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Staffers at BJC Healthcare’s planning, design and construction are doing slow burns over what they call the blackballing of some contractors who can’t agree on the use of favored contractors as subcontractors on jobs.  Some staffers allege the practice as bid-rigging.  “Even the guys working here walk on eggshells and they complain about how many different project managers that are run through,” said an insider. CB&E Construction Group in Chesterfield accounts for five out of the nine BJC projects on its website, Contractors on the blackball list include Sidney Insulation (Women’s Business Enterprise), which is certified by the state of Missouri.  That’s surprising, since it was understood within the industry that BJC has made a push to use WBE certified contractors. BJC spends about $300 million each year on construction and facilities for its 13 facilities. More info? Call Steve Cockerham, who is topper of the division, or any member of the BJC board of directors.

11 Responses to “BJC HEALTHCARE UNFAIR?”

  • flyoverland says:

    As one of Barnes largest contributors, I think they have an obligation to take the lowest price. There is no place for social engineering or favoritism here.

  • distraught says:

    Only the tip of the iceberg for his shenanigans. Cockerham eliminated my job and gave me termination notice one week before my 43rd year anniversary of employment at BJC.

  • Sarah Sidney says:

    I am the owner of Sidney Insulation, Inc. and I want it to be known that neither I nor any of the people at our company talked with Jerry Berger regarding CB & E Construction, BJC or Steve Cockerham. We know we are not “black balled” by the fact that we are currently doing work at various BJC locations. We feel that this false information is an attempt to discredit us, CB & E Construction and Steve Cockerham. -Sarah Sidney

  • In the know says:

    Cockerham is a snake with his hand out all the time. What’s the deal with him and Grainger?

  • boatbutter says:

    With Steve Cockerham, the question “What’s in a name?” requires no answer.

  • Beenthere says:

    If you’re a worm you could lookup to Steve Cockerham and his leadership by intimidation. J.B. inquire to bjc how many years of experiance the emplyees’s had before the pdc downfall hiring of Steve Cockerham. The only people happy are in Ohio when he left there.
    BJC leadership get a clue and talk to some past and present pdc employees. He was supposed to be leading pdc dept. to the “next level”, up I thought, instead of pushing the button for the express elevator to the basement. You’re going the wrong way! J.B. you might also ask about the beaucoup bucks he spent on new software developement and then abandoned, and who knows what else for his ego. Duh – wonder why healthcare costs keep going up.

  • been there says:

    Steve Cockerham and Grainger? Sure its all about best value for BJC. Nothing personal.

    Flyoverland, you better learn more about the group you are contributing to. They do social engineering and brag about it. That is ok. They just don’t do it fairly. Big donations equal big contracts.

    The BJC PDC group does not do business fairly and Mr. Cockerham sets the tone and culture.

    Blackball firms? Absolutely they do.

  • What a croc says:

    This is slander…Perfect example of disgruntled employees and fictional data. Worked for the see guys for years and this is ridiculous.

  • Some guy says:

    I have worked in these hospitals for years, and still do as of today for an electrical contractor. If there is a “list” I would like to see it. Every company I know of has contractors that do not perform well and that is just a fact of life in the industry as they have to run them off. I bet I could recite over 50 contractors that work for these guys and this sounds like an employee that is upset or a contractor that does not think they are getting enough work. I have raised two kids and supported a family and am geatful for what the hospitals in this town have offered myself over the years. Where I come from if you accuse someone of wrong doing, you sign your name and step up to the plate as your claiming a “fact” right?

  • give me a break... says:

    Low price does not mean best value. As a GC I have had plenty of low price guys that either didn’t finish the work, or tried to change order me to death to recover the money they thought they left on the table. The phrase used is “best value” not low price. Naturally, the low price guys always feel like they’ve been somehow finessed out of the work and as such contribute to blogs of idiots such as Jerry Berger while making negative accusations that are without merit or truth. Jerry, never let the facts get in the way of a good story.

  • beenthere says:

    He has finally moved out of their design group. If these people would start listening to their own Facilities Maintenance staff that are continually trained we would not see this every five years. The Facilities Maintenance staff continually educates their development while the construction world is all about bottom dollar. Just look at the turnover they have. If we could just get a few more at the top to move on.

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