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12 Responses to “GONE FISHIN’, LOL”

  • KITTY says:

    BREAKING NEWS – STLTODAY.COM – by Sylvester Brown, Jr.

    The legendary St Louisian Jerry Berger is in Palm Beach for a week’s fishing jaunt with his close pals Tom Guilfoil, Morris Shenker and J.D. “Jett” Banks. This morning the fishing foursome returned to shore with several big fish, including a 674 pound Blue Fin Tuna Jerry caught and affectionately named Anndeslogewernerbates. Shenker caught a Barracuda he named Hoffa, Banks caught a Puffer fish he named Virvus, and Guilfoil caught a big fat Flounder he named Bidwell. They plan to bring their fish home and serve them up at a grand soiree on the patio of Beefa’s restaurant on February 28th at 7 p.m. Music by Russ David and his Orchestra. The public is cordially invited, but they’ll have to hunt for the address!

  • Jean Valjean says:

    Now, Kitty, if you’re going to slander Tom Guilfoil’s old buddy, at least get the “big fat Flounder(‘s)” name correct: Bidwill. And they’d cook it all up at Beffa’s.

    My favorite part of your screed, though, is “by Sylvester Brown Jr.”, who always saw life through race-colored glasses. “Keepin’ It Real”, indeed.

    And kudos to the St. Louis motorist who used to tool around with the bumper sticker “Virvus Makes Me Nirvus”.

  • KITTY says:

    Sorry,JVJ, but I have NEVER EVER watched a football gane! I only remember Bidwill as being both overly dat x and extremely sweaty.

  • KITTY says:

    Overly fat.

  • cynical says:

    Where is the patio at the old Beffa’s…in the parking lot behind the building?

  • KITTY says:

    LOL Cynical. There was no patio at Beefas. Nor was there a dance floor. But they did have valet parking and a rooftop garden and and swimming pool where Mayor Cervantes gave Berger the scoop

  • KITTY says:

    JVJ: Way back at the beginning of the Virvus tax scandal and FBI investigation of him, I wrote a little ditty about that and mailed it to various politicians, ole Bill McClellan and my pal George Peach. George was the only one to know I wrote it. He later told me he had heard thru the grapevine that it caused chuckles throughout city hall as well as much consternation.

    The Folks around City Hall
    are getting plenty nervous.
    For they know this time
    the Feds are gonna get Virvus.
    It will be a great and joyous day
    when hels handcuffed and taken away.
    And if there really is a God,
    the next one they indict
    will be Congressman Clay! (Sr.)

  • TOWNCAR says:

    Ah yes, I remember not too fondly ‘ol Sylvester. He made one appearance moons ago on O’Reilly…there were “factual disagreements.”

    I sent Syl some emails correcting his memory inconsistencies…never heard back, which was his usual.

    If not planted deep down in the ground, where does one suppose Sylvester is today ? He was once considered to be one of the “RETIRED1” persona, along with ONION Horton and the food service steam-table owner.

  • TOWNCAR says:

    AMEN KITTY. Wow, you have your pulse on the hearts of darkness.

    Interesting to note that dear Sylvester considers the local media and the P-D to be part of the [vast] “CONSERVATIVE AND ESTABLISHMENT” viewpoints that are so repugnant to the progressive thoughts and actions.

    IF the above were true, Sylvester the Brash must be in the High and Radical seats of “resistance”.

    Until the age of Obama, I thought Rodney King’s immortal last words of “Can’t we all just get along ?” were words to live by…now of course, things have become almost too COARSE.

  • KITTY says:

    Towncar: I had a daily running battle with Sylvester via email. I sent him all kinds of heated emails regarding his columns along with very funny anti-liberal-democrat jokes and cartoons, some of which made him livid! Over a period of 18-24 months, the Post published three of my letters to the editor regarding things Brown had written about. Then, in another column he took one of my emails and quoted ME by name. I had emailed him a direct quote from then police chief Mokwa regarding a triple murder. He took my words out of context and made me look like the villain, and I was livid! I wrote him about it and demanded he retract it, and he said “that’s what you get when you play with me!” I wrote the editor asking for a retraction or clarification, to no avail. But then I hounded him like never before – ruthless, relentless and remorseless. Then he got fired and I jumped for joy!

  • TOWNCAR says:

    Yes Kitty, KARMA happens in mysterious ways. I guess he makes a living on a blog? All in, I really don’t care what he does.

    His appearance on O’Reilly was contentious after the first 15 seconds. Tells a lot about the man right there.

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