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You’ve gotta’ wonder how the first Thanksgiving feast came about minus: Butterball turkeys; Sub Zero fridge; Viking stove; Keurig coffeemaker; Mrs. Smith pie; French press and composer Handel, who hasn’t done much lately, but will have a revival of his “Messiah” performed by the Symph. There wasn’t a university yet. Now we have the brouhah at Mizzou where nine deans plotted to get rid of its Chancellor R. Bowen Loftin. They described Loftin’s tenure as “autocratic leadership invectiveness and ham-fisted decision making and was thinly masked by an affable and goofy persona that won the students,” according to the Chronicle of Higher Education.
THEY PROBABLY REJOICED WITH SONG AT THE FEAST, albeit, sans the lilting voice of superstar, Adele, whose “25” album sold 2.9 million albums during the first four days of release. “Singin’ In The Rain,”? – that would come more than three centuries later, and now the Broadway adaptation of the Gene Kelly movie musical will hit Broadway next year.
LOOK HOW FAR WE’VE GOTTEN since the first Thanksgiving: terrorism; healthcare kerfuffles; immigration battles; income inequality; automobile recalls; gun sales controversy; greenhouse gas emissions and the first female frontrunning candidate for president.
AND 100 YEARS AGO TODAY, ALBERT EINSTEIN set down the theory of relativity.


The first television ad for third-place Sen. Marco Rubio airs tomorrow with the warning, “What happened in Paris could happen here.”
NFL “Thursday Night Footall” becomes available to all networks. It has aired on CBS on one-year deals. ESPN’s eight-year, $15.2 billion package for “Monday Night Football.”
On Sunday’s CSPAN interview with Ben Carson, the GOP candidate flubbed that he was impressed by Thomas Jefferson because of the way he “tried to craft the Constitution.” (Didn’t Jefferson craft the Declaration of Independence?)
According to the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs, homicides of transgenders have reached 22 killings so far this year.
Jennifer Agiesta and Paul Hortenstine married in D.C. He graduated from Mizzou and got a master’s degree in American Intellectual History from WashU and is the grandson of Supreme Court Justice Wiley Rutledge, appointed by FDR. She is with CNN in the beltway.
Controversial cleric Al Sharpton’s salary from the National Action Network has nearly doubled up to $412k from $241,500k.
ON THIS DAY IN 1904, the third Olympic Games in St. Louis closed after a run since July 1. It was the first time the event was held in America. Action took place at WashU’s Francis Field and a swimming event was held at the intersection of Skinker Boulevard at Wydown Avenue.


The week of Nov. 23-30. Estimate that 91 million will shop for tech gifts. Biggest bargains will accelerate as we get closer. Video game consoles and TVs will be the most-purchased tech gifts this year. Naysayers have it that millions will stay home. Going downtown? Or as T.J. Birkenmeir would have it, “Shoot me in St. Louis.”
TRUMP CARD LLC: A guerrilla campaign aimed at knocking Donald Trump out of the GOP presidential race. Concern is that Trump would likely become GOP nominee and Hillary Clinton president.
She was married to William H.T. Bush and spent many years at the Art Museum as doscent, board member and president. Her son, Prescott Bush lives in our town. . .Our hearts go out to the family of Saracino, who was patriarch of the Bartolino”s restaurant chain He was loved by many.
1963, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas. 1961, St. Louis Hawk Bob Pettit set an NBA record hitting 19 of 19 free throws. 1957, Alton’s own Miles Davis, trumpeter, bandleader and composer, with his quintet debuted at Carnegie Hall.


Two bishops from our area won national posts in the U.S. Conference of Bishops this week. Archbishop Wilton Gregory of Atlanta, formerly of Belleville, was elected chair of the bishops’ Committee on Divine Worship.” And Cardinal Timothy Dolan of NY, a Ballwin native, was tapped to head the bishops’
Pro-Life Activities.”
TONIGHT, the highly-acclaimed movie, “Spotlight,” opens in our town and dozens of others. Last month, SNAP’s David Clohessy hobnobbed with some of the stars – Mark Ruffalo, Michael Keaton, Lev Schreiber and others – at the NYC and Boston openings. It’s the story of how journalists exposed 249 predator priests in one archdiocese through dogged investigations. Their work ultimately led to the resignation of Cardinal Bernard Law (formerly of Missouri), the first
prelate to step down because of the church’s crisis. The movie also stars Rachel McAdams, Stanley Tucci and “Mad Men’s” John Slattery.
DONALD TRUMP calls Mizzou leaders “babies” for resigning at his Massachusetts news conference.


St. Louis City Counselor Winston Calvert was unceremoniously bum rushed out of City Hall Tuesday night, braced by two St. Louis City Marshals. The Slay administration tried to put some non-spin on Calvert’s dismissal, letting him say he resigned, but the real story is much more interesting. The city changed locks on doors to his office, to keep him out, but Calvert told told reporters that was normal. Hardly. In fact, when his predecessor left, the locks weren’t changed. His computer was also seized and all his computer passwords cancelled.
Calvert, whose name is faintly reminiscent of a cheap whiskey, earned about $145 grand a year, but in recent months, he had become more trouble than he was worth. He hired the Dowd Bennett lawfirm without a contract, tried to hide that fact from Post-Dispatch investigative reporters and then tried to blame the hiring on a subordinate. The scheme came to light when he inadvertently wrote that subordinate, advising he was going to blame her for the screwup. The subordinate then blew the whistle on Calvert.
He had also been recently investigated by the city for two allegations of sexual harassment, allegations that did not develop into full blown investigations.
Calvert’s “resignation” comes from Mayor Francis Slay who was recently complimentary of his city counselor and there were those who said he was being groomed for a bigger and better job at silly hall.
Finally, Calvert did have a few friends at the hall. He was most recently dating the mayor’s PR lady, Maggie Crane. Prior to that, he dated 20th Ward Alderwoman Cara Spencer. Sources say the fact that the relationship with the alderwoman ended badly didn’t impact his city hall job.


They’re mostly gone now. Those who knew such maladies as the croup, lumbago, monthly curse, TB, ringworm and heaven forbid – the clap. Teens packed rubbers, Old Gold, Viceroy, Lucky Strike or Parliament cigarettes. Young women packed Max Factor, Tangee or Coty cosmetics. They would often get coifs at My Beauty Box (Ivory soap shampoos), Nanette’s or at the uppity salons at department stores. Fast-food at Hodges Chili, Parkmoor, Redwood, Ed’s White Front. Dining at Kopperman’s (on Franklin Avenue), Salad Bowl, Minna Evan’s Golden Fry. The underworld characters “Jelly Roll” Hogan, “Hitchy Koo” Zorensky, Fannie Fishman, the Birger and Hogan gangs, Buster Wortman and Tony Giordano.
World War II boosted patriotism to a new high with a frenzy of songs like “Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition.” There were outstanding journalists: Carl Baldwin; Ed Thornton; Beulah Schacht; Dorothy Gardner; Myles Standish; Selwyn Pepper; Virginia Irwin; Olivia Skinner and more recently, Pat Buchanan.
But that was then.


The company’s growth plans include new crop-boosting technologies and
expansion in new markets and data science is “the glue that holds the
pieces together,” says Grant. He points to “microbe-based products” that
is believed can help drive crop yields higher.”


“It is prudent to pause the admittance of refugees from Syria to ensure
we are preventing terrorists from entering our country.”

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