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U.S. DIST. JUDGE CATHERINE D. PERRY has sentenced St. Louisans Charles Johnson and Shayne Kier to 141 months each for their involvement in the April 16 armed robbery of a Dunbar Armored Truck.
APPARENTLY IMPERVIOUS TO HISTORY, on the 25th anniversary of the infamous Rodney King riots in Los Angeles, Donald Trump’s attorney general Jeff Sessions seeks to roll back many Justice Department consent decrees with troubled police departments. Sessions, meanwhile admits he hasn’t read the agreement between the DOJ and Ferguson police.

12 Responses to “JEFF SESSIONS”

  • Gerbal says:

    Are you at all surprised at Sessions actions? Rolled back forensic science evidence last week and now not having ever read the precidents for the actions against rogue police departments…….takes actions against the poor and less fortunate who fall victim the most to corrupt PD departments. Did anyone really expect this administration to do any research on topics when they have Faux news and the swamp to tell them what to do.

  • Eagle says:

    Sessions appears to be little more than a sock puppet, willing to take orders from the White House. Only the naive expected more from the man. He has always been a moral dwarf and his appointment as AG was unfortunate but not surprising.

  • KITTY says:

    Lynch appeared to be the ventriloquist’s dummy, willing to follow and participate in the racist motivations from the Obama White House. Only the majority expected more from Obama and the AG. Both were shorter than moral dwarfs who tarnished the office of the AG and DOJ, unfortunately surprising no one.

    Sessions is cleaning up the mess left by Holder and Lynch. And, lo and behold, he’s enforcing the law! – something they rarely did. Anyone who kept up with all the DOJ investigations of police departments in the wake of the Michael Brown Fiasco, and the heavy handed meddling of Holder and Obama, knows the majority of those investigations were biased against the cops and racially motivated.

  • KITTY says:

    Let us all take pause for a moment to express our sympathy and condolences to Jerry over the passing of his beloved sister Shirley Starr. Her wit was as funny and acerbic as Jerry’s. Anyone who attended Jerry’s dinner parties got to see her at her best, always making us laugh. My heart goes out to you, Jerry. RIP Shirley.

  • cynical says:

    The past two Attorneys General poisoned the well of the DOJ. Thankfully help is on the way in the person of Jeff Sessions. Anyone unhappy with the laws of our land should work hard to elect those whose power it is to change them, but no one has the right to flaunt existing laws, even by “executive privilege”.

  • TOWNCAR says:

    Amen to Kitty on her accurate observations of the Obama-Holder-Lynch triumvirate of obfuscation as an art form. And the Sessions task of now setting to task the need to separate the wheat from the “shaft”.

    I join with Kitty in expressing my condolences to Mr. Berger’s on his sister Shirley’s passing.

  • cynical says:

    oops…I meant to say “executive order”.

  • KITTY says:

    Towncar, didn’t you mean the Obama-Holder-Lynch Axis of Evil instead of Triumvirate?

  • TOWNCAR says:

    Kitty the Roman triumvirate of Caesar, Crassus, and Pompey were rulers with the iron fist.

    I compared Obama, Holder, & Lynch to a kind of iron fist trio that, as you say, were in actuality an Axis of Evil.

  • Eagle says:

    [Note to posters. Jerry’s sister Shirley Berger Starr passed away this week. See PD Obituaries, Apr. 20.)

    Jerry…L. and I were sad to read of Shirley’s passing. Our sincerest sympathies go out to you and the family. J.

  • TOWNCAR says:

    I laughed Kitty, so call off the help. Perfect the way he held his nose before the plunge.

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