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WHIRLWIND WEEK: Supreme Court hopeful Judge Neil Gorsuch grilled for a 10-hour grill could’ve been rendered in shorthand.  .  .St. Louis’ treasured Chase Park Plaza hotel and residential development sold for $94 million by its Dallas-based owner. If those walls could talk within the 11-story hotel, the tales they could tell that include its pioneer, Sam Koplar, his son-in-law Morris Shenker, the original Tenderloin Room. (Nothing lasts forever!). Who can anyone of a certain age forget “Wrestling at the Chase” in the Khorassan Room? Hold on! There’ll be wrestling at the Casa Loma Ballroom with the first bell at 6 p.m. on Sunday.  .  .News that Lambert Airport is seeking privatization reminds readers of its onetime chief Col. Leonard Griggs, Mayor Vince Schoemehl’s arch enemy, who had been marching in like a dictator for lunch at the MAC-West.
SPEAKING OF LAMBERT: This made the rounds. It was meal time during a flight. “Would you like dinner,” the attendant asked Mary seated in front. “What are my choices?,”  Mary asked. “Yes or no,” shot back the attendant.


  • KITTY says:

    If he really loves his readers, The Bergermeister will regale us with stories about Morris Schenker and all of his crooked scandals and deeds. He passed on to that Great Gangsta Graveyard – where all the skeletons talk – in 1989. He’s been dead 28 years so it’s high time to open the lid of his coffin and let all the ghostly tales out, one deliciously sordid detail at a time. Please!

  • Zenalyst says:

    Great idea, Kitty! I would love to see stories of STL’s most infamous..what fun reading!

  • cynical says:

    All in favor, say “aye”. AYE !

  • KITTY says:

    Zenalyst: The Bergermeister knows where all the bodies are buried. He knows more scandals about the hi and mighty than anyone in STL. And then he could write volumes about the shenanigans of his fave, Joan Crawford, and those train trips on the 20th Century Limited! Where “all aboard” took on a whole new meaning!!

  • TOWNCAR says:

    Ah yes, the infamous “fab foursome” that were observed dining at the “old” Tony’s on an inconspicuous Wednesday eve…There was Morris, Harold Koplar, Alfonso Cervantes, and Harry Kessler, and there were so many courses and so many toasts with clinking glasses they may have won a double trifecta somewhere…even my sainted mother at our table was amazed at the showmanship of the quad-guys in full display of mutual manliness.

    Smoking was allowed back then, and the length of the cigars were some kind of phallic symbol as they would puff and laugh, laugh and puff…now if I only had a wire under the table it might have been worth something.

    It was worth it to watch this quadumvirate in action and they even got appreciative applause when they left.

  • Joan baby says:

    Kitty knows the “real” meaning of all aboard ………….dry no lube please ! Kitty a dirty kitty ! Bad kitty ! Smelly kitty !

  • Eagle says:

    Looks like scum bag Mickey is working overtime behind his made up aliases. Left out his usual so incisively creative doublewide putdown this time. Still, his slug-like slime trail is undeniable. Those who are slimed by this creature should fire back before abandoning the site. If Jerry can’t or won’t stop this low life from insulting everyone, then he’s only going to be writing for himself.

  • cynical says:

    Amen, Eagle. Aside from the words being spouted by the miserable creature who has assumed Mickey’s ID, the punctuation gives him/her away every time. I’ll bet this person has no clue what I am referring to. If it continues much longer I will be a Berger Drop-Out. Sad!

  • dicl lick says:

    oh suck a big dick eagle and fuck you cynical, I AM BERGER! BITCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! exclamation point that BITCH

  • dicl lick says:

    i RULE the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

  • funny bones says:

    toooooooooo funnnnnyyyyyyy dick lick burned the creepers

  • TOWNCAR says:

    GAWD…the straight-jacket gang should be called…this is unacceptable raw sewage…the only treatment plant should be death by chlorine.

  • lick me says:

    yu right Towncar iz in da driver seat holla………the others are a bunch of feltchers

  • Eagle says:

    The poster above is not shocking. He wastes his time. He wastes ours. If that’s the best you can do, pal, you might as well find a site where people actually take you seriously. We are not impressed by fools.

  • Eagle says:

    oh mickey you so fine U blow my mine hey Mickey!!!!! BLAH BLAH BLAH ! eagle upset nobody want to feltch with troll, never cross me again….. i know where U be

  • Mickey says:


  • Eagle says:

    You used my name to put up a phony post. Gee, how clever. Like I said: You’re wasting your time so go ahead and keep posting. No one cares, except you, little man.

  • Jimmie choo says:

    When you say little man……..why do you keep mentioning your micro-sized penis.
    Now shut up Eagle & take a viagra before you hit the gay bars tonight…….gurl down bitch

  • Eagle says:

    I admit it, my penis is small and shriveled. you win Mickey

  • TOWNCAR says:

    The last laugh is always the best laugh…congrats (Real) Eagle. Your use of agreeable exaggeration to make the point stick to the accuser works every time.

  • Eagle says:

    As I said, troll, keep posting your asinine garbage. Now I don’t know if Towncar above is the real Towncar or the troll. If it is the actual Towncar, you’ve been taking in. The Eagle post at 4:54 is from the troll. Soon Jerry will be down to the troll–probably one of Mickey’s camo buddies–and sewer rat Mickey himself.

    Jerry, what are you going to do about these two fools?

  • TOWNCAR says:

    The real TC is directly above your 12:14 comment, as I was completely unaware that you don’t often use reverse psychology…that’s why I found it so effective.

    This all could lead to a real wormhole.

  • Eagle says:

    I’ve reported the vile children to the webmaster to see if there is a way to erect a firewall to keep these moronic clowns out. We’ll see if the webmaster responds. If Jerry’s site loses its normal posters I suspect the webmaster will lose business.

  • TOWNCAR says:

    ^^^Good job, thanks for your efforts…[we] have enough problems without the neanderthal opinions.

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