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WOUNDS STILL FRESH – “In Missouri, Ferguson is still burning,” by Campaign Pro’s Maggie Severns: . . .Catherine Hanaway. . .”I think it started in Ferguson,” she says. Nationally, ‘Ferguson’ has become a byword for a new American civil rights movement. The protests that followed the shooting death of Michael Brown, an unarmed 18-year-old black man, by a white police officer, marked the birth of the Black Lives Matter movement. . .But for many people in Missouri, especially the 600,000 Republicans who expect to vote in the GOP primary, the lessons of Ferguson is not that the police used too much force, it’s that they used too little. Ferguson, to them, was an embarrassment: preventable chaos that tarnished the name of the otherwise orderly St. Louis suburbs. Those nightly images of lawlessness, in their eyes, were an indictment of the weak-kneed way Democratic Governor Jay Nixon let protesters and outside agitators run amok, looting without apparent consequence. This governor’s race, the first major statewide contest since the unrest, is the first chance Missourians have had to register anger that has only grown since the summer of 2014.” So much for Hanaway.

WOMEN TEND TO SEE MORE PAID LEAVE BENEFITS IN BLUE STATES, according to a new report from the National Partnership for Women and Families. The report, out today, gave California an “A” and the District of Columbia and New York an “A-” for their policies regarding new or expecting parents. Missouri got an “F.”

Look for Walmart to make a bid for the e-commerce startup . .Rush Limbaugh has extended his radio contract for four more years. . .The Rio Olympics has garnered $1.2 billion in ad sales. . .Instagram has debuted Snapshot “stories” that disappear within 24 hours. . .Out in November: A children’s book, “Give Please A Chance,” authored by Bill O’Reilly and James Patterson. . .Kudos for Timothy Boyer, upped to the bench of 22nd Circuit Court that covers St. Louis. . .Jimmy Fallon got stripes as host of the 2017 Golden Globes on Jan. 8.

HISTORIC AUG. 4: 1812, the Saturday Evening Post began publication (ended in 1969); 1944, Anne Frank, 15, was arrested by the Nazis in her family’s secret hiding place in Amsterdam; 1956, Elvis Presley released “Hound Dog”; 1961, Barack Obama born in Honolulu; 1964, The bodies of three civil rights workers were found buried in Mississippi. . . 


  • KITTY says:

    Hannaway hit the nail on the head with her above comments! Too bad she still isn’t a federal prosecutor. The prisons would be full of BLM anarchists.

    The best news from last night’s election was Eric Greitens winning the GOP nomination for governor. He is riding the ground swell movement started by Trump – a non-politician who is not beholden to special interests or lobbyists. That’s why he got my vote!

    The worst news from last night’s election was Russ The Village Idiot returning to the political stage. He failed as a lawyer. He failed as a congressman. He failed as a lobbyist in DC. He’s an abject failure in every respect and totally unfit for any political office! He should focus his attention instead on keeping Drunken Debbie out of the bars!

  • Jean Valjean says:

    Yes, Michael Brown, the poor baby, was just an “unarmed teen”, the sweet angel. Just love that TV photo of him in his high school cap and gown.

    In truth, he was a pot-addled thug who had just robbed a convenience store and shoved the owner into a rack; then he rushed Officer Darren Wilson and reached for the officer’s gun, pinning him into the car with his 6 ft. 4, 300-lb. body, giving the officer not choice but to shoot to protect himself, which is how Brown’s blood ended up on the officer’s uniform and car door. But he’s just an innocent “unarmed teen” for the record.

    Also, just for the record, a chef who has one foot in the oven and one foot in the freezer is, on average, very comfortable.

    Officer Wilson was exonerated by a STL County grand jury thanks to quiet, credible testimony from mature people who witnessed the Brown shooting, not the gangsta wannabes, imported agitators, poseurs, and fame whores who dominated national TV coverage, always aware of every microphone and camera.

  • KITTY says:

    Great comments, Jean. Now watch Eagle defend the gangsta thug Brown.

  • Towncar07 says:

    I am happy to also support Jean…a different tack for the persona that usually goes rogue.

  • wwsivo says:

    Jean, a very good summary of the information released in the Grand Jury decision.

  • Cowboy22 says:

    Jean got it right.

  • Jake Gittes says:

    Excellent, dead-balls-on comments, Jean! You truly captured the essence
    of these widely distorted circumstances. And to Kitty, keep your eyes on those
    BLM anarchists, the most pernicious groundswell since Calypso Louie and his
    cadre of criminals!

  • KITTY says:


  • Eagle says:

    I essentially agreed with JVJ. No need to comment.

