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Cutting the entire epic down to size, I have returned from a vacation
called hell. Flew to Florida for a few days. Arrived there with double
pneumonia and virus and sent to a hospital in Broward County. Released
and returned to our town. Took my pet for a walk and he lunged away. I
fell into the street and fractured my hip and femur. So if it’s
relevance you’re looking for, pal, it’ll be right here, a smorgasbord of
tidbits, bare and otherwise,

13 Responses to “BERGER’S BACK! HIP, HIP HOORAY!”

  • Eagle says:

    Welcome back, Jerry. Funny, I thought “break a leg” was a wish for good luck.

  • buttinsky says:

    Wow. Good luck.

  • TOWNCAR says:

    Now that is settled, and we all wish you full recovery, I await the next bone of contention or perhaps the posting of a neutral topic that all can enjoy.

  • Tom jones says:

    Oh fuck off !!!! Buttinsky & towncar take an enema & call it a day ! Ya pathetic gossip wimps ! Say your real names ya pussies

  • m says:

    Another person who looked every day for your comments and glad to see you are back – well enough to make comments.

  • Cowboy22 says:

    Welcome back Jerry, and here’s to a speedy and complete recovery.

  • poguemahone says:

    By my count……it looks like you just used up 4 and 5…be careful your balance is 4..& what about the poor pet? Stay vertical, pal!

  • Joe Hanon says:

    Greetings & welcome back Jerry,and I’m glad you’re
    still this side of paradise!

  • buttinsky says:

    Buttinsky is my real name. It was changed at Ellis Island from Buttinstein.

  • TOWNCAR says:

    And Towncar is an alias as my real name is Mr. Golden Karat Stick, it was changed from AYE Don’t GIVADAMN just inside the old Belcher Bath where I was Baptized.

    My father knew best and my mother didn’t know.

  • KITTY says:


    So great to have The Bergermeister tickling his keyboard once again, and tickle he will.

    While I was sworn to secrecy, I must tell what was going on during Jerry’s absence. I was wiretapped by The Evening Whirl who demanded I tell this story, “or else.” But they never said what the “or else” is.

    Since Jerry was badly banged up and in a state of horrific pain – he told the nurse a cigarette would help ease his pain* but she threatened to hit him with a bed pan if he said that again – he was unsure how long it would be before he got back online doing what he does best.

    So, after a bedside meeting at Mo Bap, -me, Town Car, Joe Hanon and anon – Jerry decided that if he couldn’t crank up Berger’s Beat within a week, he would name me and Towncar as his Regents until he could return. Towncar and I would be co-editors of the Beat, with Joe Hanon being the liberal voice, and anon just being anon. Towncar and I had our first big stories ready to go – Tishaura Jones Really Won the Election and Greitens’ Campaign Donors Unmasked – when we received the joyous news Jerry could tinkle his keyboard once again. Yes, we three, were somewhat dismayed our Regency didn’t materialize. But rest assured our voices will never be silent!

    * Mo Bap security were called to The Bergermeister’s private suite after cigarette smoke wafted thru the air. Seems he bribed a CNA to sneak him in a pack of butts. Knowing he could be a rascal, his suite was searched but he cleverly hid the butts in a Kleenex box next to his bed, and blamed the smoke on the maintenance man who smoked while unclogging the toilet.

  • TOWNCAR says:

    With Kitty’s summary, I will await the next bone of contention posting, and the feathers that fly in all directions.

  • Big dick says:

    Kitty ! Shut up ya dumb drunken passed around slut/faghag

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