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Morris is out of Florence Colorado Prison and allegedly in a halfway house. He was indicted in 2012 for embezzling about $2.5 million from Metropolitan, which has a number of offices here and on campuses of several hospitals. Writes former prisoner Greg Bruce: “Morris invented outlandish tales, saying he was a partner at Goldman Sachs and was with the CIA. He claimed to have millions set aside.”

SIGNS AT WOMENS’ MARCH ESPIED BY A HOMETOWNER: “If I privatize my uterus, will the government try to regulate it?,” “I’m not ovaryacting,” “Without immigrants, there would be no America,” “Twinkle, twinkle, little czar, Putin put you where you are,” “IKEA has better cabinets,” “If I wanted the government in my womb, I’d screw a senator” and “I have a vagenda.”



  • john clones says:

    Mr. Berger: Please check out my blog and let me know what you think!

  • Matt Carley says:

    Served time with Dunard as well. He talked with a fake British accent most of the time and strolled the prison yard with a cane.

    Claimed to have been convicted of financial crimes of the highest sort, said he personally knew powerful individuals and could buy and sell the world

    “I have never been around coloreds until I came to prison,” he frequently said. Told many he was related to British Royal Family and was going to live at the Washington DC Four Seasons upon his release.

    “Goldman is taking care of my wife and they will take car of me.”

  • Arman Nshanian says:

    Dunard Morris is a sociopath. Beware that he is back in your community.

    I too knew him in prison. He was manipulative and stole money from people there too.

    Like Wimpy, from Popeye fame, Dunard Morris would gladly pay you next Tuesday for a hamburger today. Of course, Tuesday never came.

    Entitled and dilusional, Dunard facilated between being a distant member of the royal family to an investment banker to an international spy. Of course, I now know the truth. He is a disgraced, stolen valor perp, who is nothing but a common thief.

    I truly hope and pray this guy NEVER is employed by decent people again. No one deserves him and his special line of bullshit.

  • Schlomo says:

    Why are people looking him up, and writing on this blog, please explain more about this dunard person, I wanna know more

  • TOWNCAR says:

    ^^^At this time I would suggest Google or your favorite search engine.

  • Schlomo says:

    I know how to use google search…….I want the stories from the men that spent time with him in prison, seems like a lifetime movie

  • tim watly says:

    if you get really close……he smells like cheese ! he loves cheese !

  • Bobo & milisaan says:

    Boo Hoo Greg , Matt , & arman, the scammers got played ! How does it feel bitches ? Hippocrates much ?

  • Dunard Morris says:

    This whole tale is nothing more than a misnomer. Carley, Bruce, Nashian and all the others are spreading vicious lies.

    My innocence is as much today as it was when I was wrongly convicted by this so called court and sentenced to prison by this so-called judge. Obviously, Burger and his ilk are in cohoots with the dark forces who wrongly persecuted me. This cast of clowns from prison know NOTHING of the innocence I bask in

    The truth will prevail, some day!

    Until then, I remain, faithfully,

    Dunard C Morris

  • tim watley says:

    Just so we’re clear, you were not “wrongly convicted,” you pleaded guilty.

  • Dunard Morris says:

    Mr Burger, I implore you to pull this thread down, post haste.

    It is nothing more than an avenue to bring heartache to my precious family and me.

    I know you to be a decent man, please pull this down.

    Faithfully, I shall remain.

    Dunard C Morris

  • Dunard Morris says:

    As for pleading guilty, your Justice Department used tactics I would. It wish on a dog to obtain that “plea.”

    International hands were at play in this travesty. It was pure jealousy, through and through.

  • The real Dunard Morris says:

    I have never posted to this website. While I was in prison somebody posted as me in 2013. We do not have web connectivity email/connectivity.

    I plead guilty to those charges I was guilty and the system and judge were and are
    very fair. Again, I was guilty of the charges.

    Whoever is posting as me needs to know that it is wire-fraud and mail-fraud to
    post things on the internet using someone else name.

  • Dunard Morris says:

    Now, now, now Dunard. Looks like you are off your medications.

  • Tim Watley says:

    Dunard is writing all of these himself. Likes the attention, I am guessing

    Just saw his pathetic Facebook profile. Troubled.

  • Crunky biotch says:

    Just found this news site, work in law, y’all should be careful because one can be sued for slanderous remarks. Ps. Forensic IT can still find someone. I have no stake in this dog fight, just seems like a sad case of egotistical bullies.
    Maybe read some real news for a change, maybe volunteer ? Just sad

  • Dawsey Sisk says:

    What the hell….why would any one waste their time and energy on Morris? Did not we all learn how childish he truly was at Florence? It does make me curious if all of these posts are ghost written by him, however.

  • Eagle says:

    I think it safe to conclude there is genuine malignancy interspersed in the posts above, and I have no idea where.

  • Gia Morris says:

    Oh vah.

  • Timmy e says:

    People on here obviously don’t like themselves, because if you did you wouldn’t have a need to come on here and blast the shit out of each other. Let’s live our own lives without feeling the need to hurt, because if we truly loved ourselves, one wouldn’t feel the need to try to slam, or shame. It’s easier to be kind than cruel. I feel sorry for the people on here, because they must have low-self esteem….this is supposed to be a fun blog site, please be respectful

  • Dub Morton says:

    This is just sad. Give it up, this is a loser who won’t change.

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