    Hateful Kitty, a delusional dumbass who thinks her comments on virtually everything are necessary or welcomed, should take my none comment on this subject as an object lesson.

  • Towncar07 says:

    Now Eagle, the same could be said about you…your self-image could dwarf the Arch.

    When politics are absent, [we] seem to coalesce into a discussion group rather than a pissing contest.

  • KITTY says:

    No need to comment, Eagle? Bullshit! You chime in on practically every item the Bergermeister posts. Especially the ones regarding this issues raised by Jean Valjean. Except this time, you had nothing in your demented liberal gas bag mind to counteract anything he said, in spite of how much you wanted to. You support or praise the likes of Brown and BLM at every turn, but in this case, you just couldn’t handle the truth! But it was nice not to have to read your continuous posts of banal liberal claptrap. You are the delusional dumbass posing as a journalist! Not even rags like the Globe or The Evening Whirl wouldn’t hire such journalistic fraud! Anyone who believes anything you say are the same who believe Hilldabeest is honest and trustworthy!

  • Eagle says:

    Kitty, if your brain were capable of remembering it would recall I characterized Brown as a bullying thug in an earlier post. If your brain were capable of recall, you would remember that I’ve criticized BLM for anything but nonviolent protest. If your brain were capable of recall, you’d remember I’ve decried shortcomings of both Clinton and Trump in previous posts. (There are therapists who might be able to help you with your mental disabilities.)

    Seems that your never-ending hatred–of Blacks, of Muslims, of Jews–colors and distorts all your posts, except where food is concerned. Using deductive logic, I would presume that you are a corpulent misanthrope who is probably single, and whose legal career more than likely consisted of no more than office maintenance.

    Given your numerous mental issues, until you learn to express an argument in terms of adult discourse, I will be turning over communication with you in the capable hands of Retired1, who has described you in exquisitely accurate, if somewhat cruel, prose.

    Oh, one final note, how’s that Trump worship working out for you?

  • Towncar07 says:

    I am trembling a bit with my dare to question Trump unless he “verbally castrates himself…” He is getting close, but the character flaws of the Hildebeast are still ahead by a furlong.

  • Eagle says:

    TC…Trump spiraling out of control and sending the GOP into a panic. See today’s polls at

    The guy is going to destroy your party in November (or before) unless you get rid of him soon, and that’s legally possible. Kasich would beat Hillary. I think Ryan would too. But that’s not how life goes among the lemmings. (Over the cliff, my friend. Oh no, after you, squeaky.)

  • Eagle says:


    Article 2, Section 2 of the US Constitution begins, “The President shall be Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States…” That positioning signifies the importance of the president’s duty as commander in chief.

    With that preface, I have a question for you. Who would you rather have in charge of our nuclear weapons, Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton? Please answer honestly.

  • Towncar07 says:

    I just caught this Eagle…TRUMP on the button by three furlongs…because he is so unpredictable and would verbally barrage the opposition ruthlessly before ever considering pushing said button…it’s like Carter-Reagan that editorialists were full of caution supporting Carter by claiming “You can’t tell what that Reagan might do”, so we’d better take heed and consider withdrawal.” The press would go wild claiming Trump gave in without a fight” Freedom at risk….when the opposite was true. [OPINION]

    Hellary on the other left-third hand would set up an investigating committee, contact the adversary and offer “aid” money and free vacations to the opposition on some tropical island, and then declare victory regardless of the yet to be seen outcome. The press would go wild with another “Hillery Victory brings Peace” while the adversary sets up for another prod to extract more peace-offerings, while still threatening war.. [OPINION]

  • Eagle says:

    TC, your response demonstrates such patent ignorance about nuclear weaponry and its purpose that I thought I’d share a few words of enlightenment.

    a. Purpose. Nuclear weapons’ are for deterrence only. Only the naive, like Donald Trump, assume nuclear weapons have an offensive role. They don’t. Because of MAD (mutually assured destruction), should an enemy launch a nuclear attack on the US, they would be subject to a retaliatory nuclear attack, killing millions of their people. Similarly, should the US launch an attack on Russia, we could count on a retaliatory struck that would result in casualties numbering in the tens of millions. MAD has successfully served as a protective measure since shortly after the US entered into the nuclear age.

    b. Timing. It is expected that if an enemy nuclear attack is detected against the US, the president will have less than 15 minutes to decide whether or not to retaliate. (The president, inserts the “biscuit,” a card he always carries, into the “football,” contained in a satchel always nearby.) The decision to launch is not immediate so as to guard against false alarms. Nor is it delayed much longer than a few minutes. That’s why the president must know and appreciate every aspect of any nuclear situation. There is no time to achieve consensus with subordinates. The decision is the president’s.

