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OF HUMAN INTEREST: Restaurants we loved in the summer of 1990 were: David Slay’s La Veranda; Bruno’s Little Italy; Premio; Faust’s; Catfish & Crystal; Kennedy’s Second Street Co.; The Edge; Anthony’s; Cafe De France; Cafe Zoe; Fedora Cafe; Hannegan’s; El Sarape; Richard Perry; La Sala; The City Cousin; Nantucket Cove; Empanadas; Redel’s; Duffs; Chuy’s; Giuseppi’s; Agusti’s; Gian Peppe’s; Eisele’s Bavarian Inn; Ron & Shirley’s; Cyrano’s; Eleven Mile House; Al Baker’s; Fio’s La Fourchette; L’Auberge Bretonne; Greek Gourmet; Port St. Louis; Patrick’s Bar & Grill and S&P Oyster House.

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  • KITTY says:

    Bergermeister: You failed to mention my fave restaurant at that time: Al Bakers!The Rack of Lamb Monastiraki is one of the most awesome entrees I have ever eaten. I will remember it forever. And never have I seen or heard about this incredible version of lamb on any other menu. Drooling just thinking about it!!

  • Towncar07 says:

    On a cold winter night (-15) The City Cousin had a lobster casserole that I could bathe in. Wife did the same.

    Many of the others mentioned were great. Anthony’s was a valiant effort but the Tournadoes Rossini with a super en glace’ sauce covering an obviously cheap and inferior meat…so glad (Anthony) Tony, has made a success of his real knowledge of wine.

  • KITTY says:

    Towncar07: One night I was dining at the City Cousin and one of the off the menu specials came with a side of Saratoga chips. So, I ordered. When the dish was served, the Saratoga chips were unrecognizable..I was served a pile of mushy potatoes, no sliced chips, just skillet fried potatoes. I complained to the waiter who went into the kitchen and came back saying the chef was adamant they were Saratoga chips. So! I got up from the table and drove home to the Dorchester and got a cookbook with the recipe and pix of Saratoga potatoes, which I showed to the waiter and told him to show the chef who then came out of the kitchen to talk to me. He apologized and said he should have referred to them as German fried potatoes! I laughed. We shook hands. And the table got free chocolate mousse for dessert! Shortly thereafter the place was robbed and the bartender killed. City Cousin died!

  • Towncar07 says:

    WOW, Kitty…that’s quite a story…I had forgotten that the end came fast, [we] wondered why…but then proceeded to sample other restaurant gems that came and stayed, and some that came, left, and no one noticed.

    Gosh, the Dorchester…was not in the place that many times, but a guy I knew from way back, “Spike” Wildberger, who was at the time Mgr of the Playboy Club, always lived beyond his means…and one day his furniture was in front of the building…and I have no idea where he is today, or even care.

  • Jean Valjean says:

    Ah, yes…Bruno’s Little Italy….which went from lines down the block on Hampton Avenue to cavernous emptiness at Southwest and 59th, and where the bartender (on “the Hill”) told me their “house white zinfandel” was actually cheap jug chablis with a splash of cheap jug chianti, while the owner’s tweener daughters chased each other around the restaurant while diners gawked.

  • Towncar07 says:

    Jean you remind me of a restaurant “down the street” here in northern Michigan, [we] were seated out on the terrace and having a cocktail…I proceeded to use my e-cigarette, which is nicotine free and water vapor…someone inside complained that I was “smoking” [a NONO in Michigan anywhere there is dining] so I believe the bartender “spiked” my wine, because I felt unusually strange after the 2nd glass…dinner was completed, I told my wife what I thought was going on, and she was MAD as only she could be. We left, the rest of the evening was uneventful and that was that.

    On a hunch, I had a friend that worked there as the “Captain” and told him what happened…He exclaimed O-NO…you got Jerry’s “FIXIT” drink…a shot of grain alcohol with the wine, and it kills both the “smoker” and the patron’s presence.

