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The GOP’s embarrassing health care defeat in Washington wasn’t just a setback for Donald Trump and House Republicans. It’s also a black eye for Missouri’s  Eric Greitens who was one of ten governors who threw their weight behind the unpopular measure in the waning days of the debate.
MISSOURI IS ONE OF SIX STATES where the centrist People for the American Way is running a television and digital ad campaign urging viewers to call their senators to block Trump’s Supreme Court pick Neil Gorsuch. The ad features Jeff Perkins, the father of a student with autism whose lawsuit Gorsuch denied.
IN MEMORIAM: Hometowner Jean Rouverol, dead at 100. She was an actress and playwright who turned out movie epics and then was blacklisted. Upon her return to the U.S. in the 1960s from Mexico, she wrote “Autumn Leaves” and a number of soaps. Her mom, Auriana Rouverol, created the Andy Hardy character.
Donald Robert Hunstein, famed photographer dead at 88 in Manhattan. A WashU grad, he bought a Leica and later became an a major force behind Columbia Records, shooting images of his pal, Bob Dylan and other celebs.

16 Responses to “HEALTH CARE DEFEAT”

  • KITTY says:

    NO NO NO, Bergermeister. The People For The American Way is a progressive liberal organization founded in 1981 by uber-liberal TV producer Norman Lear. NO centrist or conservative groups are opposed to Judge Gorsuch. The only groups that do are the extremists headed by the likes of radical George Soros or the likes of the putrid AFSCME or SEIU or various arms of the Democratic Party!

  • Mickey says:

    People For The American Way is about as “centrist” as the BLM movement, NMBLA, NEA scum, American communists party, and NOW. What a joke! Judge Gorsuch is an attorney that MUST be elevated to the Supreme Court.

  • Jean Valjean says:

    Ordinarily, only right-wing, flag-waving, bible-thumping groups commandeer misleading labels like “American”, “Patriots”, “Freedom”, “Family”, and “Prosperity” for their sinister, underworld cabals, financed by corporate and church weasels, and DNA lottery winners.

  • TOWNCAR says:

    Jean, how about “The PEOPLE’s Republic of China”…where the PEOPLE are actually slaves to their system and to dissent is death. Whenever I see “The People” I know immediately it is a baad group.

  • Eagle says:

    People for the American Way isn’t centrist. This statement from their mission statement underlines their progressive stance: “Our America respects diversity, nurtures creativity and combats hatred and bigotry.” A positive statement that shows such tolerance is too cutting edge to be moored in the center.

    Changing the topic, Judge Gorsuch appears to be a good choice to replace the uber-conservative Scalia but the way the Republicans stole President Obama’s nomination of Judge Garland might up-end the confirmation. The fairest outcome would involve a horsetrading deal: Gorsuch is in, Ginsburg retires and Garland replaces her on the court. Very fair, justice is done and the conservatives maintain their Supreme Court advantage.

  • gerbal says:

    People for the American Way is an organization to defend attacks on our constitution. Something REPUGS only preach but NEVER practice.

  • cynical says:

    Sorry, Eagle, but Gorsuch will be the newest Justice of the S.C. without any horse trading. To the victor belongs the spoils. Can you in your wildest dreams ever imagine that the Democrats would accept such a deal if the situation were reversed? Not on your life!

  • buttinsky says:

    The only remaining question about Gorsuch is what size robe he needs.

  • TOWNCAR says:

    ^^^Agreed, and MORE than fully qualified while also FAIR in the dispersion of JURIS, with prudence.

  • Eagle says:

    Agreed, Gorsuch is probably in as it looks like the filibuster rule will be evaporated. Given the potential impact of a supreme court judge, in my opinion 60 votes should be the standard requirement for confirmation. The hypothetical deal I suggested was, alas, only wishful thinking. (But in it, justice.)

  • Eagle says:

    Who’s gonna wipe me bum, when I have a bowel movement . Who will give me my all important enema, as we all know is my favorite part of my day……..I love anything to do with me buttocks, I give new meaning to “anal retentive”

  • TOWNCAR says:

    ^^^Gives new meaning to “ANAL”.

  • Eagle says:

    The fool certainly shows that he a low mental capacity. Probably doesn’t even know who Gorsuch is.

  • Eagle says:

    Wasn’t he in that movie dances with bulls ? He is the Supreme Court nominee ! Who’ll get rid of Roe v. Wade……….trump is a mastermind…….I gots me an edumacation, ya douchebag ………Mickey & retired rule dis bitch! Now go crawl under a bathroom stall & wait for a large cock to gobble on……..baldy eagle

  • Eagle says:

    Jerry, why don’t you publish the email site of the human cockroach who is trying to destroy your website. I think once we know who he is, he will scurry away like the human cockroach that he is.

  • Eagle says:

    Tim…Yeah, your identity is not as hidden as you believe. And I think Jerry is willing to give up your personal information to protect the integrity of his site. Don’t think you’re going to enjoy your coming out party, insect boy.

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