    Perhaps the most famous false alarm occurred at Colorado’s North American Aerospace Defense Command, or NORAD. On the morning of November 9, 1979, technicians at the site received an urgent alert that the Soviets had launched a barrage of missiles at North America. Convinced a nuclear attack was imminent, the U.S. air defense program scrambled 10 interceptor fighter planes, ordered the president’s “doomsday plane” to take off, and warned launch control to prepare its missiles for a retaliatory attack.

    The panic soon subsided after NORAD consulted its satellite data and realized the nuclear warning was little more than a false alarm. Upon further inspection, they discovered that a technician had accidentally run a training program simulating a Soviet attack on the United States. Computer chip failures would later lead to three more false alarms at NORAD in the following year.

    On September 26, 1983, Lt. Colonel Stanislav Petrov was in command at Serpukhov-15, a bunker where the Soviets monitored their satellite-based detection systems. Shortly after midnight, panic broke out when an alarm sounded signaling that the United States had fired five Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles, or ICBMs, toward Russia. Protocol demanded that Serpukhov-15 report any signs of a missile launch to the Soviet high command, but Petrov had a hunch the warning was an error. He knew the new satellite system was mistake-prone, and he also reasoned that any nuclear strike by the Americans would come in the form of hundreds of missiles, not just five. With only minutes to make a decision, Petrov chose to ignore the blaring warning alarms and reported the launch as a false alarm—a move that averted a nuclear holocaust. Experience counts. Temperament counts.

    That’s why your flippantly stupid answer to such a serious question as to which of our presidential candidates would best serve the country vis a vis nuclear weaponry reveals you to be a sarcastic ignoramus. As a lightweight, you would best to avoid serious subjects and limit your future posts to areas where you “have a clue.” Food, restaurants, bigotry. Cheers, Eagle.

  • Towncar07 says:

    Please see my comment on the “Zimmerman” spot.

    Food, Restaurants, Cityscapes, people both of note and the un-noted, and random thoughts.

    You have it right. The clue was not to see this earlier. Continue with your research of the “cause and effect of everything” Hawking might want your opinion.

    My opinions will be easy and true. I am sorry to silence my voice for the political right, but for the common good it’s for the best.

    I have a recent personal story of “bigotry”, but at this time I will save it for an appropriate insertion…it will be perceived as bigotry, but in reality it’s just another example of “Kids say the darnedest things” [thinking of the late Art Linkletter]

  • Eagle says:

    Professor Hawking hypothesized in his television series that there was no time for God in the creation of the universe. Therefore, my question for Dr. Hawking is: Although there may not have been time for God in the formation of OUR universe, is it possible that an argument for God could be made if the theory of multiple universes is indeed valid? Maybe there is a proof for the existance God that might exist in an attached universe. If so, maybe one could deduce that God was also responsible for the creation of our universe. And if so, where can I buy the T-Shirt?

  • Eagle says:

    TC Recent posts from Kitty, cynical and alert definitely didn’t come from Liberals. In fact, I would estimate that the breakdown on recent posters (self identifying) would be roughly 55% leaning center-left and the remainder center-right, not 90% Liberal.

  • Towncar07 says:

    Here is something, Eagle, to keep your mind occupied for about a minute.

    Our “Universe” is expanding, that is a fact from both observation and conclusion from the leading astro-psyicists.

    The question, if it is expanding, it is expanding into “WHAT”…is there a space beyond the space that is being filled (?)

    And, if there is one universe that we know of, why not hundred of thousand, or an infinite number of universes that could all be in a limitless time with no beginning and no end.

    The Russian Mathematician George Gamow theorized on this by example of the “infinite number of monkeys with an infinite number of typewriters” would eventually write all the great works with insights into the future.

    Bob Newhart made a gag of this then he played one of the scientists testing this theory…”Hey George, I think we have something here…TO BE, OR NOT TO BE, THAT IS THE…GAZORNINPLATT.

    In my reading of many books by Astrologers, all seem to dismiss the idea of “God”. No apologies, but in my life, there is plenty of room for my “GOD”…thru prayer and living morally. You can go your own way.

    Should there be anything political here, it is strictly by accident. And NONONO…I do NOT want to hear from this sites chief atheist.

  • Eagle says:

    In case you are inferring that I’m an atheist, you’re wrong. I’m agnostic. Although I reject the conventional anthropomorphic depictions of God, I’m open to the possible existence of a creator. After all, if there is a watch is there not a watchmaker?