    [WE] have not been back since, and I prefer other of the many restaurants that know what an e-cigarette is, and don’t care. Said wife is of course, deceased.

    And so it goes. The biggest complaint about some restaurants is that you order DECAF, and they serve it as DECAF, but you don’t get to sleep until 3-4AM…they just serve the regular rather than make another pot. This happens more times than you would think.

    …for what it’s worth.

  • Towncar07 says:

    ^^^above restaurant is now on it’s 3rd owner in 10 years.

  • Sheweee says:

    Thanks for the great trip down memory lane. Oh how I loved Fio’s la Fouchette.

  • Towncar07 says:

    Yes, Sheweee, I knew the person that backed Fio’s opening, and it was a delight to eat there. Another name of long ago.

  • Lisa LaGrand says:

    Towncar07, I am especially interested in “Spike” Wildberger. Do you know what became of him after the furniture sale?

  • Towncar says:

    Well hello Lisa…”Spike Wildberger” who took the nom de plume Charles E. Wildberger, III moved to Florida. In Florida he ran across an acquaintance that shall remain anonymous, who literally beat his toenails out of Spike’s mouth, because Spike actually called in a bomb threat at a “party in progress” at Lambert for two friends that were off to boarding school, and the going away party was in progress so Spike delayed the departure by his threat from a pay phone. This all happened 60 years ago.

    The FBI visited ME at school, and although I was at the party at Lambert, Spike blamed the call HE made on another friend, and the friend paid with 10 weeks of Jail and house arrest….and many years later, said friend got “even” and Spike may be in a potters field by now since I have no idea, nor does the aggrieved friend have ever seen him again. That’s the best I can do.

    Spike was a real piece of work. Ask Lou Fusz…Spike “borrowed” a Porche for a test run that lasted over two weeks.Now this was 1958 or so.

  • Lisa LaGrand says:

    The reason I am asking is, I am adopted and that’s the name I was given of my biological father. Can you tell me anything else about him? Obviously he was not a good person…but was he Jewish? My bio mom has passed away.

  • Lisa LaGrand says:

    I never knew if she just made this person up but it sounds like she didn’t. She said he was irresponsible and left when he found out she was pregnant.

  • TOWNCAR says:

    “Spike” was a real person…and having seen and talked to the “other” since, there was no mention or even a hint of giving a rats rear.

    My guess “Spike” is either dead, in a nursing home, or living a life of luxury paid for by anonymous sources in exile on perhaps the Isle of Sark.

    If “she” was pregnant, she either bore or aborted. I never knew who “she” was nor do I care either.

    Other than that…the world continues to turn stomachs and raise blood pressure.

  • TOWNCAR says:

    Upon further review, I read that YOU are the product of this event…Sorry that I cannot add to your search, but I might suggest that for a sum of money, one can learn the whereabouts of anyone still living or dead. Various sites do this and include everything known…I know, I have read mine…they even found a court case in Frontenac, MO where I contested a speeding ticket in 1962, and lost. Also Arrested in Glendale, MO for doing 65 in a 30…the Officer in the Court stated under oath that he was under a “ticket quota” and my car sure fit the profile in 1959.. Black sedan, loud mufflers, pin striping, and other amenities that plate hanging from my rear bumper that I was a member of the “Marauders” …actually a HS hot-rod club, very popular in those late 50’s..The “Judge” gave me a suspended sentence but I had to attend Traffic School. Wow, I was a bad guy back then.

    I do hope your search finds closure. Best wishes from an elder that became a flaming conservative with the election of IKE…yes, I did LIKE IKE.

  • Lisa LaGrand says:

    Thank you

  • Lisa LaGrand says:

    I do really want to know, was he froma Jewish family? My children are desperately searching for their heritage. We don’t want, nor do need anything from him, just information. Was he at least a bad product from a good family?

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