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As he coasted to re-election as governor, Jay Nixon had $1.5 million in the bank and added another $785,000 in contributions, including $424,000 from labor unions. But Nixon wouldn’t share any of his campaign riches with fellow Democrats running for the Missouri General Assembly. The Columbia Daily Tribune’s veteran political reporter Rudi Keller reported Sunday: “Democrats lost nine of the 15 state House races decided by fewer than 5 percentage points and wound up with the smallest legislative caucus — 53 members — since Republicans had 52 in 1987.” The election for the first time gave Republicans enough members in each legislative chamber to override the veto of Nixon. The gov explained his stinginess with helping fellow Democrats this way: “”The public make the choices, and it is my responsibility to work with the people they elect.” Democratic candidates felt more love from newly re-elected Attorney General Chris Koster, who donated $20,000 in the closing stretch to the House Democratic Campaign Committee. “I can’t say enough for Chris Koster,” the HDCC Chairman, St. Louis Rep. Jake Hummel, told Keller. Hummel added that Nixon offered “photo ops” with candidates, but no greenbacks to get them across the finish line in first place. “I would have loved to have had more support,” Hummel said of Nixon.


  • shop steward says:

    Does Jacob Hummel even live in his district?
    His wife took the house in the divorce.
    Then, other Democrats found Jacob put his girlfriend on the H.D.C.C payroll.
    Such tangled webs we weave. Don’t mess with Jay, boy.

  • Dana says:

    Who is his girlfriend these days ??

  • Working in a bubble says:

    The governor had a chance to work to help his fellow Democratic colleagues, but instead distanced himself from President, US Senator and his own state reps and senators. Hope that warchest comes in handy when this Governor plans his next steps.

  • Illini Sy says:

    Jay Nixon is selfish but this is nothing new, and, most Democrats know it. Nixon paddles his own boat and to hell with everyone else. I know of two friends whose state rep. contests were winnable with just a bit more money for ads to combat the negative GOP onslaught at the last minute. Nixon was asked and turned them down. Some party builder. Not!

  • Illini Sy says:

    And, I hope Jay Nixon thinks of his selfish ways when his vetoes get over ridden left and right next year. He has just been consigned to one of the most irrelevant chief execs in America. That is hardly, hardly, a platform from which to run for higher office, as if.

  • kelli says:

    hummel is living in columbia these days with his girl friend.

  • SLU JD says:

    Hummel cannot be living in Columbia. He represents District 108 in the city of St. Louis. You have to live in your district. Right?

  • Nancy says:

    SLU JD LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL rrrriiiigggghhhhtttt!

  • Anonymous says:

    SO all of you are saying our elections are for sale, huh? The more the money, your guy will win. Well guess what? Karl Rove thought that as well and it didn’t work for his republican buddies to the tune of $300 million plus.

    Even as lousy as politics is these days, you just can’t buy an election. Look at Brunner and Spence – Millions out of their own pocket and got NOTHING.

  • anne3 says:

    If both parties would select better candidates rather than those who are in it for power and money, perhaps the voters would do a better job.
    Nixon was re-elected because the Republicans chose corruption, cronyism and lack of ethics over genuine concern for the people.

  • wwsivo says:

    Anne3,what you are saying shows you figured it out ……………… WELCOME to the WORLD of POLITICS!!!

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