    The infinite monkey theorem you allude to states that a monkey hitting keys at random on a typewriter keyboard for an infinite amount of time will almost surely type a given text, such as the complete works of William Shakespeare. In fact the monkey would almost surely type every possible finite text an infinite number of times. However, the probability of a universe full of monkeys typing a complete work such as Shakespeare’s Hamlet is so tiny that the chance of it occurring during a period of time hundreds of thousands of orders of magnitude longer than the age of the universe is extremely low (but technically not zero).

    Despite researching Russian mathematician George Gamow, who died half a century back (where has time fled and why is it fleeing?), I couldn’t find any mention of him involved with this theorem. Maybe you meant he had pet monkeys banging on his typewriter in hopes that they’d write a best seller and he’d get all the dough.

    Please say you didn’t mean it when you said you read many books by “astrologers”! My lower-case god, man, those are the quacks that read palms, predict the future, vacuum your wallet. They’re the mystics that Harry Houdini (aka Erik Weisz) thoroughly debunked. As you may recall, Houdini was the guy in the straight jacket. If you really did mean astrologers, then you should get fitted for one, too. (Styles: Loopy, Loony and Long Gone.)

    About those typing monkeys. Last I heard they in LA working as members of the Writers Guild of America, I understand they’re keeping busy turning out scripts for Adam Sandler. Cheers, Eagle.

  • Towncar07 says:

    No Eagle, again you wantonly misinterpret my intention, which is the way your brain functions…facts, evidence, conclusions, all to bolster your point. Fine, great debater, go for the Lincoln-Douglas type thing.I think you have NO idea what I’m saying because you and me, we speak different intentions.

    The “chief” atheist is Ret1…he makes no excuse except atheism is “intelligent, forward thinking, and shows higher intelligence.” My God…gag me with a Brillo pad. George Gamow was the top thinker back in the 50’s, [his book One Two Three Infinity sold millions] and inspired many to follow his theories into higher math. EVERYTHING I mention is somehow reversed to fit your own conclusion, which I like because you are fervently apostate, and spiritually lacking. Your choice, you own it. FINE. ENOUGH. These astrologers were not the everyday Horoscope/palm readers, these were books written by the authors of their disciplines at their time. You always take the lower road, and that’s where you and I part. CAN YOU GRASP THAT ? I quit reading them because of the fact that they could not explain, grasp, or even contemplate any concept of a “higher power”. That;s all…no more no less. Yet you want to make it sound like a circus tent full of grifters.

    Let us leave this where it belongs; in the realm of neanderthal thought provoking sewage. My points, if they ever met your standards, would elicit just more confetti of thought, and insisting your idea are right because you can quote verbatim, a source that makes you sound the voice of authority. However, in my mind, it is an exercise of sound and fury signifying nothing.

    I hope next to meet you in this venue discussing the various and possible better recipes of the perfect shrimp sauce, or the perfect time to harvest oysters. You would dismiss Oysters Rockefeller because of the name alone. Such is your tone. Perhaps I speak too soon…you might find fault with EVERYTHING I say. AND on some subjects, I may, just might, just possibly, know more than you. However being the ego you are, would never admit that…ever.

    Amazing. I just proof read my comment, and I spotted at least 11 points that you would take and throw them against the proverbial wall, and some would stick. Save your energy, I am not buying. I stand alone with my self-honor intact.

  • Towncar07 says:

    The above excess verbiage was due to an overconsumption of a very fine 2007 Duckhorn Cabernet, while attending a beautifully presented Club Dinner with a great table of enthusiastic participants.

    I still stand by the points and objectives expressed above however.

  • Towncar07 says:

    The time stamp is wrong however, and Michigan is on EDT, not CDT. It was about 11:30PM when written.

  • Eagle says:

    TC As a matter of fact, I do love oysters Rochefeller. When Bob’s Seafood was in the Loop, if he had a bag of oysters leftover on the weekend he’d call us and we’d buy it at a wholesale rate and have an impromptu shucking party out in the backyard with friends. To balance good fortune, twice we rammed shucking knives into hands–too many AB products–leading to tetanus shots. Other than that Mrs. Lincoln, the play was great.

    Still think you used the wrong term when you wrote “astrologers.”
    There’s probably a generic term that would include leaders of the various disciplines.

    As for as religion goes, this is the realm we call the paranormal. It’s not an empiracle question and outside the realm of science; consequently, the existance of god and related issues are a matter of faith, not reason. It’s an individual’s decision as to what s/he believes. My position: I don’t believe the existance of god has been successfully explained by any of the contemporary religions. That doesn’t mean that I don’t believe in a higher power. But I do believe that whatever that higher power may be it is doesn’t determine who wins championship fights or hits home runs. That nonsense simply reflects man’s intellectual ignorance. The planet Earth is a bit too insignificant to merit the attention of God, the Creator of the Universe. Maybe one of his dwarves?

