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Ellen Soeteber and Jerry Berger

Ellen Soeteber and Jerry Berger

A few nights ago, I walked out in the sunshine – almost 80 degrees – in Ft. Lauderdale – to dine with Ellen Soeteber and her spouse, Dick Martins, on their upcoming 40th wedding anniversary. Soeteber, retired editor of the Post-Dispatch, has jumped into the volunteer mode and gardening tropical flora. They sent their holiday greetings to all their friends in our town. . .U.S. Fed. Dist. Court has “judicially enforced several Internal Revenue Services summonses” for quondam real estater Michael Litz to appear in determining the corporate tax liabilities of his Eighteen Investments, Inc. The IRS, via U.S. Attorney Richard Callahan,  has directed Litz to provide books, records, papers and other data that are relevant to the investigation from 2009-2013. . Litz has snubbed the summonses. . .”I’m J.B. Bernstein – I’m a sports agent,” says our town’s Jon Hamm in the new trailer for the movie, “Million Dollar Arm,” in which his character has the “Mad Men”-like confidence. The sports drama movie, which bows May 16, has Hamm as an agent, who is shocked when his client signs with another. . . Nike is poised to outfit U.S. athletes for the 2014 Sochi Olympics with slick silver and fleece. . .Ever wonder who in the U.S. may be among the very first to learn the latest goings-on in the Vatican? It could well be a Ballwin man, Matthew Sherry, who translates scoops and articles by one of Rome’s long-time premiere Vatican observers, Sandro Magister, who writes for the well-respected Chiesa news. . .A Delaware jury has awarded $2.4 million to a man who was sexually assaulted as a child by Marist Brother Damian Galligan, who now lives in a retirement facility in our town and reportedly is quite wealthy, according to news reports. . .Online tracking, a burgeoning technology: Some stores now have software that tracks smartphones and knows when you entered the store, where you went, whether you bought something or if you stopped at another shop. . .


  • RETIRED1 says:

    Another alleged sick pedophile catholic priest that escaped criminal prosecution and prison??!! No wonder I’m an atheist!!

  • Towncar07 says:

    Tired1…in this time of celebration and good will toward (all) men, even the evil pedophiles and the saintly believers, you too can have a Merry Christmas, just put down your bag of obtuse verbiage, take up the message of Great Tidings of Joy to the World, and rejoice that you can live your life in peace by forgiving others that sin, and someday you may be chosen to enter that supreme solitude known to others that have religious feelings, as heaven, that can be yours but with the utterance of a simple but grand prayer…”Forgive me my Lord, I am a sinner…” and it will be done. Now in your case the “Lord” may be the lone Christmas candle burning hope and peace on your dining table…but you shall have peace, and there is always hope.

  • RETIRED1 says:

    There wasn’t too much “good will toward (all) men” in America when Indians were having their land stolen and genocide committed against them,blacks were enslaved and discriminated against for over 400 years while being murdered,raped and beaten with no criminal prosecution for their oppressors,women were subjugated to second class citizenry,Japanese Americans were put in concentration camps while white skinned German Americans were not,pedophile Catholic priests were raping thousands of innocent children while being moved from parish to parish to continue their vile acts and being hindered from criminal prosecution by the Catholic hierarchy,bullying wars were waged against smaller countries of brown and yellow people (N.Korea,Vietnam,Iraq,Afghanistan)…all of which your white male privilege in this country makes you blind to the bad will inflicted on those not of your ilk and privilege at the hands of this country!As an atheist I don’t celebrate Xmas,again something you are blind to.

  • Wally Ballew says:

    It would be nice if Christians were all saints instead of sinners but Christ Himself said that he came to cure the sick and not to pal around with those in no need of a physician.

    Since Adam and Eve ate that apple, man has been a problem, some more so than others.

    I wish all atheists peace, especially RETIRED1.

  • buttinsky says:

    I hope the old coot enjoys his Federal Holiday named after Christ…at least while you can.

  • Towncar07 says:

    Yes, even on Christmas, and with my Olive Branch in hand, the cantankerous old coot remains stedfast in his envelope of disagreeable and deeply angry mindset. Whoever (he/she) is…I bet your co-workers were glad to have you finally retire. Oh well, you have no influence on my life, so Merry Christmas, and that bottle of Jim Beam on your bedside table could use some egg to go with the nog. May your day be Merry and Bright.

  • Anonymous says:

    Towncar could have left out all the UN Christian commentary and just said may your day be merry and bright, but instead, decided to castigate another human being on Christmas.

    What’s wrong with a simple have a great day instead of all the other negatives?


  • Towncar07 says:

    O NO Anon…you are giving transference of intent to me? Your eyes miss the consistent negativity of the Tired1…I was merely taking the point of view and exemplifying the Tired1’s penchant for posting only degrading and insensitive remarks…well I said my piece with a healthy bit of tongue-in-cheek razz…but then you don’t get that ad never will.

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