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Just out this morning. The Quinnipiac Poll: Donald Trump has a commanding lead over his Republican rivals in his home state of New York. He has the support of 56 percent of likely GOP primary voters.
THAT’S FORMER CHANNEL 5 REPORTER/ANCHOR WENDY BELL getting the gate in Pittsburgh. Bell was the standout reporter for the Show Me 5 show 20 years ago. Since then, she’s been toiling at the Hearst station in Pittsburgh, WTAE. Recently, she posted a questionable comment on social media. The community went bonkers and her bosses caved into pressure and fired her. She’ll be fine. She has a hubby who makes big bucks as an interventional cardiologist. . .David Guerreiro, son of Wedgewood Partners’ Tony Guerreiro, is scoring accolades in the press in N.Y.C. and L.A., where he now lives. Known as “Vid,”  he’s a grad of Priory and Dartmouth U. . .After 98 years on The Hill, Gioia’s Deli will bow a downtown branch at 903 Pine tomorrow beginning at 1030 a.m. Owners Alex and Amanda Donley will be serving up their trademark hot and savory salami sandwiches Monday-Friday.
CONSERVATIVES’ PUSH AGAINST THE DEATH PENALTY are expanding their efforts in Missouri. . .Brittany Harper of Joplin, MO has been charged in Alabama for her involvement in violent crimes that spanned four states. . .Russian police have stepped up the search for 25 year-old Colin Madsen of Jeff City, who has been missing for some time. . .Missouri is just below its pre-recession level of job loss. . .Left Bank Books heralds the appearance of Douglas Brinkley at 7 p.m., April 15 at the Public Library HQ, 1640 S. Lindbergh, where he’ll discuss his “Rightful Heritage.”
TOMORROW APRIL 1, 1976, STEVE JOBS, RONALD WAYNE and Stephen Wozniak founded Apple Computer.


Huffington Pollster: Average of recent national polls puts Donald Trump’s favorability at only 31 percent, while 63 percent viewed him unfavorably. . . BOOKMARK: “You Belong to the Universe: Buckminister Fuller,” penned by Jonathan Keats. Keats writes about the visionary whose geodesic domes were introduced. While I toiled at the Muny, the board beckoned Fuller with a view towards creating a dome over the outdoor theater that would preclude rainouts. Furthermore, the venue could present plays, musicals and concerts all year-long. The plan was scotched by the stodgy board due to costs. . .There goes Mark Erney on the town. The former lead to creating a franchise of Hamburger Mary’s pled guilty of embezzling his investors – including Frank Siano – of a few hundred thousand bucks for his personal use. The judge gave Erney probation and ordered restitution.


Virbac, a worldwide leader in developing, manufacturing and distributing animal health care products, is poised to expand in Bridgeton and Canada at a cost of $37.9 million and adding 144 new high-paying jobs.


NBC News/summary/monkeypoll has just released that half of Republicans and Republican-leaning voters nationwide – 52 percent – say they want to see a general election between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.


The biggest superheroes of all time in film – “Batman vs.Superman” – grabbed a global record debut over the weekend of $420 million.
WHITEY HERZOG: For $225 a ducat, you can attend an evening on May 16 at Busch Stadium to see and hear Whitey Herzog and his tales of his 11 years as Cardinals’ skipper. Wonder if he’ll tell about the time he and Mike Shannon told the late Globe-Democrat sportscribe Jack Herman he was making a major trade. While on the road, Whitey named names. Herman filed the story and it was published. Herman was duped!
MIZZOU has raised $65 million toward its goal. So far, the university has raised $715 million.
WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY has added a Korean major to its Asian language dept.
FAMED FORMER W.U. MED. CENTER UROLOGIST DR. WILLIAM CATALONA’S mug is featured in Sunday’s editions of The New York Times as one of the recipients of the National Physician of the Year awards.


Trump’s attack on Heidi Cruz is the scummy low of a scummy campaign over her mental health,” according to Slate. The scribe harkens back to “the paradigmatic case of Thomas Eagleton, who briefly served as George McGovern’s running mate for president. Word leaked out that Eagleton had been treated for a mental condition at a local hospital. Slate: “A situation in which all politicians’ relatives are subject to a reputational free-for-all – except for Trump’s sledgehammer. “. . .the Voldemort-like power Trump derives from the publicity – even bad publicity – gives him immunity from public shame”


THAT WAS ST. LOUIS NATIVE SARAH WEINER profiled in The New York Times. She is co-founder of a Bay Area sustainable food non-profit. In discussing her shopping habits, she revealed that “one of my greatest finds was an actual Chanel couture dress I found at a second-hand shop called Scholar Shop.”
EX POST-DISPATCH SCRIBE TOM UHLENBROCK has penned “look back” celebrating the 100th anniversary of our state parks in the latest “Missouri Resources” put out by the DNR. The issue also contains a piece by Eva Dee Goss about the Peabody Opera House renovation.
IF YOU’VE LIVED LONG ENOUGH, YOU MIGHT REMEMBER: Dunlop Tires; Tiddly-Wnks, Erector Sets; model airplanes; Ping-Pong; Nehi Orange Drink; Orange Julius; Bubble-Up soda; Velvet pipe tobacco; Oven Off; Royal typewriters; Old Gold, Raleigh and Viceroy cigarettes; Dian Shine shoe polish; Toni’s Home Permanent; Ipana toothpaste; Stimudents; Brylcreem; Fels Naptha soap; Jergen’s Lotion; Nettie’s Flower Garden; Ronson lighters; Enna Jetticks, Red Cross and Threadneedle Street shoes; Sal Heptatica; Tennessee Jed, Ed’s White Front and Tastee Barbecue; Tilt-A-Whirl at the Highlands; the Clardel, Blue Moon, Van Horn’s, Redwood, Pelican’s, Musial & Biggie’s, Shanghai,  and Tunnelway restaurants and jawbreakers.


The stage musical of the 1953 movie comedy, “Roman Holiday,” will hit the boards on Broadway in 2017. The show with songs by Cole Porter (“Easy to Love” and “Night & Day” among others) was presented at the Muny in 2001 under the eyes of producer Paul Blake. For the Broadway edition, Blake is co-producer. The movie starred Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn in the tale of a bored princess who escapes her handlers and falls in love with an American journalist in Rome. . .Focus group of Republicans and their friends on Tuesday night in our town: “Which campaign song would best capture Donald Trump’s candidacy?” Responses: “Hit Me – Your Best Shot”; “Eye of the Tiger”; “We Are the Champions” “Takin’ Care of Business” “Hells Bells.” Independent stay-at-home mother Gabrielle Ritter, 39: “The people of the U.S. are disillusioned or fed up the way the country is being run.” . . .Boston Children’s Hospital medics have announced an experiment that fixes the problem of anterior cruciate ligaments (ACL) that has sidelined many athletes. Dr. Rick Wright, prof of orthopedic surgery at WashU School of Medicine: “The real beauty of it is you are getting native ACL to heal without a graft.”


Nader Jaser Abdullah has pled guilty today before U.S. Dist. Judge Richard Webber for robbing five banks including Lindell Bank on 7/14/15. Sentencing later. . .WashU gets the nod from Forbes as top college in Missouri. . .Look for TiVo to merge with Rovi, one of the largest owners of patents for digital entertainment devices. . .Easter spending this year will top a record of $17.3 billion in the U.S., according to the National Retail Federation.


Telecoms are waiving fees for consumers attempting to reach people in Brussels and Turkey. Among them: AT&T; Verizon; T-Mobile and Sprint.
Fees for texts are also included.

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