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New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie will head the transition team if Donald Trump wins the presidency. A primary rival, who endorsed Trump in February, Christie will work alongside Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner. Serious awkwardness! Kushner’s dad, Charles, had been sentenced to two years in prison on charges that included tax evasion, witness tampering and illegal campaign donations. He was prosecuted then by U.S. Attorney N.J. Dist.’s Chris Christie.

20 Responses to “DONALD TRUMP’S SON IN LAW”

  • KITTY says:

    This news item is one of the lamest attempts yet to besmirch The Donald’s reputation. Yet, an entire book could be written on all the crooked dealings of Hillary’s brother Hugh Rodman! Maybe our great media will go after her about that. NOT! Hell would freeze over first!

  • Pancho47 says:

    Bird’s of a feather….
    Donald Trump is Rosemary’s Baby.

  • KITTY says:

    Don’t forget, Pancho47, HRC is Ilsa Koch, The Bitch of Bukenwald! Don’t remember her? Just google her and be wise!

  • Joe Hanon says:

    “Serious awkwardness” but also serious lack of good judgement !

  • Joe Hanon says:

    Corr judgment

  • Jean Valjean says:

    There’s no awkwardness at all for THEM, provided there’s power to be gained and/or YUUUUUUUGE money to be made, most likely at taxpayers’ expense. What a trio in Christie, Kushner, and The Orange Blowhard: Plump, Chump, and Trump.

  • Eagle says:

    Just as an FYI…Trump sons Eric and Donald Jr. are big game hunters…have killed elephants, leopards, etc. Don’t need to respect the planet when you have that much money.

  • Tpwncar07 says:

    Eagle just shows everyone how our culture is in constant flux…Big game hunting is not just about money, although the massaging it gets makes it seem so evil…the laws today are mostly designed to cull the herds and keep nature in a balance.

    I grew up next door to a BGH, and he long after his passing , still holds the record for the largest bear shot in Alaska…this was the 1950’s mind you. The senseless killing of game is despised by the hunters of today, which stalk and shoot those animals that are in need of culling…the dentist killing the lion an exception…private property and land rights are in question.

    Just a different perspective…I am still in awe of two persons I knew that have actually fired a “Nitro-Express” (you may have to look that one up as the 50cal with spec ammo is far more damaging.

    The “sport” of the BGH was to shoot at a distance that required high skills in aim and fire, scopes were in short supply, and long-range scope were more demanding of personal shooting skills than say, clay shooting, and both required exceptional skills to become exceptional.Shooting fish in a barrel does not gain any acceptance with the real BGH’s.

    And I thought it was tough when I had my 10GA S/S sent in for overhaul when the 2nd trigger would not fire… and the gunsmith said to my face “O, God…I have to shoot that shoulder howitzer again.”

    Try a Nitro Express.

  • Tpwncar07 says:

    A post script..The objective of the BGH was to shoot accurately so as not to damage the HEAD…as a properly placed shot would shatter the prized skull…not good for taxidermy, and a wasted effort.

  • Tpwncar07 says:

    I apologize for the syntax above…an IMproperly placed shot would shatter the head…

  • Eagle says:

    I’m sure Donald Trump’s sons try not to shatter the heads of the endangered animals they kill. True sportsmen.

  • Tpwncar07 says:

    So hunting as sport and skill, while keeping nature in balance does not meet with your approval ?

    Are you a college professor at Protest School of Liberal University? Do you have a visceral hatred of firearms ?

    As a Life Member of the NRA, and a member of many gun & sport Clubs…I don’t suppose I would have seen you at any meetings…

    And at no time did the Trump sons shoot and kill and endangered animals, unless you ascribe to the thought that anything shot and killed by a firearm, crossbow, or slingshot to be part of the protesters as insane clinging to a legit sport. Should I be wrong, please take your complaint to the media, notably MSNBC.

  • Eagle says:

    TC…Close eyes, run mouth. Balance of nature culling of the herd is fine. But I clearly wasn’t talking about herd management.

