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I’ve never understood why, exactly, but baseball has always had a stronger appeal for writers. One reason may be that baseball is a sentimental game, living in the past and most writers are sentimental slobs. No other sport involves so much standing around to watching the grass grow or spitting. The downgrading of baseball began with the decline and fall of first base. There used to be dazzlers: Joe Torre; Keith Hernandez; Jack Clark; Mark McGwire; Albert Pujols and Bill White. Now, when a manager doesn’t know what to do with some aging rummy, he puts him on first base. I’ve even seen pitchers playing first. True, baseball is slow.

Phil Wrigley was the last to succumb to the nonsense of playing the National Anthem before every game, a brutish idea conceived during World War II to delude the public into regarding a ballgame as “patriotic.”

There’s a mad rush to remodel Scottrade, the Armory and Edward Jones Dome with financial assistance. When will Busch Stadium be in need of updating? For nostalgia, it has replaced dozens of little buildings where mom and pop had a grocery, Jim Mertikas had Grecian Gardens, Shumacher’s Restaurant, Grand Burlesque, the Garrick, a flower shop, Chinatown, the York Hotel and Little Bohemia. Gone, all of them, to where?

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  • TOWNCAR says:

    In these pretentious and contentious times, I think that the playing of the National Anthem should at least remind [ALL] that this game about to be played, should be reflected by the beauty of the Country that lets us reflect on the reason that [we] can watch a game that has no political meaning, no political agenda, and there will be NO denigration of the nation because of a contest played publicly or with a paying ticket for personal viewing, is a game with no political implications.

    Yes, we would like to “kill the umpire” and goad the pitcher, but there will be no public hangings or burning of effigies post-game show. Our National Anthem is a song of unity and strength of resolve, and let freedom ring.

    “O say can you see…” Play Ball !!!

  • KITTY says:

    The bigger nonsense in baseball is the 7th inning stretch which began when Pres. Taft stood up to stretch his legs and everyone else stood with him. Better yet, let’s make it a new tradition that the 4th inning is designated where everyone stands up and farts and then goes to pee.

    And where else but at a baseball game can tens of thousands get together and show their patriotism and pride in America than by singing The Star Spangled Banner?

    And here is the British drinking song with the original melody we use to sing The Star Spangled Banner.

  • m says:

    AH – such memories of the long gone restaurants/entertainment places downtown that were replaced by not one, but two stadiums – which the original one decimated the original ballpark in North St. Louis.

    As to where the fun places went – unfortunately only in memories. Who were the standard visitors to Shumachers for famous potato pancakes (chef Charlie Gibbs paired up to have restaurant on Chippewa) and the regulars at Little Bohemia in spite of the first unisex restroom and tin cans flattened out to cover spots in the floor. Lots of fun there – some romances wound up in marriages. Could go on and on – but I’m sure many will say replacements are more fun – but are they really different?? Seems like one will look like another – no originality.

    There was an attempt at Gaslight Square for folks to open up a place THEY would like to frequent. It worked for a while. Won’t go into the sordid reasons it failed.

  • TOWNCAR says:

    Of course Kitty is right about the origin of the melody for our National Anthem…I believe now that over-air TV is almost entirely replaced by cable and satellite and the Banner is not played at the end of every broadcast day as now everything is 24/7. However there are radio stations (mostly in Mexico) that play their own Nat’l Anthem at the end of their broadcast day.

    Was Francis Scott Key “off key” asked Towncar facetiously ? If one reads the comments of the Anthem piece, the majority choice for a replacement would be “America the Beautiful” No objection here, but when that time for transition finally if ever comes, will America still be beautiful ?

    Consult your crystal ball.

  • Joe Hanon says:

    Alas, both Towncar’s & Kitty’s posts are refreshing and lacking in their quondam political vitriol — dare I say right-wing nonsense !
    Both are excellent writers, and Kitty’s verbal witty onslaughts against
    the subjects of her ire entertain and amuse.

  • Joe Hanon says:

    Whatever happened to the screwball who obsessed over
    the Catholic church and her priests?

  • TOWNCAR says:

    Joe, the screwball you referred to is (was) a “he”…the pedophile priest obsessive quack that hated anything Catholic…well he was after investigation and a bit of computer dexterity one of a possible three. Retired1.

    There [were] 3 Retired1’s that were found, one was a retired steam kitchen supplier, another an AfAm person that took up right after the steam kitchen supplier disappeared, and the 3rd lived in or near ESTL. I proved to myself thru the help of a computer geek, that ID’s could be switched, and one could post under another’s alias, and then I let the matter drop. It was rumored that the disgruntled AfAM could have been the late “Onion” Horton, a radio personality that wore his race on his sleeve, but died of Alzheimers around the time of the election, and his moniker disappeared along with his life. At this point, I say good riddance. Now the other Retired1’s can choose another moniker and take a different slant but anyone that had such a bleating drumbeat of the same material was either overcome and deinstitutionalized by his OCD, or he is actually dead.

    No one misses the Retired 1 and you can count me as # 1 in that. Another prolific and articulate moniker (is) Eagle, and he either has the flu, is vacationing in Fiji, or has just given up and left. He had the brains, but always was arguing the left side of the aisle, and so who nows, maybe Mr. Berger knows. Debating him was like debating Bubble Gum…great on the blow-up, but finally saw that perhaps some of the arguments were too persuasive to argue, and retreated into his own version of leftist utopia.

    I was accidentally vetted out about 2 years ago, so if you can remember, you can Google me or follow me on my FaceBlog page…it really makes no diff to me since I rarely have the time to get into the deep weeds, so I just offer my comments as OPINIONS, to either be answered or ignored. Suits me just fine.

    May you have a pleasant 2017, and as I remember you ran a nice restaurant in one of Greg Vatterott’s Motels at Dorsett and 270, and you had a crab leg special one month, which me and my late wife must have set the consumption record.

  • TOWNCAR says:

    Mr. Berger solved one problem by having “original posters” appear in black print, and newer past a certain date in a sort of green type…I had left, then I came back and it’s been that way ever since. Only Mr. Berger knows thru his webmaster what it all means.

    I am who I am and I being 95% German, am also stubborn. Best wishes.

  • Joe Hanon says:

    Thank you, Towncar !

  • Keith Schildroth says:

    Love those baseball scribes of the past…Neal Russo, Harry “Slugger” Mitauer, Bob Burnes, Bob Broeg and Dick Kaegel. Rick Hummel and Derrick Goold and the late Joe Strauss are pretty good too.

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