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Over at the Missouri Scout, independent campaign analyst Dave Drebes dishes up a prime example of why even his fellow Democrats don’t particularly like Guv Jay Nixon: “Primary night party poo-poo? One Dem source says the rumor mill from campaign staffs is that Governor Jay Nixon’s camp made it clear to Sen. Claire McCaskill that she wasn’t welcome at their Springfield night party. Seems the incumbent governor wasn’t keen on sharing the state with someone whose polls numbers were lower than his. McCaskill will be in Kansas City instead tomorrow night.”


  • Vince says:

    Nixon is a major a=hole. His endorsement of Lacy Clay was a blatantly cynical play for African American votes. African Americans will never forget how Jay Nixon as attorney general worked to shaft the community during the federal school desegregation. African Americans also cannot forget Nixon’s eagerness to make political hay from executions of African American inmates at a disproportionate rate. Nixon is an opportunist first and foremost.

  • wwsivo says:

    Vince you are right, Nixon is an opportunist and he can see
    “Dead Man (woman) Walking.”

  • georgeanne says:

    Jay is such a douche.

  • Otis Blake says:

    Nixon wants to win. Don’t think the word “Democrat” is anywhere in his television advertising.

  • trashcup says:

    Georgeanne – such nice talk from a woman, although I guess you might know what a douche is better than anyone else.

  • georgeanne says:

    I’ve known Jay Nixon too many years to pull my punches. I’ll add this: USED SMELLY douchebag.

  • Irwin Mandabaugh says:

    Is “georgeanne” Mrs. Georgeanne Nixon, our gracious First Lady of Missouri? Those who know them best…….

  • Buck says:

    The article dosn’t say whether Claire McCaskill WANTED to go to Jay Nixon’s party. From the looks of comments here, it would be like going to the birthday party of the snottiest kid in elementary school just because he has good pie and punch, not because anyone actually likes him. I bet Claire’s party will be rockin’!

  • buttinsky says:

    Maybe Obama will let her have it at the White House. She did everything but marry him in ’08.

  • wwsivo says:

    Yeah Buck, I bet McCaskill-Shepard-Esposito’s party will be rockin’ like the ones she had in Tahiti instead of attending the freshman senator orientation week in DC, or the parties she had on her airplane on her way to personal destinations which she billed GSA for (which they made her repay), or the appetizer’s she was able to buy for 6 years with the $50,000 a year she didn’t pay in personal property tax on her airplane, or the campaign fund raiser she had in Paris, France (a typical location for a “down home” Missouri woman)……..Yeah she’s the real thing…..a dishonest Fraud or a typical politician!

  • Buck says:

    Calm down, wwsivo – that tax issue is dead for this campaign. Whoever gets the GOP nomination also paid taxes late. Let’s agree that all of them should pay their taxes and let’s move on. As for having a good time at a party – you sound like a real killjoy. You’re probably the guy who sits in the corner at a happy party and glowers at Fox nEws on TV. You need to chill.

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