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HOW COME WE DON’T HAVE CHARACTERS around anymore? Well, we probably do, and I hope we don’t forget them. Gave them plenty of ink, and they soaked it up. But the more you knew about them the more pathetic they became – making millionaires laugh – and then, after they had their laugh, being shoved to the last table in the place to eat alone. They were sad enough to break your heart. There were Gus Torregrosso, Steve Mizerany, Harry Fender and Charlotte Peters.  There were Fannie Fishman,  Andy Singer and Sherlock Feldman who operated gambling dens on Delmar Boulevard. They were the last of the City-wide characters, and they worked hard at it. We wrote them off and could tell at a glance whether their complex was Napoleonic, Narcissistic, Oedipal, edible or soluble in straight whiskey.
SEEKING THE CITY WITH A MAGNIFICENT PAST.  There was a sense of belonging that permeated the city. We had pioneers in their respective fields who created for the ages. Among them: banker I.E. Long,  J.S. McDonnell and David Lewis (aircraft); Arthur Compton (atomic research); George Capps (developer/automotive); John Olin (munitions); Fannie Hurst and T.S. Eliot (literature); Sister Rose Duchesne (education); Charles Grigg (Seven-Up); Jim Howe (Tums) and John Meyenberg (Pet Co.) Class and style sans pinky rings and flashy clothes.
APRIL 16 IN HISTORY:  1724, Easter first observed; 1978, Cards’ Bob Forsch no-hits Phillies 5-0; 1987, August Wilson’s “Fences” won the Pulitzer Prize; 1991, St. Louis Blues became the 8th NHL team in play-off to come back from 3-1 deficit as the team beat the Detroit  Red Wings 3-2 in game 7.

10 Responses to “OUR TOWN”

  • buttinsky says:

    All of our characters have been taken over by out-of-town corporations.

  • m says:

    Will never forget the TV commercials with Steve Mizerany on his roller skates offering bargains on appliances. Never knew about gambling dens on Delmar – thought they were all over the river in ESTL.

    Current characters??? Maybe Joe Edwards in UCity – who has managed to draw in customers to a new vibrant area.

  • KITTY says:

    Yes, more of those colorful characters: Richard Rabbit (corruption.) Richard Miller (crooked banker.) Shaun Hayes (protege of Richard Miller and even more crooked.) The Leisure Brothers (car bombers extraordinaire). Jimmy Michaels (gangsta blown to bits and pieces). Jet Banks (crooked politician extraordinaire.) Michael Devlin (kidnapper-molester extraordinaire). Billie Boykins (political corruption). August Busch IV (lady killer). Lynn Beagle (incompetence extraordinaire). Stan Kroenke (Robber Baron Prick SOB extraordinaire). Sorkis Webbe (mobster). And last but not least, Dennis Rabbit (king rapist extraordinaire.) Ah yes, gone but never forgotten, these sordid and colorful characters who made the juiciest headlines and sound bites, and whose antics caused all of our tongues to wag and wag and wag!

  • TOWNCAR says:

    And to add that it’s Issac A. Long, (not “E” as indicated) of Southwest Bank fame that sold to Drew Baur, who then went on to County Bank in Clayton bought out by Commerce. Drew’s passing was the loss of both a long time friend, and cigar aficionado, that upon arriving at the hospital during his apparent fatal heart attack was asked by the triage doctor…”Are you allergic to anything, Mr. Baur?” To which he loudly exclaimed “Yes, bad whiskey.” R I P.

    As for “Colonel” Long, getting his usual massage in the “bare pits” of the (Kingshxghway) Racquet Club but with a new masseuse, being that he was a tall slightly built gentleman that began to scream loudly, heard past the pool and in the hallways…it seems the massage was just a little too intense for his aged body to handle…and the poor lad just thought he was giving a regular massage. The new grad from Logan Chiropractic took “deep tissue massage” literally.

    Trivia, thy name is sometimes humor, sometimes just truth in memory.

  • Poguemahone says:

    And….Col. Griggs, the arrogant airport czar who gutted neighborhoods for a runway that was never needed.Then there is Fred Kummer who built a grand hotel only to lose it after being boycotted by th NAACP as a bigot. As a university curator he claimed the the famed UM vet school produced too many poodle groomers and shouldn’t be funded!

  • TOWNCAR says:

    Yes, the “Griggs Runway” is now used as the private strip for JETLINX, and for baggage cart drag races…money spent.

  • Cowboy22 says:

    For the first time ever (mark your calendars), I completely agree with Kitty! I’m as shocked as anyone.
    Anyway, I can personally attest that Fred Kummer was and always will be one of the biggest, most arrogant and ignorant sons-of-bitches on the planet. Really looking forward to his obituary one day.
    I feel a lot better.

  • Jake Gittes says:

    OUTSTANDING rundown by Kitty of scumbags on parade in “Our Town!” Don’t forget
    Michael Litz (real estate turdcoon), kidnappers Leonard B. Olson and Robert Olds, deadbeat conman Charles Ashman, Evening Whirl founder/publisher Benjamin Thomas, World Wide Magazine’s Pete Parisi, Dennis Bulloch (wife murderer/wannabee), and Glennon Engleman (murder for profit hitman/dirtbag dentist).

  • wwsivo says:

    Kitty, I’m surprised that the brothers Lieberman (Alan & Harold) home developers extradonaire (all profit and no houses) were not mentioned in the list of St. Louis grifters.

  • jAMES says:

    All this would be funny if there weren’t so many victims of these crooks out there who lost everything, including some who lost their lives to these schemers. Wonder if the FBI is investigating the insurance company fraud games related to the Hayes-Litz schemes now?

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