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Patty Alvarez, Vickey Kearney and Eileen Bishop

Patty Alvarez, Vickey Kearney and Eileen Bishop

On June 6, a train will roar from Chicago into born-again Union Station by the complex co-owner Bob O’Loughlin and railroad devotee Ed Boyce. Union Station was where 22 railroads came and went and during the 1940s 100,000 people were clocked streaming into the treasured station. With the ongoing remodeling of the stataion, O’Loughlin said he’s poised to stage live shows in the Great Hall. Philanthropic as ever O’Loughlin attended Monday’s Assistance League golf tourney and dinner at Meadowbrook C.C. where $150k was raised to support the non-profit agency (that has no salaried

Sandy Johnson, Susie Tendler and Gail Schultz

Sandy Johnson, Susie Tendler and Gail Schultz

employees). President-elect Vicki Kearney got kudos from well-wishers including:  outgoing prez Sandy Johnson;  the event’s chair and  co-chair Susie Tendler and Gail Schultz.  Peter Benoist was credited for organizing the duffers.

Chris O'Neal, Mandy Fritz and Steve Wiswieski

Chris O’Neal, Mandy Fritz and Steve Wiswieski

Marty Tandler, David Sabada and Bob O'Loughlin

Marty Tandler, David Sabada and Bob O’Loughlin

Judy and Steve Toombs

Judy and Steve Toombs


Peter Benoist and Suzanne Prapl

Peter Benoist and Suzanne Prapl



Our town’s Kevin Kline and former St. Louisan Mary Steenburgen are featured in the CBS Films’ “Last Vegas,” which is set to unspool Dec. 20, 2013. Star billing goes to Michael Douglas, Morgan Freeman and Robert DeNiro. . .Set for celeb endorsements of President Obama on Thursday night at the DNC are: Scarlett Johansson, Natalie Portman and Kerry Washington. . .A vet of 30 years in the sports dept. of the Post-Dispatch, Dave Luecking has logged off his computer.  (Lueking was the Blues’ beat writer in the late 80s-90s.) Roger Hensley has been dubbed sports editor and Don Reed has become Hensley’s assistant. . .Small world of politics dept.: Clayton resident and third congressional district delegate at the DNC, Deb Dubin’s grandad, and later her dad, ran a pharmacy in East Dennis on Cape Cod.  It was that pharmacy whereTodd Akin worked in 1965 and his family still owns the house and land there, says Dubin. . .The hot dog stand outside the Home Depot on Brentwood Boulevard was doing a brisk business over the Labor Day weekend.  And it was generating more than a few chuckles with its sign: “Cubs fans pay double!”


Olivier Leguet

Olivier Leguet

Olivier Leguet, the guy with an idiosyncratic passion for his native French food, hosted the grand opening of his La Bonne Bouchee Bakery & Patisserie adjoining his beloved restaurant – replete with a new lounging area.  While violinist Irena Goren Scheer and cellist Heather Olivier (Olivier’s wife) serenaded the crowd, Olivier’s daughter Isabelle greeted the pomp-free employees who were guests at the catered buffet.  All-in-all, it was a mood-elevating evening. . .Over at the Sheraton Westport, the Italian Golf dinner was in full swing with guests bidding on “priceless” items.  One of them was dinner for eight, catered by Monsignor Vince Bommarito at his St. Ambrose Catholic Church.  One winner, who bought the gift, outbid everyone for $3,000.  Then, someone matched it with another $3,000. ..At Il Bel Lago, a crowd of Edward Jones staffers greeted members of the Kansas City firm, VMl, which is designing a new website for

Brenna and Diangelia Phillips, Selamawit Fisseha and Baiza Engida

Brenna and Diangelia Phillips, Selamawit Fisseha and Baiza Engida

the financial firm. “It ( had 21 million hits last year,” boasted marketing chief Brad Iversen. . .Over at Blueberry Hill a gaggle of habitues were caught al dente to honor recent retiree Bill “Big Mule” Hayes.  They sported commemorative t-shirts with the touching sentiment: “BIG MULE HAYES – Forgotten, but not gone.”  It was a trip down St. Louis radio memory lane as they recalled their adventures and Ms. adventures with the likes of Terri Garr, Mort Crowley, Dave Allen, Harry Honig, Thom Lewis and Thed Barbone.  On hand were Robert R. Lynn, Larry Gross, Bill Hayes, Becky “the buxom bartender” and Dick Ulett, topper of Clayton Studios. Witness Protection Program’s and Blueberry Hill raconteur Joe Edwards personally stopped by to throw them out since they had long since lost their thrill.


Polyticks maven Judi Roman posts on Facebook: “I would like to correct information put on Stacey Newman’s Facebook page and in a subsequent campaign mailer. She HAS NOT been endorsed by Barbara Eagleton, Joe Edwards, Ben Uchitelle or Stuart Symington.  In fact, Eagleton, Edwards and Uchitelle have each notified her to remove their names…. Eagleton more than once. Why is she still using them? Come on, Stacey. You’re better than that.”


