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KSDK has made an interesting hire. The the station has hired Marv Danielski in the newly created position of vice president and station manager. The station says that Lynn Beall will continue as KSDK general manager. Danielski was working as a consultant at Frank Magid before joining KSDK. What makes it interesting was Danielski, in his role as a consultant, had been working with KMOV (KSDK’s competitor) on news strategy for quite some time. In fact, he helped lead the latest news strategy meetings KSDK had before the November ratings book. So in other words, this guy has the KMOV playbook and is now working across the street at KSDK. It doesn’t seem fair for a guy like this, that has been in many of the planning meetings at one station, to get hired by a competitor. This is something that could have stations rethinking their use of outside consultants. And if you ask us, Magid owes KMOV a refund. Consultants should have language plans in their people’s contracts that stops stuff like this from happening. Danielski’s other claim to fame….jingle writing.

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  • Wally Ballew says:

    If Marv Danielski can do something about the giggling ladies at KSDK, all the better.

    Some nights you have giggling ladies doing weather and sports and anchoring, all at the same time.

    Goodness, they have such a good time.

    One look and I switch to the somber Tom O’Neil and professional Mandy Murphey over at Channel 2. I want to keep up on the shootings before Mayor Slay tells us again crime is down in St. Louis.

  • KITTY says:

    Fast Forward to February 2nd, 2014. Breaking News: After only eight weeks on the job, Gannett has fired Marv Danielski for wanting to hire Larry Conners as KSDK anchor. Danielski will be replaced by Gefilte Fischer, former Dean of Recess at the Collinsville Acadamy of Wig Design. Fisher’s husband is prominent criminal defense attorney Manny Chevits. Rich Crackel of the St. Louis Post Dispatch interviewed Fischer and asked her if she was really qualified for the job. She shot back that she is more qualified than Lynn Beagle and Mike Shitley combined. After all, she said, being a former Dean of Recess will give her a greater insight on dealing with all the snotnosed wannabe child-anchors Beagle surrounds herself with. Crackel asked her if she would fire all incompetent personnel at KSDK. She said she could not do that. If she did KSKD would go off the air. Crackel told her she should consider working for the Post Dispatch since its Chairman Mary Junk is so incompetent she makes Lynn Beagle appear to be a member of Mensa. Fisher declined Crackel’s offer by saying she would never work for a newspaper stupid enough to put Dingbat Dufus Debbie Peterson on its Editorial Board. Crackel blushed, stopped the interview, and went to the Missouri Bar and Grill to get drunk with Bill McClellan. Ah, some things never change!

  • Jean Valjean says:

    How interesting that Lynn Beall will now have nipping at her heels a guy from Frank Magid….the “sweaty palms” market testers who were the bane of pretty-boy Patrick Emory’s (St. Louis’s own Ron Burgundy; don’t act like you’re not impressed) existence three decades ago when he anchored at KSDK, one of his three St. Louis anchor stints.

  • RETIRED1 says:

    I bet Kitty wishes that Patrick Emory would stick a gourd up her…!!

  • Towncar07 says:

    Kitty’s essay was straight on right, and said with flair and humor mixed in with the way it is. And I remember Emory’s departure from his station, and on-air it was Dave Murray that gave him the huge genital shaped gourd, and Emory asked “What shall I do with this, and where shall I put it…?” Murray replied “Put it anywhere you think it will fit, or anywhere you like.” I rolled on the floor for 10 minutes. The facial expressions were “DYNE-O-MYTE.” I believe Patrick-Boy after leaving CNN went into early retirement. I don’t care enough to Google him.

  • KITTY says:

    Remember, Jean Valjean, that Emory was a lush who kept a bottle of scotch at his anchor desk and was involved in a dog and cat fight with Karen Foss. That would make anyone take to the bottle!

  • Towncar07 says:

    Emory, when he was here locally, lived in Colonial Hills…a private Lane with large homes…he also suffered frequent panic attacks as the police/fire were called…at one point his ranting and erratic behavior made the Gossip news and thus began his eventual change of employers, so to speak.

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