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“The mainstream media absolutely leans to the left on the Ferguson coverage,” opines “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace. He tells the media, “It’s up to consumers to figure whom to trust. . .I was troubled at the idea that all cable networks, including my own, scheduled specials to cover riots in Ferguson at night, before there were even riots those nights. It was like putting gasoline on the fire and saying, ‘Come on and do your worst because we’ll be there.’”


Steve Schankman is double-doing with the Zoo and the Symph. (He’s been a major supporter of both and, of course, he books some acts with his band.) The collaboration of the two organizations begin at 2 p.m., Saturday with the Children’s Hospital’s “Just Like You at the Zoo.”


Today’s scheduled court appearance by Fr. Joseph Jiang, charged with molesting a kid at Cathedral parish, has been postponed until October.


Centene will build a claims center in Ferguson and create up to 200 jobs. Kudos to Centene topper Mike Neidorf!


In the 1880s, Americans typically worked 12-hour days, seven days a
week. Kids as young as five or six could work in factories. Labor Day is
a creation of the labor movement and dedicated to the social and
economic achievements of American workers. Now, there are about 156
million Americans in the civilian labor force in the U.S. Labor Day is
usually celebrated with barbecues. Also, if you were older, you’d
remember the marvelous barbecue joints that dotted the area such as: CK,
Q-King, Vic’s, Mac’s, Rib Joint, Tennessee Jed’s, Roscoe McCrary’s,
Taystee and Nichol’s on the east side. Labor Day should be, as always,
one of the most self-indulgent time of the year, and at first glance it
is. Then why is there so little joy today? The answer is so obvious
nobody wants to talk about it – yet it’s always at the back of your mind
and on the tip of your tongue. The answer is the almost constant threats
of the drone of planes heading westward. The answer is also caskets,
casualty lists – in the war that is not a war in pursuit of a victory
that has no name. Another is that the Presidential popularity polls that
have dropped every time more bombs are dropped. And on almost everyone’s
cry, “Escalate! Get It Over With and Get Out!!”


Hoo-boy, you just THINK you’ve got problems. The treacherous ISIS is spreading. Now there are Islamic training camps for children. Reportedly, the Islamic State forces children to watch videos of crucifixions, beheadings, stonings and are taught how to handle machine guns. Wait ’til one of their planes tries to park in your garage. In short, time is running out, Mr. President.
Social Notes: Brook Dubman, 48, and his wife, Melissa, have split. He’s been spotted making the rounds with dates “because he likes nice things” (to paraphrase the motto of Carol House, which he owns with sis, Amy.) A respite from his youthful flings in WashU’s Duncker Hall.). . .Fina and Giovanni Gabriele of Giovanni’s on the Hill toasted their 50th anniversary at their sons’ (Frank and Carmello) Giovanni’s Kitchen – now serving dinner Sunday nights. . .And, the Cards’s roster move before today’s game: recall of left reliever Kevin Siegrist and infielder Pete Kozma from Memphis (AAA).



“The most worthwhile things in life rarely come easy. The journey continues.”


We’re coming up on September 11, when the World Trade Center in Manhattan was attacked in 2001 by Islamist terrorists in two Boeing 767s. The Al-Qaeda-affiliated hijackers’ merciless action took the lives of 2,753 people. All this by observing that perhaps only the survivors of those who perished still remain in mourning. I would never know, but forever wonder about what are they like, how do they feel about a city that threw us together and kept us apart? The beat goes on today with child terrorists. We all want ISIS destroyed to its roots. Should their children be destroyed as well? Those kids grow up and kill Christians, Jews and all they deem infidels. Their fathers behead kids and teach the little jihadists to do the same. The acorns fall below the tree from which they learn to loot, sack and burn stores and buildings. Dare we draw an analogy to the vandals who came to Ferguson and created civil unrest in the aftermath of the shooting of Michael Brown?

Dear Senator McCaskill,” begins T.J. Birkenmeier’s letter. “Please introduce the AVCA (Aggrieved Vandal Compensation Act) at your earliest convenience, as soon as you finish your fine ‘War on Women’ work on behalf of coeds endangered by their fellow college classmates and campus interlopers.”

Kevin Kline is garnering some wow reviews for his portrayal of actor Errol Flynn in the biographical movie, “The Last of Robin Hood.” Of hometowner Kline’s performance: “Kevin Kline shines as the aging playboy” – N.Y. Daily News. The film, which co-stars Susan Sarandon, has not overlooked the legendary actor’s affair with a 15 year-old girl.

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