Football fans are caught today between loyalty to the Black and Gold and Coach Gary Pinkel’s shocking remarks at Southeastern Conference Media Day in Hoover, Alabama. It’s obvious no one briefed Pinkel on the damning report by former FBI honcho Louis Freeh about the late Penn State Coach Joe Paterno’s complicity in covering up former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky’s serial pedophilia. Pinkel’s quotes: “…you can’t take away the greatness of this man… He was a great man. However you analyze this, you can’t erase all that this guy’s done. You can’t do that. Nobody can do that…” Pinkel went on to blame the press. “I think when you come out of such a tragic situation, certainly involving children and the magnitude of this in our country from a media standpoint, I anticipated really what happened. I anticipated that they would do this. You’re not going to sit back there and say, ‘Well, just things happen.’ You’re not going to do that. They’re going to be firing, and people, they’re going to make statements and they’re going to point fingers…” Then Pinkel concluded: “It’s so easy in hindsight to go back there and say what it is…that’s the easiest thing to do. The easiest thing to do is to point fingers and” say “‘You should have done this, you should have done that, you should have done that.’” Freeh concluded Paterno indeed should have acted differently, and instead, the late coach intervened and halted a plan by Penn State officials to report a 2001 incident involving Sandusky to child welfare enforcement officials.


The Securities and Exchange Commission has named hometowner Norman Champ, III  as its director of investment management,replacing a former Goldman Sachs senior exec.  Champ has been with the S.E.C. since 2010, where his office has played a key role in implementing provisions in the Dodd-Frank financial reform law.  Champ will oversee the regulation of mutual funds,hedge funds, and other money management businesses.


Well, whadya know! Facebook has added same-sex marriage icons for its timeline feature. . .Noted Vatican observer John Allen of the National Catholic Reporter says American clerics have unprecedented power now in the Vatican.  But this isn’t just an American moment, he says, “but a St. Louis moment: (new Vatican PR man) Greg Burke is a St. Louis native, Cardinal Raymond Burke, who heads the Vatican’s highest court, is a former archbishop of St. Louis. Throw Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York into the mix, another St. Louis native who’s the Vatican’s go-to guy in the States, and you’ve got a strong Roman footprint for the “Gateway to the West.” Even if “the Vatican remains an Italian village,” Allen writes, “these days it feels increasingly like one nestled on the Upper East Side of New York, or perhaps the suburbs of St. Louis, where one can always hear some American-accented English wafting through the air alongside the dulcet tones of il bel paese”. . .In an interview with L’Osservatore Romano, the Vatican newspaper, new Vatican spinmeister Greg Burke discloses that he quietly became an Italian citizen a few weeks ago.  Burke grew up, the newspaper reports, “in an Irish-German St. Louis neighbourhood and he studied at the city’s Jesuit  high school (either SLU High or DeSmet)”. . .John Hoffman’s “Unapproved Chesterfield Newsletter” cites “the attempt of the mayor and city administrator tries to control coverage of city issues” and reports that “. . .one high-ranking city official described improved reporting of hot issues in the city was suddenly “tattle tailing”. . .Look for Toys R Us to bow Ice Age boutiques next week to exhibit more than 50 new licensed toys and vido games tied to the July 13 release of the fourth installment of the movie franchise, “Ice Age 4: Continental Drift” in 3-D. . .The city of Joplin could have 99 FEMA concrete shelters for the future if its proposal is passed to use them as temporary housing units. . .That was Webster University management and poly sci prof James Brasfield in The New York Times opining on what’s next for President Obama’s Affordable Health Care Act.  “It might be difficult for a Romney administration to come back and say, “Oh we really like some parts of A.C.A., we are not going to repeal them,” Brasfield maintains. . .Lego, Kibbles ‘n Bits, the movie, “Mirror Mirror” and other advertisers are tieing their ads to a Selena Gomez virtual makeover game and positioning their brands nearer the hearts of tween girls.  The gender-specific version of the theory are getting positive results targeting the tweens with “advergames” and video ads that roll before an online game starts. . .Blogger Steve Patterson notes that 196 years ago, a new municipality, North St. Louis, was founded.  A Pennsylvania man with innovative ideas about city planning, Maj. William Christy, set its southern boundary line at Madison Street and helped establish a boatyard to attract steamboat landing instead of farther downstream.  And a ferry made regular runs between North St. Louis and Alton.  Just 24 years later, however, the municipality was absorbed in St. Louis. . .On the surface, one could never tell that Arch Coal had beaucoups layoffs from the sight of its treasurer Jim Florak enjoying a sumptuous lunch at Il Bel Lago with Regional Bank’s Michael Jones, Sheri Faulkenberg and John Holland.  “Yes, I’m the treasurer like Tim Geitner,” joshed Jim. . .Here’s to best wishes for Chuck Halpern’s Columbia Auto Repair on its 25th anniversary on The Hill. . .The gossip in Florissant has come to a close over the departure of Bob Lowery from the mayor’s office.  Seems he’ll now have to pay to rent the two-story cabin in Sunset Park.


More than the termperature may be sticky next month when local beekeeper Jane Sueme, owner of, addresses colleagues from across the U.S. at a three-day conference of beekeepers July 12-14 at UMSL. . .Stickhead Lacrosse, Missouri’s only lacrosse and field hockey store, has changed its name to Stickstop.  No one will be surprised to learn that it’s located in Frontenac. . .St. Louis’ MarketVolt, owned by Tom Ruwitch, and Wilson Monnig Creative, owned by Melissa Wilson, has struck a partnership.  That on the heels of Wilson Monnig’s recognition at IABC’s Bronze Quill Award with Monsanto, Reliv International and Savvis.

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