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Bob Ferguson and Renee Stovsky

Look for the popular Liluma Restaurant to morph into a steakhouse by March.  Owner Jim Fiala has partnered with Sub Zero Vodka Bar & Restaurant owners Derek and Lucas Gamlin to launch the new CWE eatery. . .While at Herbie’s Vintage 72, we helped celebrate the birthdays of developer Peter Rothschild (65) and Shaun Hayes (50) with their respective wives, Donna and Kelly. . .

Tom and Carol Voss with Steve Lipstein

At another table were President Obama’s “favorite pizza guy” (and mine), Chris Summers, with his wife, Ann, who dined while Chris hinted he’s on the prowl for another Pi Pizzeria – in Louisville. . .Orr Street Productions of Columbia, MO’s  Beth Pike was cornered by Doug Crews, exec director of the Missouri Press Association, in the lobby of the Plaza Frontenac Cinema before the screening of “Deadline in Disaster.”

Kelly Hayes, Pete and Donna Rothschild, Shaun Hayes

Crews hailed the arrival of former Post-Dispatch editor Arnie Robbins to his new post as exec director of the American Association of Newspaper Editors.  Heading into the theater were retired P-D editor Renee Stovsky with her Joplin-raised hub, Bob Ferguson, a leading financial strategist. . .How motley this throng.  A march to the Leather & Lace event with crowds teeming into Casa Loma Saturday night in leather uniforms festooned with all sorts of badges and women in leather and chotchkes many of whom arrived on their Harleys.

Ann and Chris Summers

One woman wearing what appeared to be Prada shoes, carrying a Prada purse, wore a locket around her neck containing a baby picture of  – Lenin. Tattered Levis and Army castoffs seemed to be the most popular of yesteryear Radical Chic.  Among the crowd were: Mike Watts; Jennifer Roeder; Randy Krusleski; Mike Martin; Laurie Suche; Joe Fultz; Shady Jack; Ann Benson; Patricia Fultz and owner of the ballroom Patrick Brannon. . .Onward to the Chase Park Plaza Starlight Roof where Steve Lipstein was honored with the Harris Frank Community Service Award at the “Heart & Soul” gala, sponsored by Temple Shaare Emeth.  Lipstein, president and CEO of BJC, was asked what was on on the drawing boards for the complex – a new building? Lipstein: “No. To develop better treatment and more cures to relieve human suffering. You know, my wife Susan has MS.

Leather & Lace Partygoers

Leather & Lace Partygoers

New construction is great, but buildings don’t take care of people.  New equipment, new techniques are great as they give doctors tools, but it’s the people who make healthcare what it is.”  Then, Lipstein, a board member of Ameren, joined the company’s chief, Tom Voss and his wife, Carol.  Nearby were Kelvin Westbrook, chairman of the board of St. Louis Children’s Hospital, with wife, Valerie Bell, chairman and CEO of the St. Louis Public Schools Foundation; famed reconstruction surgeon Dr. Bruce White with wife, Ellen.

Dr. Bruce White and Ellen White

Kelvin Westbrook and Valerie Bell

Beth Pike and Doug Crews


  • anne3 says:

    Hope Shaun Hayes is planning to use his birthday money to help some of the people he bankrupted and stripped of their livelihood. Can’t really do much for the ones who died from heart attacks caused by the stress and destruction or whose family members commit suicide.

  • Anne's friend says:

    Anne…high five!

  • Schwing says:

    It looks like you could bounce a quarter off the taut tummy of that middle Leather and Lace partygoer!!

  • KITTY says:

    Bergermeister: Tell us you kept a straight face when taking St. Louis’ #1 crook’s picture, especially after all the pufflicity you have given him. And I wonder how he can even have the nerve to be seen in public, especially at an expensive restaruant, when everyone knows what a financially corrupt scumbag he is. Too bad Litz and Fox weren’t there to round out the group of the FBI’s most wanted bank robbers!

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