrat, also disparaged Todd Akin: “I say to myself over and over again, thank you God for Todd Akin. There is a God. We might actually keep control of the Senate.” And the conservative St. Louis Catholic blog notes that an anti-abortion website, Lifesite News, reported that Keefe once represented a woman in a so-called “wrongful life” suit, claiming doctors “had failed to detect that her child had a congenital condition leading to the loss of the baby’s left foot. Had she known, the woman said she would have aborted the baby”. . .Look for Shaun Hayes to launch another real estate company, Hawthorne Asset Advisors, with Mike Litz. . .Word around the sacrosanct Log Cabin Club is that former co-chair of the national Republican party and former Ambassador to the Duchy of Luxembourg, Ann Wagner, might do a switch with Todd Akin. She might run in his place for the U.S. Senate challengingClaire McCaskill and Akin might file to replace her in the run for 2nd Cong. Dist.


  • jcjack says:

    OMG, another Hayes-Litz real estate scheme to destroy more innocent victims of their swindles? How many of these “asset-holding companies” that buy up selected properties their minions force into foreclosure through fraud and corruption do they think they need?

  • trashcup says:

    Do these candidates think they can just switch offices and campaigns any time they just decide to? What about the voters that voted for them? After watching the way Akin handled the aftermath of his stupid comments, it’s obvious he could care less about the voter. He completely avoided local media except for a 5 minute “interview” yesterday and then it was “the campaign will answer any other questions”.

    Are they THAT afraid Akin might make another stupid ass remark?

    YOu can’t get elected unless you face the music, Akin.

  • wwsivo says:

    It exposes how Akin is now scrounging for a job and so far the Republicans haven’t come up with a good enough offer. Akin will be unemployed next January and right now he has his son (campaign mgr) and wife (campaign consultant) on the campaign’s payroll until the election in November. If he quits the race without a deal, he loses money. Unlike McCaskill, the 20th (as of 8/1/2012) most wealthy person in the 535 member congress, Akin is concerned about his next paycheck.

  • KITTY says:

    So Shaun Hayes and Michael Litz, the two biggest crooks in the real estate industry, are setting up another scam corporation. How anyone in their right mind would do business with these two con men is beyond logic. So mark my words, gentle readers, within a year creditors stupid enough to do business with Hawthorne Asset Advisors will be lining up like sheep at the St. Louis Co. Courts only to learn the judgments they obtained against Hayes, Litz and Hawthorne won’t be worth the paper they are printed on.

    Hayes to Litz: “Can you believe that? Those stupid bankers are really dumber than they appear. We took ’em for another three million bucks!! It was as easy as taking candy from babies. Hurry up, and don’t forget we have reservations tonight at Dominics to discuss our next big swindle. I want to celebrate with a 1955 Chateau LaTour. It’s only $2,500.00 a bottle. And the suckers we fleeced will only be drinking a $5.00 bottle of Gallo Zinfandel. Are we good or what? Ah, only in America!”

  • Shaun Hayes and Mr. Litz need to understand when to throw in the towel and find a real job. The U S Attorney’s office like sit when people on “fire” throw more fuel on themselves. It makes plea bargaining a lot more difficult.

  • Towncar07 says:

    Hayes-Litz…tell a lie often enough it becomes the truth…[they] will continue to scam until all the suckers have gone to the Barnum & Bailey Circus heaven.

  • anne says:

    Yes, Towncar07, but not all their victims are suckers that were taken in by the scam. Hundreds of innocent victims who didn’t even know who Hayes was have been ruined, had their businesses devastated, their jobs destroyed. Hayes, Litz, et al, apparently targeted commercial property developments with false allegations, rumors, and under-the-table manipulations. The lawyers for the scam schemes reportedly said, in at least one such, after the allegations were shown to be false and the victims bankrupted and hundreds lost their jobs: “Oh well, I guess there was nothing there, but I’m sure (he, they) have done something wrong in the past that (he,they) deserve to be punished for.”

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