  • Towncar07 says:

    Yes eagle you present a valid case, but because I am referring to what I read 60 years ago does not not exactly play into the meanings of today. Once, my heart was young and gay. I cannot in present terms say that sentence anymore, not only because it’s inaccurate, but because someone may be “offended”as the whole meaning is changed.

    Religion is a personal choice, and I leave it at that, as each one may have a differing conception of a God, or a religious spiritual acceptance. I concluded after reading more than 4 books on the author’s determination that such magnificence of size and order, alongside chaos in the observable universe at that time, while dismissing any kind of superior energy behind it all, left me with no choice but to stop reading. However I do suggest a visit to to find fascinating factoids about our own universe, and the broad expanse beyond, which is almost too great to comprehend.

    I have said all along that religion is a matter of faith, but some deny faith in anything that is not physically present, that’s why it’s called faith.

    Well SHUCKS, I’m glad you like oysters Rockefeller, it does bring a new taste to the oyster…and Bob’s Seafood, now on Olive Blvd was my late wife’s favorite place to buy the “catch of the day.”


  • Eagle says:

    Was Bobby’s Seafood on Delmar related to Bob’s Seafood in the Loop? I can remember when the restaurant was celebrating a significant anniversary with an all you can eat event but ran out of beer. I called a friend who was head of AB’s Owned & Operated Distributorship division and he got us some kegs of Budweiser pronto. I guess I’d have to call Belgium to make that happen these days.

    What we know about the universe wouldn’t amount to a hill of beans. Astronomers claim dark matter is the dominant material in the universe but are virtually clueless about how to prove it and how it works. Our science may be the most advanced it’s ever been but it just isn’t advanced enough to answer the really important questions of our time. Is there a God? Will the Universe continue to expand forever? Why does an ice cream cone cost almost $3? Cheers, Eagle

  • Towncar07 says:

    I really don’t know. I never really heard of Bob’s Seafood until dear wife came in and we had a weekly array of delicious and mostly FRESH fish. Until that time, and there was a long stretch in between, our fish were usually bought at the fresh fish counter at Dierbergs..

    Long before that, we got our seafood, mainly frozen from my old and good friend Gary Lombardo, Lombardo’s Fruit & Produce on the Row. Gary got caught in a web, sold and moved to AZ. Meantime his wife Sharon, passed away, and I have lost contact with him altogether. I do know he is still in the food supply biz, I just don’t know more than that.

    The Hubble opened up the formerly impossible, and subsequent launched scopes have gone even further…to imagine a galaxy 150,000 light years away brings mind bending possibilities that what you observe today, may be entirely different when explored. Is there a God? I have faith, and only God knows. The ice cream cone @ $3 is a result of Ted Drewes marketing genius that raised the prices everywhere for frozen dairy products. First, create the demand, the price will follow. Regards, TC P.S. I still suggest you visit

  • Towncar07 says:

    MY ERROR…the site is The other site is an error on my part.

  • Eagle says:

    Bob used to drive down to the docks in Louisiana at midweek, load up and drive back up to sell his product in the Loop over the weekend. I doubt he’s doing that anymore. Tough way to make a buck.

  • Non Delusional says:

    The original Bob of Bob’s seafood was also the owner of Bobbies Seafood restaurant, also in the Loop, before they moved to Maplewood. His wife, Bobbie, came up with the recipe for their famous bar-b-qed shrimp that Eagle is referring to at their all-you-can-eat anniversary event! When the original Bob got tired of the weekly drive to New Orleans, he sold the business to the current Bob. The current Bob eventually left the Farmers Market in the Loop and moved to his current location on Olive.

  • Eagle says:

    Louisiana Fish Fry Products makes a packaged BBQ Shrimp sauce mix that reminds me very much of the dish once served at Bobbies. Fantastic with French bread and Tsing Tao beer.

    Package is 4″x6″x 1/4″ with the word “Louisiana” highlighted on the front. You can find it at the Chinese/Asian food store/market located on the south side of Olive, just east of 81st Street in University City.

    In-store location of Louisiana packages faces the live fish and lobster tanks on the west end of the store. The store also features live frogs and crabs, so you can buy your kids edible pets. (Try walking into Pet Smart and asking them for whatever tastes best.)

  • Towncar07 says:

    In these troubled times, it’s great to have someone like Non Delusional clear the air and provide good info. Thank you.

  • FIFA 17 says:

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