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In his rush to the right, GOP lieutenant governor candidate Brad Lager has been caught exaggerating the positive ratings he received from the National Rifle Association.  In a TV ad that was still up Thursday on YouTube, Lager claims he has the NRA’s highest rating, an “A-Plus.”  The NRA reserves that rating for those who have the strongest pro-gun voting records,sponsors of pro-gun legislation. But the NRA confirms Lager’s actual rating is a more pedestrian “A,” not the “A-Plus” that is coveted by conservative candidates.”  Lager’s opponent in the Aug. 7 primary, Lt. Guv. Peter Kinder, has been endorsed “A-Plus” by the NRA in every race he’s run since 2000.  Kinder also co-sponsored versions of Missouri’s concealed weapons law since 1997, nearly a decade before Lager came to Jeff City.  Kinder was Sen. President Pro Tem when tghat chamber overrode then-Guv. Bob Holden’s veto of the legislation.  Kinder even dispatched a chartered plane to bring back a traveling senator to gather enough votes to override Dem. Holden back in 2003. “Kinder is one of the NRA’s oldest and best friends in the Missouri Capitol,” says a GOP statehouse insider.  “if Lager is misrepresenting his NRA rating to get conservative votes, what else is he going to make up?”


  • savannah says:

    Typical lying politician.

  • Towncar07 says:

    Well at least thank the Lt. Governor, Peter Kinder, for pushing MO into the reality of lawful Concealed Carry…yes it has become a non-issue BECAUSE lawful carry is a non-issue…except for the timid, uninformed, and compliant. The Castle Doctrine also applies in MO (Stand your Ground) and STAND I WILL ! Think about this while you get to your car across a dark parking lot.

  • South County says:

    Towncar07 has it exactly right. All the liberals screamed how CCW would lead to blood in the streets when it has saved lives. Many of us lobbied in Jefferson City during those battles with the late Gov. Mel Carnahan who was a pro gun control fanatic like Sarah Brady. I do not intend any knock on Brad Lager but I think he may have still been in school when we were carrying on those battles. Peter Kinder was the senator from Cape then and he was standing “in the breach” for CCW and this is in the mid 90s. I have voted for Kinder every time he has been on the state ballot because of his record on CCW and 2nd Amendment. I also know what A+ means. It means the person has been “in the breach” defending 2nd Am. rights. Peter Kinder is the ONLY one in this race with A+ NRA endorsement. Brad Lager should focus on his Senate work and building on his record noit misrepresenting it to those NRA members who DO know the difference!

  • Ben says:

    Jerry why are you in tank for Kinder so hard? It seems your “beat” should be impartial but you have a thing for Peter.. Interesting, keep up the hit jobs but Kinder will lose this election because he’s simply lost his way in Jeff City since the good ole days. Out with the old in with the new!

  • MUBJjournalism says:

    Hey Ben, some of the funniest Kinder stories have come from The Bergermeister. I cannot say he has given the lite guv any slack. It sounds to be like Senator Lager is not ready for prime time. It’s an amateurish mistake to inflate your resume’, particularly so on something so many of the hard-right voter base will care about. If you can’t have integrity about the Second Amendment, why, it’s downright un-American.

  • Patti says:

    Ben, I have been very disappointed in your articles. You apparently don’t know Brad Lager very well. I have had dealings with a lot of polititians and he is the most honest one I have met. And to uphold Kinder like you do when he has used the taxpapers money like he has. I don’t understand. Even one of his contributions in the last week or so was from the organization that runs adult entertainment. I for one am tired of always being lied to and I would like to have someone in government who will stand up for what he believes and will fight for what the people want and that is Brad Lager.

  • Drake Hunter says:

    That ad making the lying claim about the NRA endorsement was on TV last night. I bet Lager will be changing it now that he has been called out. Weasel.

  • Drake Hunter says:

    Patti what about the huge amount of cash that the manipulating puppet master Rex Sinquefield gave to Brad Lager, tell us what King Rex expects in return for 385,000 in cash?

  • kathy says:

    Word on the street is that Lager isn’t a small business owner with 30+ employees either. Someone said he is a lobbyist for the company Cerner whom is making millions off of Obamacare. So what side of Obamacare is Lager fighting for???

  • jefferson says:

    Cerner LOVES Obamacare. Lager lobbying for Cerner puts him in the position of hypocrite. Here is what Cerner says on its own company website: “At Cerner, we recognize that our success is rooted in the value of automating the healthcare process, and we are pleased to see that the Obama Administration and Congress understands an investment in healthcare information technology (HIT) benefits the entire U.S. economy.” The company is making a boatload of money from Obamacare’s provisions on electronic medical records so Lager is a direct beneficiary of Obamacare everytime he cashes his paycheck from Cerner.

  • Patti, honest? How does a NRA A grade top a NRA A+ grade.

  • Wally Ballew says:

    I can’t imagine the Bergermeister being in the tank for any Republican except for Abe Lincoln.

  • trashcup says:

    Peter loved that Missouri credit card for taking his cronies out for dinner and staying in the Four Seasons and for going to strip clubs UNTIL he got caught….oops then he had to pay it all back.

    The NRA promised Missouri if we passed the concealed carry that crime would drop because all those concealed weapons would be out there protecting themselves and everyone. I have yet to read ONE story where somebody pulled out their concealed weapon and either shot the perp or prevented a crime from happening. Thanks NRA another lousy job well done.

  • Towncar07 says:

    Trashcup you are full of [trash]…Dr. John R. Lott has written 3 books on “More guns less crime”, and although the MSM plays down anything good to say of firearms, the presentation of a deadly weapon has stopped, according to Govt Statistics (which I find ironic) more than a million times a year…Both the NRA and Concealed Carry Magazine (not related) have devoted many pages of self-defense without a shot being fired…your cup runneth over.

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