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President Obama said last night, “The nation has not done enough to protect children from attacks like the one that left 20 children dead.  Triggered by last week’s tragedy, Lindbergh Schools superintendent, Dr. Jim Simpson has written a letter to Lindbergh families.  He wrote,  “We have multiple safety measures in place to help prevent these types of horrible incidences.”  He explained:
> “All staff members in our district, including teachers, administrators and support staff are trained in emergency response procedures
> We have plans in place for each of our buildings to deal with emergency situations
> We also run regular drills, including an intruder drill, which helps keep the right procedures and precautions top-of-the-mind for our staff
> Our high schools and middle schools are staffed with school resource officers and officers are quick to respond when help is needed
> We regularly consult with law enforcement about safety issues
> Continuing this week, you will see the presence of personnel, both district support as well as St. Louis County police support, in and around Lindbergh buildings
> Counselors in our buildings are available to help students who have been affected by this tragedy (last Friday).”


  • RETIRED1 says:

    We have got to find a way to keep guns out of the hands of unstable people like Kitty!

  • Towncar07 says:

    Retired1…I think it would be easy to copy and paste your comments to all publics toilet stalls so that those that need relief from what they are doing could contemplate what it must be like to have such constipation of the brain.

  • anne3 says:

    No matter how much we attempt to strait jacket law-abiding citizens and imprison the innocent, violence will find them. The problem lies in the mental health arena and how to identify, secure, and treat such illnesses. Today’s mainstreaming and legal issues that hamstring doctors from holding/treating such people is the primary problem, not the tool used.

  • realistic says:

    as long as we have the NRA and gun manufactures buying our congressmen and senators …. we will continue to have this kind of killing by mentally disturbed people who have easy access to guns….. too late to close the barn door – should have outlawed this 30 years ago.

  • Towncar07 says:

    Realistic, you are UN-realistic. The NRA has a long history of promoting gun safety thru various programs, they stand firmly with the 2nd Amendment, which protects all the other amendments, and the Constitution.
    The gun manufacturers are in a legal business, like alcohol and tobacco. They arrest the drunk driver, not the car.
    Be wise, reconsider placing your blame, not on the object, but rather the person. Hemlock, arsenic, burning at he stake, stoning…all weapons of death. I bet you never had a “cap gun” playing when you were little.

  • Anonymous says:

    Lets see, Towncar and his pronouncements – using his own illogic logic:

    Comparing drunk drivers to illegal gun owners. Yep, they don’t arrest cars and guess what? They don’t arrest guns either. I HEAR and see about drunks getting arrested, I have yet to hear ONE story about an illegal gun owner being arrested for carrying his illegal gun.

    The 2nd amendment establishes militias who bear arms – what militia does the NRA support?

    Hemlock, arsenic, stoning – all great comparisons to lethal semi automatic weapons with 100 bullet clips – as well as great comparisons to hollow point bullets and armor piercing bullets. All of these objects are useless unless someone takes them and uses them against another human being.

    So Towncar, are you really advocating that we all should have hemlock and arsenic just sitting around so some kid can come into his grandfather’s house and take a sample and eat it? Just as bad as the kid the other day who took his buddy to grandpa’s house and found grandpa’s gun and shot his buddy to death. Might just as well have been some other ridiculously dangerous thing sitting around

  • Towncar07 says:

    The sound you hear is anon falling off his own cliff. I was answering an attack by realistic on the NRA, as it was implied that their organization and the gun manufacture business were responsible for the tragedy of Newtown. I was, and see if you can grasp this, is that guns are but an evolution of the process of adequate defensive means…and the idea of a State militia…[if you use the lawful interpretation] that EACH citizen was free to own a firearm for his own protection, AND when called, could report to the State as a part of an organized militia to counter any intrusion that was at hand.
    I swear (literally) there is the expanse of the greater ignorance that perpetuates that freedom just happens…it does not…there is a fight right now going to determine if we stay free, or relinquish our freedoms, one at a time, to become subservient to Mother Government. If I stand alone, so be it, as I have but one life to give for my Country…as I once knew it.

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