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Elbert Walton, the erratic and just-suspended barrister, is identified in news reports as a former state rep who once got in trouble advising a county ambulance district. Few seem to recall, however, that 25 years ago he was considered a “shoo in” to become the city’s top prosecutor.  He was the sole African-American running against several credible white hopefuls, including Jack Garvey, Nels Moss and Ed Sweeney. But in a shocking upset, Dee Joyce Hayes prevailed, becoming the city’s first female Circuit Attorney.
CONGRATS: Missouri’s Jenni Pinkelman who won Politico’s first ever NCAA basketball “Playbook Poll.”
Mary Grace Cusumano, who was honored on her 90th birthday at Kemoll’s. She is the matriarch of the venerable restaurant.
ARCHBISHOP Robert Carlson’s testimony in the trial of an accused predator priest this week marks the first time a local bishop – sitting or retired, archbishop or auxiliary bishop – has been forced to answer questions in court about alleged child molesting clerics. (The only other civil trial in this archdiocese was back in 1999 against Fr. James Gummersbach, jurors found for the victim.)
BLUNT SHRUGS: Missouri Sen. Roy Blunt, an appropriator and the chairman of the Senate Commerce Aviation Subcommittee, said Tuesday that it was “helpful” to take a look at Nav Canada’s private air traffic control service while on a trip with Chao and Shuster last week. When asked what he thought about the Canadian system, Blunt replied, “Well, I knew what they were doing, but visually it’s always better to see it.”
BIG MONEY AT EVERY TURN – MAKING AMERICA GREAT, a non-profit group aligned with big GOP donor Rebekah Mercer, is dropping six figures on a digital advertising campaign to both tout President Trump’s administration’s accomplishments and pressure senators to confirm Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. The ad has gotten boosted spending in Missouri  – a market where a Demo senator faces re-election in 2018.


  • KITTY says:

    Gotta pay tribute to the legendary Don Rickles who left us today. He was the funniest comedian of my lifetime, bar none. Dangerfield was #2. So, Rest in Peast, Don Rickles. You made America laugh harder than anyone!

    But to remember Don, here is a vid of him roasting Frank Sinatra.

  • TOWNCAR says:

    AND Rickles had as his best friend in Bob Newhart…the two and their wives were constant companions and wherever they might land for dinner was usually a “show” of hilarious insults and parodies that was akin to a mini comedy show…and when privacy and relaxation was needed, they usually took to a private club or private room.

    I join with Kitty in wishing eternal rest and humor to Rickles, and condolences to the families, and to us all that really appreciated clean comedy.

  • Jean Valjean says:

    My favorite Rickles moment was on “The Tonight Show”, when he was heckling Johnny Carson mercilessly, with the NBC studio audience just roaring, and just to show he was a good sport, Rickles applauded and pointed at Johnny, saying, “Ladies and gentleman, Johnny Carson!”, to which Carson yelled “THEY KNOW WHO I AM!!!”.

    Thanks for the laughs, Don. Rest in peace, you hockey puck!

  • gerbal says:

    Well Blunt is just wasting money like his Orange President. I live in West Palm Beach where we are spending 70K per day for Drumpf’s police security. Not including coast guard, secret service etc etc etc. But Obama did play golf about 10 times a year. Such hypocracity.

  • TOWNCAR says:

    Yeah gerbal, and Obama drove himself around, and only accepted studio apartments next to the elevator, and Michelle made all the arrangements and did the driving. Flying coach on ElCheapo Airline & Spare Tire Company DC-3’s.

    Get real.

  • KITTY says:

    Gerbal: Us taxpayers paid over $85 MILLION BUX on Obama’s vacations while he was in office. Remember he and Michelle often went to the same places on different flights. Then there was the time they flew First Dog Bo to Martha’s Vineyard on another flight after they had arrived. Talk about a waste of money. I think the taxpayers see the difference in spending monies on presidential security than the millions spent so Michelle could go traipsing around the world with a retinue of 40-80 friends and staff, commandeering 3-4 entire floors of the 5 Star hotels she stayed in, then having the gall to come home to whine that she felt captive in the White House, all the while spending more big bux on parties featuring thug entertainers whose lyrics were vulgar, misogynist and racist! We should all be thankful they are finally gone!

  • TOWNCAR says:

    NOTE TO EAGLE: You complain that I find Islam so false and dangerous but have a hard time with “facts” even tho they are evident in many countries. SO>>>

    Along comes the Sat-Sun Edition of the WSJ Opinion page A-11 and an established and knowledgeable person accurately points out that all my alarms and warnings ar VALID.

