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GOP “Sen. Roy Blunt’s claims about his Vietnam-era draft record emerged Wednesday as an issue in his re-election campaign against Mo. Secretary of State Jason Kander, a Democrat,” both this columnist and The Kansas City Star’s Dave Helling reports. “In a news story posted online Wednesday morning, The Star and this columnist reported Blunt received three draft deferments while a college student in the late 1960s. Blunt’s office did not disclose the deferments in 2015, when the newspaper specifically asked Blunt’s office about the senator’s draft history.” “In a weekly telephone news conference with Missouri reporters later Wednesday, Blunt said he had not hidden the deferments. “Anytime, anybody ever asked me about that, I would have said I had student deferments, and was then included in the first year of the lottery,” he said. But Blunt’s office did not disclose the deferments in February 2015, when The Star directly asked if he had ever received one.” “I don’t sit in judgment of anyone who chose not to serve in Vietnam,” Kander said in a statement, “but hiding three deferments. . .”
SLATE: “I got $13 an-hour to serve Bud Light at $13 each,” complain staffers at Super Bowl 50. Hot dogs were $11.
TECH GIANT APPLE reported profit of $18.4 billion in January. Speculation: The company will go on a buying spree with the $206 billion in reserve. Targets may lie in: Time Warner; Netflix; Twitter; Pandora orTesla.



More than a record $18.9 billion will be spent on this Valentine’s Day
for jewelry, candy, flowers, gift cards, clothing and greeting cards.
The National Retail Federation recognizes that retail spending will drop
off by those 44 or older. Men will spend an average of $190; women – $96.


Years ago, at a monastery in Ava, MO, Fr. John Feit admitted murdering a young Texas beauty queen to a fellow priest, Fr. Dale Tacheny. Yesterday, 56 years after Irene Garza’s death, Feit was arrested. After the crime, Feit went to work for the Servants of the Paraclete, which is now based in our town. They run “treatment centers” for pedophile priests.

SEN. ROY BLUNT ON THE HOT SEAT WITH VETERANS is taking Sen. Blunt to task for voting against veterans, while hiding how he got out of Vietnam. The largest group of veterans in America points out that Blunt got two student deferments to avoid the draft. “For years, he told people he simply got a high number in the draft lottery and was never called to service,” reports “Blunt voted to block a $21 billion veterans bill including major expansion of veterans health care.”


Ballwin’s Timothy Cardinal Dolan will deliver a lecture at 12 noon, March 2 at Graham Chapel, Washington University’s John C. Danforth Center on Religion & Politics. A pouring will follow at 1:30 p.m.


No NFL team, but we still have to pay off the bonds for the Edward Jones Dome to the tune of $144 million for debt and maintenance. . .Our town’s Jake Hausler, 12, is the youngest person ever discovered with HSAM (Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory). He can remember incredible details from every day of his life since age 8. His brain is being mapped by WashU scientists Nico Dosenbach, Henry Roediger and Kathleen McDermott. The full story, “Memory Hackers,” will be unveiled tomorrow night on NOVA. . .”Queen Bey” Beyonce’s upcoming tour has snubbed our town in favor of Soldier Field in Chicago on May 27. Row 1, grandstand tickets at $4,850 each. . .Nielsen ratings show that Super Bowl 50 telecast viewers have fallen to 111.9 million: 114.4 million in 2015. . .Sen. Rob Portman, (R-Ohio) will be front ‘n center Feb. 21 at the Marilyn and Sam Fox manse for a fundraiser. Portman became the first incumbent statewide or national level Republican to publicly support legal recognition of same-sex marriage. . .That’s Karen Nichol of JustMomsSTL quoted in today’s Wall Street Journal. Her group is applauding the recent progress toward getting the Army Corps of Engineers involved in the West Lake landfill controversy.
SEN. MARCO RUBIO: “Will he sign presidential bills in crayon?”


It was a brave sight, especially from the Starlight Roof of the Chase Hotel, and we were at peace, although several countries were about to be swallowed up and knew it. To demonstrate how long ago that was, Morris Shenker was a young lawyer defending madams, murderers and assorted hoods and later in life became head of the Crime Commission. Respectability ages a person faster than late hours and bad champagne.
The German armies rested up for the invasion of France. It was the era of big bands like the one led by Bunny Berigan, playing with a pitcher of gin under his chair. Artie Shaw came into Forest Park Highlands with a band that included ten fiddles, a cello and someone on the harpsichord. It was like the Ritz Carlton hired the St. Louis Symphony for tea dancing.
Tear-drenched young wives watched their spouses boarding trains at Union Station. At the station’s Fred Harvey coffee shop bar, “last survivor” bottles grew. The Wabash Station on Delmar Boulevard was teeming with recruits headed for faraway lands via Chicago. Once in the Second City, the courageous and flushed lads dropped into the Loop for a pick-me-upper at Mike Fritzel’s. Lights were going out on their youth and the war was just ahead.
Tap rooms, replete with pool halls, were popular here in those days. Many served bad booze and good patriotic music: “Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition”; “This is the Army”; “Johnny Got a Zero”; “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy” and “Der Fuhrer’s Face.”
A vanished age.
Now we are looking at a very dangerous age, given that North Korea has raised a new threat. That nation has launched a rocket seen as a long-range missile test. That country has defied international warnings about such tests. North Korea’s apparent motivation is to create a rocket that could reach the U.S. mainland. “God Bless America!”
SPRING MAY BE IN THE AIR – the good life (convertibles and beer cans), the lush life (limos double-parked at Busch Stadium), the hard life (see you at the next Rams game.) Kites will speckle over the sky in Forest Park, and there are all those people over-imbibing in Dogtown. The seasons come and go, the tides change, the stars swing in their orbits, but the same people are always standing there in Ballpark Village. Perhaps they were built in a factory.


Bad news for Republic, the owner of the radioactive waste dump in Bridgeton where an underground fire rages. A U.S. Court of Appeals recently ordered the EPA to finish new regulations that require polluting companies to post financial assurance up front for the costs of cleaning up hazardous materials. (Across the U.S., many firms have just declared bankruptcy to prevent having to pay the price for the pollutants.)
FORMER ST. LOUIS COMMUNITY COLLEGE PROF Larry Stukenholtz has passed away. He was suspended in 2007 after SNAP had disclosed he’d been sued for child sex crimes at a Catholic school in Orange County, CA.
TWITTER IS THWARTING TERRORISTS’ TWEETS by having suspended 125,000 Twitter accounts associated with extremism. Currently, there are 320 million monthly active Twitter users.
1820, The first organized emigration of blacks back to Africa took place (New York to Sierra Leone); 1926, St. Louis Browns acquired catcher Wally Schlang from the Yankees; 1974, the U.S. House of Reps began determining grounds for President Nixon’s impeachment; 1990, Brett Hull became the first son of NHL 50 goal scorer Bobby Hull to score 50; 1997, O.J. Simpson found liable in the murders of Ron Goldman and Nicole Simpson.

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