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“Late Show” Stephen Colbert will replace host David Letterman. A five-year contract has been signed by Colbert and CBS.


  • Great Caesar's Ghost says:

    Replacing a Liberal with an uber-liberal. I’m never up that late anyhow so it’s of no matter.

  • KITTY says:

    As if their ratings weren’t low enuf. Letterman’s ratings were never very good especially his waining years. Colbert is Bill Mahr Light. He will tank like the Titanic! And for that we should all be happy!

  • Anon says:

    Yea Letterman was so crappy he’s the longest late night entertainer on the air. He’s outlasted all of them.

    I’d much rather watch and listen to Rush Limbaugh. Oh wait, his TV show got canned about a year after it started. He is SOOOO entertaining if you like to hear someone complain 24/7. That guy hasn’t been happy since they took his drugs away.

  • RETIRED1 says:

    I can’t wait to see Colbert lambast the idiocy of republicans and Faux ‘News’!! It will be hilarious!

  • D. J. Fone says:

    I hope Colbert does well succeeding Dave, but his “Colbert Report” persona will have to be reigned in, lest it wear people out for an hour five times a week. Let’s be real why Colbert was signed so quickly: His Comedy Central contract expires Dec. 31, so he’s easily available with no 7-figure buyout needed. But CBS is taking a huge risk by giving him a 5-year deal right out of the gate.

    Even the “King of Late Night”, Johnny Carson, was very fortunate to not have to face competitors like Letterman, Kimmel, Craig Ferguson, Conan, Arsenio, Fallon, Seth Meyers, et al.

    What surprised me most about the Colbert anointing is that Lorne Michaels didn’t have final say. He’s put many recent late-night hosts (Conan, Fallon, Meyers, and comedy-series stars (Fey, Poehler, Chase) into place from their SNL days, made movie stars out of Will Ferrell and Kristin Wiig, and showed his REAL power by getting the “Tonight Show” franchise moved 3,000 miles, from Burbank to right down the hall from Lorne’s office.

  • Great Caesar's Ghost says:

    Well said, D.J. I was a faithful watcher of Carson…but at my age now, I’m fast asleep, but may the best late nite host win.

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