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The Brewers Association has ranked the top 50 craft beers that don’t include our town’s Schlafly. The trade association also lists the top 50 overall brewing companies that don’t include AB InBev. Now devote the day and night away to a mighty pint of Guiness and Irish stepdances.

DATES: May 7, fundraiser for the Great Rivers Environmental Laws Center at the Busch Family estate at Grant’s Farm;  June 5, County Exec Steve Stenger’s very own golf tourney at Crescent Farms Golf Course (go figure).

THE LATEST ISSUE OF THE NEW YORKER sent to subscribers contains an impressive glossy brochure touting the 10th anniversary celebration of the additon to KC’s Nelson-Adkins Art Museum known as the Bloch Building, with “newly-enriched galleries that include state of the art technology,” and the museum’s 2015 designation s “the best U.S. museum” by Yelp reviewers. (Brent Benjamin of our town’s museum must be in tears.)

THAT SAME NEW YORKER contains a lengthy piece about bizarre maneuverings in the White House press corps. It features Jim Hoft, a 56 year-old St. Louisan who is “among the country’s most effective right-wing propagandists,” according to journalist Andrew Marantz.

5 Responses to “ERIN-GO-BURP!”

  • Eagle says:

    Towcar,Eagle,Kitty,Cynical, are all the sme psycho person on this site cooked up for better numbers for berger

  • cynical says:

    ^ how astute of you…yeah, right! What an idiot, whoever you are!

  • Eagle says:

    Well, gang, what are we going to do about the fools who aren’t worthy of receiving posting rights on Jerry’s site? For one thing, the webmaster has information identifying each of us by name and email address. Since the company has this data, it could build a firewall around this. In that way, the fake Eagle, TC, Kitty, etc. would be blocked. The childish goon who insists on posting to Jerry’s site would have to go to some derivation of the name, for example Eagle 2.

    Jerry, if you care to continue your column, I suggest you talk to the webmaster. Protect your readers from the vile child who is attacking your readers.

  • TOWNCAR says:

    There is a “Website Management” link at the bottom of the column…along with Berger’s email…I have already written an email alert, but then another topic column was introduced, and nothing changed with regard to the nut job nimrods that insist on vomiting as their only comments.

    Time will tell just how far this can go before it’s going to become irrelevant, or else the jerks exposed and banished or just plain blocked…but then email addresses are NOT verified for authenticity, I proved some weeks ago. How about the email verification where you have to give a contact number for verification and then the verification gives a password or number sequence, and your “name” is thereby forever connected to that email address. Posting won’t be possible if the email is fake, or the contact number is unverified.

    Take a page from FaceBlog (as I call it) THEY know who is who, and where they are, and if they don’t comply with the rules, they’re GONE. I know this is unnecessary yet needed, or we can just withdraw and the shop will close.

    Take it from there…however this site, unlike FB, uses real names, and that may discourage meaningful thought beyond the perfunctory “I disagree.” or Hooray for…this is becoming deeper than I wish to descend. ANYONE ???

  • TOWNCAR says:

    Confusion…FB uses real and verified NAMES…quite a job with 100 million on the books and 200 million more “visiting”

    They have their rules, perhaps we now get the same taste of reality, as using real names on this site would discourage original discourse, and being overly polite might be a damper. At this point, I just DON’T know.

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