    Given your incapabilities with the English language, I will clarify. I decry the Trump sons killing endangered species, like the African elephant. That’s all I said. Since you are as ignorant about what the Trump sons have killed as you are about politics, I’ll just chalk your comments up to your usual fantasy world view. (Do you ever research your claims? Or do you like being a one-man bullshit machine?)

  • Towncar07 says:

    I love being a one-man verbal machine, one that describes the truth seen through conspiratorial eyes for all the world to digest.

    The Trump sons did not kill those elephants yesterday…they were in a controlled environment by the local government and although a loss of any animal might be considered sad and unnecessary, i believe that the PC bullshit practiced today will make out the Trump sons as having butchered elephant babies while in their mother’s care.

    AND the local hoodlums butcher more elephants than the Trump sons…not that it makes it any better, but even the allied Governments recently burned 2 TONS of elephant tusks so as not to reach the black market.

    There is LEGAL hunting…like it or not. There are profiteers out there, like it or not. You seem to enjoy disparaging my remarks, and now you know what it’s like to read the drivel as espoused by the Retired1.

  • Eagle says:

    “AND the local hoodlums butcher more elephants than the Trump sons…not that it makes it any better.”

    Thank you for admitting that butchering elephants whether by local poachers or Trump’s sons is an horrendous act. My point exactly. Also hope you enjoyed that tasteful picture of the Trump boys holding up a dead leopard (Google). By the way, from a political standpoint, Trump’s sons’ killing activities shouldn’t be a factor in the fall election.

  • Towncar07 says:

    I was making the point that Trump’s sons were in a controlled shooting area whereas the hoodlums did not care how the (elephants) were killed as for only their tusks, which were subsequently confiscated and destroyed.

    There are hundreds of thousands of pictures of the hunter holding the resulting kill; Maybe the leopard made a nice coat for the Mrs Pheasant and Quail hunters do the same, and are great game to eat besides. You single Trump because he presents a political threat to your liberal sense.

    If it is not a factor in the election, why was it brought up to begin with…the candidates family seems to be a target for the leftists to exploit, but if the right would do likewise, well here comes the fire and brimstone of name calling and invective more suited to a Drill Sargent with his new platoon of maggots.

    We have strayed far and wide from the Posted Topic. Let’s close this out.

  • Eagle says:

    You can run and hide whenever you wish.

    Controlled slaughter of elephants is OK? But poaching is not. I brought it up to help roundout the public’s picture of the Trump family values. When Trump senior commented on the killings, he indicated that his game was golf. Real world citizen there.

    Trump offends every segment, especially responsible republicans, ex-presidents, Speakers of the House, conservative Republicans, leaders of other countries, etc.
    He scores well with rural, under-educated, old white guys. Women dislike him. Latinos dispise him. Blacks want nothing to do with him. Down ballot senators in purple states fear him. A nonpartisan institute just reported that his budget plan would explode the budget so budget ER doctors have been called in. Dozens of foreign policy experts have criticized his foreign policy stance as dangerous and incoherent. Members of the cabinet level class say that Trump will have to staff with B- and C-level persons as the A-level won’t serve. You might note, I called no one a name.

    As a draft dodger, Trump probably scored high with you. Where did you say you served during the war?

  • Towncar07 says:

    Wonderful use of the circular verbal joust routine…example…I would exclude Muslims until they are vetted and checked and deny entry until properly vetted…the CVJR is “O so you have a hatred of Muslims…”

    As Fleetwood Mac’s tune would imply…”You can go your own way…you can call it thunder…”

  • RETIRED1 says:

    Clowncaar07 couldn’t be accepted in the military because he obviously could not pass the minimum IQ standards for acceptance and was also too cowardly to defend his country like all right wing war hawks are!

  • Towncar07 says:

    ^^^^You blasphemous bastard, I saved with honor in the US Army. US 55427206. Ft, Belvior, VA.

    Now go back and take your enema like a man that you propose to be.

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