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The “border adjustment tax,” part of the House reform proposal, could
cost the average family $1,700 the first year if it’s enacted. Ernest
and Young analyzed the extent which a 20 percent destination-based tax
on imports – $350 alone for clothing.

4 Responses to “BORDER TAX”

  • buttinsky says:

    E&Y has never audited my wife’s Neiman bill.

  • TOWNCAR says:

    I believe it’s Ernst & Young the national accounting firm my late mother had her account with.

    Although Mr. Berger makes a play on words as to that entity being “ernest” in their pursuit of generally accepted accounting principles.

    I have a CPA for that very reason, as I would be Bob Newhart (formerly an accountant in Chicago) that “if the total looked reasonable, then it must be correct.”

  • buttinsky says:

    They once audited my company when we had an offer to buy us out. The big partner came over and asked to meet with me. He said, “We can’t find what we’re looking for.” I asked what he was talking about? He said, “you know.” I told him he had access to our books. He said, “we’ve looked everywhere and can’t find a condo for your girlfriend, your vacation house you’re billing to the company, your maid billed as a receptionist.” I told him that was because none of that existed. They were hoping there were plenty of those expenses that would go away when I left with my check. That usually is the case. I once bought a company up North for $7 million. When I got control, I found they had a plane, a boat, fishing lodge, vacation slush fund, a house in Vail and the T&E was amazing. I got rid of all them and got my money back in two years. It was all gravy after that.

  • TOWNCAR says:

    Wy is there .ittle mention to what happens to undocumented found in Mexico ? JAIL, and if bribes are not forthcoming, PRISON. Then negotiations on how much it will cost for release, time is of no consequence as there is no limit on the time. Some that are defiant, or cannot pay or will not pay…suddenly disappear.

    According to the Obama Doctrine, “that’s not who we are”…and is a sarcastic way of saying “come on in here, you’re safe and we will feed, clothe, and even educate you so that [you] vote for us and owe us your loyalty forever.

    Trump has other ideas, and it might even make sense to forge a pathway to citizenship, I would use the Ellis Island approach. However, evil always seeks the easiest route, so in time the border with Canada will siphon off more $$ because of the sheer size of the border.

    I hate negativity, but it looks like a History Book of the future…”The Rise and Fall of the USA.” The implications are depressing.

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