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Thirty members of the recently-created Full Employment Caucus in Congress are urging President Obama to update the 34 year-old federal regulations about minority hiring. They were prodded to do so by our town’s Metropolitan Congregations United and other groups with the Gamaliel network which had persuaded Missouri’s Dept. of Transportation to set higher standards on such hiring.

4 Responses to “HIRING STANDARDS”

  • wearebroke says:

    we can no longer afford these exclusionary practices. The country is broke. Companies need to be able to hire the best qualified applicants, just like they do in countries with which we are competing.

  • Jean Valjean says:

    Companies would be a lot better ABLE to hire the right people if they would re-design their online applications — nowadays the ONLY way to apply — to elicit the best candidates, not just to make things easiest for paper-pushing ER drones locked into boilerplate protocols from 60 years ago.

    Believe it or not, HR Nation, it’s no longer a capital sin or automatic deal-breaker to go several months between jobs, not in the recent economic morass. People today often take temporary “just get by” assignments just to avoid homelessness between long-term employment. Yet, such jobs are required to be listed, blocking out space for your pertinent professional experience, and making you look like a drifter.

    And if the position requires a college degree, why waste time asking for our high school years of attendance (i.e., your actual age, an illegal question) and which courses we took, when the COLLEGE record matters far more?

    When major grocery and retail chains require a 33-page psychological evaluation for a part-time hourly job; and companies seek skilled sales/service talent, yet gear their apps to deny pay structure histories that were hourly PLUS commissions, they shoot both themselves and their best-qualified applicants in the foot.

    When resumes are scanned and accepted or spat out due to the presence or absence of key buzzwords, HR has outlived its usefulness. Skip the preliminaries, and let applicants deal directly with whom they’ll work for, not some tribunal loaded with inane questions out of “How Would You Move Mt. Fuji?”.

    And any company that uses an Office Depot “application for employment” for every position from mail room to CEO that’s so vague and generic that it tells you everything about you the employer does NOT need to know, and NOTHING that they do need to know, it’s a company not worth applying to work for, unless HR stands for Human Recycling.

  • Great Caesar's Ghost says:

    Both the above are well worthy of high consideration…it’s the apathy and ancient idea of “we’ve always done it this way that is a real job killer. I also espouse those that still can muster entrepreneurial spirit to give your idea a try…I did it and spent 32 years of success. Politics always change, but as long as there is CHOICE in this country, go for it.

  • tom cori says:

    there are only two things to consider….attitude and energy….everything else can be learned….after all, I did.

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