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The now-widely acclaimed New York Times electoral guru Nate Silver has analyzed the Nov. 6 results and notes that Florida moved furthest left. . .presumably because of the state’s “fast-growing, non-Cuban Hispanic population,” but Mitt Romney “substantially over-performed.” John McCain in Indiana and Missouri: “Both were battleground states in 2008 but were largely uncontested in 2012,” notes the stats-obsessed blogger. “Left alone by the campaigns, Indiana and Missouri seem to have reverted to their normal Republican lean”. . .The choice of two GOP stars loomed large in Branson in the last few days.  Rudy Giuliani appeared at the Branson Convention Center in support of the Boys & Girls Club of the Ozarks and was introed by Sen. Roy Blunt; former first lady Laura Bush spoke at the College of the Ozarks convocation: “As familiar as the White House was to us, nothing could have prepared us for taking up official residence there”. . .Broken hearts abound as soccer star David Beckham of the L.A. Galaxy has called the MLS Cup 2012 his final game. . .The Walmart folks are at it again in Florissant.  They made a presentation to the City of Flowers’ planning and zoning on Monday night to move the store, approved earlier this year, away from the Coldwater Creek and closer to the Lowes location.  Company officials have asked the court to allow the Transportation Development District to fund the project.  Officials at Flor. city hall are not too pleased with the latest move having told the developer months ago no possibilities of TIF and CID. . .Shake hands with former P-D sportscribe, Keith Schildroth, who has just inked an agreement with Skyhorse Publishing to update the 2005 version of “St. Louis Cardinals: Where Have You Gone?”, set for release in Feb. ’13. . .The City of St. Louis is getting frugal! In years past, the refuse division placed 8.5×11 stickers on rolll-out trash dumpsters used in most residential nabes, listing the pick up schedules for trash, yard waste and recycling. Word is that tight budgets mean the stickers will no longer be provided.  They may, however, apparently be downloaded from the city’s website.


  • KITTY says:

    What a fine First Lady Laura Bush was, especially compared to that Ghetto Whore we have now.

  • Anonymous says:

    Walmart wants TIF’s and whatever else they can get from local USA governments while they are under investigation for bribery to set up Walmart locations in other countries. Remember the Mexico bribe recently? They tried this same thing out in Ellisville, and I think Ellisville caved and gave it to them.

    So in reality, Ellisville’s money and perhaps Florissant’s money will be used by Walmart, not for building Walmarts there, but for bribing Mexico and other countries to put stores in their countries.

    Why can our local cities get a bribe from Walmart instead of have to PAY for a new Walmart?

  • Anonymous says:

    Kitty you have gone over the line – your commentary should be removed. It’s just a good illustration of how pathetic you really are.

  • ABCXYZ says:

    Kitty, what kind of blind, meanspirited, bitter, ignorant, bigoted person are you? Mr. Berger, comments like Kitty’s really ought to be deleted. They contribute nothing to an enlightened dialog among your readers. Perhaps you leave her “observations” up so we can take pity on her shriveled, hate-filled soul.

  • Towncar07 says:

    Kitty calls ’em like she sees them, although I would have said the same thing but rephrased as Winston Churchill would have done, with a modicum of diplomacy.

  • showme says:

    Am contacting your advertisers with Kitty’s comment so they know the level of discourse they are supporting

  • RETIRED1 says:

    Kitty is a drunken senile old hateful biddy that predicted that Romney would be elected President.Mrs.Obama being a married mother and Ivy league law school graduate has by far outshined Laura Bush who caused the death of a young man in a drunk driving incident!

  • KITTY says:

    Boy of Boy, how I love to piss off all you left-wing ulltra-liberal gas bags. You are all HYPOCRITES! Chastise me all you want, but where you when Bill Mahr called Sarah Palin the C word? No howls of critisism from any of you, not even from the bulls at NOW. You pick and choose the targets of anyone who doesn’t march lockstep with you, yet when one of your ilk says something like Mahr did, not a peep out of any of you. You are all disgusting. And, I was really kind in my choise words for Michelle O. I had in mind words that would make a sailor blush, but I toned it down just for you. Get a Life!

  • Anonymous says:

    Bill Mahr isn’t any more correct than you are Kitty. Neither is Towncar with his remarks. But making assinine and offensive obnoxious remarks does define exactly how you lack respect even for yourselves.

    If Berger was smart the remark would be removed.

  • RETIRED1 says:

    Towncar07 and Kitty reaffirm the old adage that “There’s no FOOL like an OLD FOOL”.


    RIGHT ON, YOU GO KITTY!!!!!!!!!!!!

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