    Take a road, buddy, and then think about the overall implications of the article, and then reflect on how Obama, thru his beloved Qur’an could never speak ill of Islam except “ISIL must be stopped”, when the greater picture and ultimate objective is dangerously close unless action is taken NOW. Read, absorb, and then THINK how this article may influence our civilization for the future.

    You can thank me later, after reading and then planning for your own “safe space.” ~Best wishes from TC

  • KITTY says:

    WTG Towncar! Great comment, and right on the money. But if for a moment you think Eagle will come crawling out of his safe room, clutching his security blanket, while gnawing on a leg of roasted crow, to thank you, then send me a pound of whatever you’re smoking, cause it ain’t gonna happen!

  • TOWNCAR says:

    Yes Kitty, when enough people finally realize that ISLAM is a political movement and NOT a religion, be prepared for WAR, the destruction of much of Europe, and perhaps a permanent division of our own Country.

    This stealth movement and planning was done with Obama and Valerie Jarrett, and the rest of a very close team, to set US up for this very confrontation…the only thing that was not considered, is that Trump had any chance of winning the Presidency.

    (Christian) God, works in mysterious ways.

  • Cowboy22 says:

    Uh oh …. getting quiet again, like last time. I’ll wait a couple of days before I start to worry.

  • Mickey says:

    Barry had his Watusi mother in law living at the White (black) House for free, as if it was a section 8 ghetto unit. Taxpayers paid for her upkeep and she DIDNT get a 1099 on her luxurious accommodations. Now Barry the coke head president has his concubine, Val Jarrett, living with him and old sour puss Watusi.

  • TOWNCAR says:

    Isn’t it fun and enlightening when Mr. Berger is absent and the moles dig new tunnels…?

  • TOWNCAR says:

    Watch it Bitty…my BITE is worse than your bark.

  • Eagle says:

    TC… Don’t put up with the cretin above. Contact Jerry and see about terminating his use of the site. There has to be some kind of firewall that can be initiated. See you down the road.

  • TOWNCAR says:

    Yes Eagle, it’s “Bitty”s type that lets me thumb through my squelch rolodex…the person is a flake that will eventually eat his own words and disappear.

  • Eagle says:

    I suspect he’s one of Mickey’s steambath buddies. They seem to speak the same language.

  • Eagle says:

    TC…Perhaps IBT has just given you a legal mechanism for dispensing with his stupidity. He says he knows where you live. Maybe that would be grounds to have him classified as a stalker. Your lawyer might be able to leverage IBT’s identity from Jerry, as well as a restraining order from the court. Then you could make this clown’s identity and addresss public. Worth considering?

  • TOWNCAR says:

    Eagle, the IBT is actively trying to be an unbalanced load, and he can claim to know where I live, where I go and what I do…I have no problem with ghosts..if ever confronted, then is when the axe falls.

    To complain to Jerry will become necessary when an actual event occurs that will support legal actions. IF he lives down my street and knows where “all you’re bones are buried” (sic) is a bluff, simply because I have NO buried bones, and even my late wife is buried ashes, and my criminal file is blank.

    The best way to handle this, until later actions proves otherwise, is just ignore the person since all he seeks is intimidation and recognition. Finally, it better become real knowledge to anyone, that the posted email address can be anything with an @ and it will be accepted. I state this here because Mr. Berger’s webmaster just might want to use this to spur a VERIFICATION of said email addresses. You yourself had posted a comment using another’s email, although you caught your own error.

    Whatever IBT is, I do’t think he rises to the level of premium stupidity, although today one cannot be sure of anything.

    Thanks for your interest and advice. Until then, IBT is free to vomit his spleen, and I remain unimpressed.

  • TOWNCAR says:

    Sorry you feel that way joe…I try and bring a perspective on the way I thank and do, the other posters usually do the same WHEN the subject is not political.

    IF you remember Retired1, he was enough to make one have an every evening cocktail of battery acid. Everyone else remains free to express their opinions and perhaps even a fact or three.

    Two contributing factors to less commentary from Berger Readers is that too often the discussion decends into vituperous political blather that turns everyone off.

    Hey joblow…do you enjoy reading the intelligent musings of IBT or Mickey, or whomever…I believe that it is a few of US that present reasonable views and fun remembrances… but beware commenting on anything political becomes a rabbit hole.

  • TOWNCAR says:

    I am NOT your “Dude”…dude.

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