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More than two weeks have passed since Guv. Jay Nixon bested Republican businessman Dave Spence by more than 12 percentage points in his second-term bid.  But there’s a bit of campaign business still unresolved.  Six weeks ago, Spence sued Nixon for defamation over a campaign ad calling Spence a banker.  Spence says he was a director of a bank but not a day-to-day manager.  The bank took a federal bailout, providing political ad ammunition for Nixon. When the lawsuit was filed, Spence said, “Jay Nixon’s attack ads are false defamatory and he knows it.”  Court records show Spence’s lawsuit against Nixon is still pending but no hearing has been set by Cole County Circuit Judge Jon Beetem, who like Spence is a Republican.  Spence’s attorney is 2002 Harvard law grad Edward D. Greim of the Republican-connected Kansas City firm of Graves, Bartle, Marcus & Garrett.  The firm says Greim specializes in a “free speech litigation and election law practice.”  A Nixon spokesman said when the lawsuit was filed: “You see a lot of crazy stunts during the course of a campaign, but his frivolous lawsuit is particularly misguided and desperate.”  Not to mention the higher legal hurdle faced by a public figure, which a major party candidate for governor undeniably is, or was.


  • OldLobbyist says:

    Now Spence is throwing more good money after bad. The Todd Graves/Matt Bartle law firm will make money though. It has been entertaining to watch rich businessmen who are used to yes-men try to make successful political bids when they do not have the skin thickness to endure slings and arrows. The Nixon ad was mild by 2012’s standards. Spence will be sent bouncing out of court by the sensible Judge Beetem, whatever their mutual party affiliation.

  • phenomjock says:

    I hope Spence makes some of his campaign money back with a big court judgement against Nixon.

  • RETIRED1 says:

    Spence made that old adage “A FOOL and his money are soon parted” come true!His attempt at buying government failed!LOL!

  • Mr. X. says:

    Nixon knew he had the election in the bag, but he still took the douche-like road and ran an ad that he knew was total BS. Nixon was a great AG, and I voted for him in 2008. But not this time, and never again.

  • buttinsky says:

    When the dopes fall for ads like Nixon’s “banker” ad (Spence was never a “banker,” it was not “his bank,”) and Claire’s strategy of running ads building up Akin as “the true conservative” which won him the primary, they get what they deserve. And to address the old coot’s comments about Spence being a fool parted from his money, to paraphrase the late billionaire, H. L. Hunt, the guy who carried a sack lunch to work every day, who was asked what he thought about his son Lamar losing millions a year on a fledgling NFL team in Kansas City, thought for a moment and said, “well, if he keeps that up he will be broke in about 250 years.” I think Dave Spence could finance quite a few more campaigns before we have to start holding fundraisers for him.

  • Diana says:

    I met Dave Spence during the campaign and he seemed like a perfectly nice man. I also met Governor Jay Nixon on two occasions as part of a group attending a meeting. I will share something creepy. Jay Nixon never looked any of us in the eye while speaking to us individually. I talked with some others on the trip home and we all got the impression he was looking at our chests. That was just so awkward. Perhaps it is because Nixon is taller, but we all got the feeling Nixon “wasn’t really there” or engaged, and, that he was just fulfilling an obligation by taking time for us. He was not likeable in that sense.

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