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MEMORIAL DAY 2016: “Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal”


In the parlance of yesteryear, Donald Trump smiles and shows lots of teeth but his eyes are colder than a hooker’s heart. Money means nothing to him. However, those of us who look for that Social Security check each month, he has become concerned.  So much so that he’s advocating a cut in Social Security payouts. The presumptive presidential candidate reportedly told House Speaker Paul Ryan that he supports cutting Social Security. “From a moral standpoint, I believe in it,” Trump said.

PAT BUCHANAN, former Globe-Democrat scribe and presidential candidate, on CNN’s “Smerconish”: “. . .Many white class Americans look to Donald Trump, frankly, the way a lot of African-Americans looked to Barack Obama with hope.”


Friday night, Donald Trump laced into the judge overseeing one of the lawsuits over Trump University. “I have a judge who is a hater. His name is Gonzalo Curiel,” said Trump. Lawsuits allege that the now-defunct Trump University Real Estate School made false claims. Trump insists the program was valuable. Curiel was appointed to the U.S. Dist. Court by President Obama. . .Southern Illinois University is pushing passage of legislation to allow the sale of alcohol at Edwardsville and Carbondale sporting events. . .The Shaun Hayes saga continues with Hayes and his wife, Kelly Brown (formerly Kelly Hayes), smacked with a bill for more than $327k in back income taxes to the Missouri Dept. of Revenue. The lien was filed in St. Louis Circuit Court. . .May 29: 1900: The trademark “escalator” was registered by Otis Elevator; 1911, The first Indy 500; 1942, Bing Crosby recorded “White Christmas.”


The only exercise I get these days is jogging my memory. I don’t even remember people exercising much in the old days. In summertime, we wore pongee shirts, knickers, heavy linen pants and wool socks. Baseball players wore real flannel uniforms, wool socks and heavy cotton sweatshirts. The only deodorant worn those days was something called Odorono. Nowadays, there are all natural vegan deodorants. There were few public address systems leaving politicians to orate at the top of their lungs, but no one listened anyway. Announcers at sporting events used megaphones. “Playing firrrst baaase, Lou Gehrig!” Reminiscing can be a dangerous pastime, and you are lost in a cloud of ghosts in no time.

I MISS the old silver 50-cent pieces, the buffalo nickel, the silver dollar engraved with Lady Liberty, elevator operators who wore one glove only, streetcar conductors with wicker caps, penny candy Hodges Chili and Black Jack chewing gum. There were: the door-to-door bakery vendors; ice deliveries; Kiddie Land; Westlake Amusement Park; Downs Swimming Pool; Rexall Drug Stores replaced by CVS and Walgreens on almost every corner of town. We had: Piggly Wiggly markets; Prom magazine; “The Land We Live In” aired on KMOX; Ed Bonner on KXOK; Gil Newome on KWK; Russ David and Ed Wilson on KSD; Sophie Tucker, Martin & Lewis, the Andrews Sisters, Frank Sinatra. Carmen Miranda and Peggy Lee headlining the Chase Club.

The first black committeeman here was Jordan Chambers, who owned the Club Riviera on Delmar Boulevard, where big name stars were featured such as Louis Armstrong, Lena Horne, Pearl Bailey, Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald and Count Basie. The nightclub also was where politicians held forth.

ON THE EASTSIDE there were Johnny Perkins’ Palladium Club, Hyde Park Gambling Club, Nichol’s Barbecue, The Paddock (owned by gang enforcer Buster Wortman) and the Olde English Inn.

SADLY, THE AMERICAN DREAM OF A BETTER LIFE has gone down the drain for some – like Drano.



The Harvard Law School professor Dershowitz: “Black Lives Matter is endangering the fairness of our legal system. Because they’re rooting for outcomes based on race. Started a long time ago with the O.J. Simpson case.”


On a preview of today’s Ellen DeGeneres Show, Clinton says of Trump: “. . .just no evidence that he has an understanding of what women’s lives are like.”


Managed care giant Centene plans to build a second office tower east of its HQ replacing 19 parcels at Hanley Road, Forsyth Boulevard, S. Lyle Avenue and Forsyth Boulevard. Among the parcels Centene will replace is the structure that once housed the Shady Oak Theater. Once, a grand mecca of foreign films, the tiny showcase was operated by the Arthur Brothers. In its heyday, Forsyth Boulevard was the place to be for shoppers at Scruggs, Vandervoort, Barney, Garland’s, Famous-Barr, Gutman’s and refreshments at Pevely Dairy.


Bon vivant and heir to the Malt-O-Meal cereal fortune, Jeffrey Fort, will join Guv. Nixon on a trade mission to the island of Cuba May 29-June 1. The focus will be on growing MIssouri exports – particularly agricultural products.


Since he referred to Georgetown U law student Sandra Fluke in 2012 as a “slut” and “prostitute,” radio talk show mogul Rush Limbaugh has seen stations in key markets and long-time advertisers drop his program. The debacle has also negatively impacted talk radio across the country given that 38 percent of revenue has vanished, according to industry professionals. Limbaugh’s eight-year contract worth $38 million a year expires in July. The show has 13 million listeners a week. Only The New York Times, Time and this blog can tell what’ll happen next.

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