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BALTIMORE has once again proved that the media still believes “if it bleeds, it leads.” “Like much of the coverage in Ferguson, the media has resorted to repeating only the negative while doing very little to move the story forward.” – Huffington Post
DAUGHTER: Good news! I got an A in chemistry!
DAUGHTER: Mom, do you know what that abbreviation means?
MOM: Of course I do. “Wow, that’s fantastic.”


If you build it, they will come. St. Louis has had Field of Dreams syndrome for years. Remember MidAmerica Airport, which was built to relieve congestion for Lambert in the 1990s? It relieves only Scott Air Force Base. Then we spent $1.1 billion in 2006 to build a third runway for air traffic, that actually flew away in 2001, never to return. Bridgeton worried needlessly about the extra noise as the runway is seldom used. Skateboarders would love to get on it, however. The empty parking lots at the enormous St. Louis Mills could be used for runways in a pinch. Then we have Paul McKee’s stellar Northside regeneration project and the Hazelwood Logistics Center which are in default on the debt and sparsely developed. So comes now our latest FOD: Riverfront Football Stadium. We can’t call it Rams Stadium because it is virtually certain that they will soon decamp for L.A. But if we build it, with sucker-I-mean-public money, surely SOMEONE will come. By then, maybe we will be able to pay off all the debt on the Edward Jones Dome. Then we can start paying the staggering debt on the new one. Ignore the fact that several academic studies have been published unequivocally stating that publicly funded sports stadiums NEVER result in additional economic benefits to the city. To be fair, they all point out there are intangible benefits like increased civic pride. Maybe it’s time to swallow our pride before we choke on the debt.
GIVEN THE ERUPTIONS IN BALTIMORE, it’s fortuitous timing that the “bold and uncompromising documentary” called “Spanish Lake” shows tonight at 7:30 at Webster University. It focuses on economic oppression in the North county suburb and depicts “America’s growing political divide, underlying racism, and the rise of anti-government sentiment.” Director Phillip Morton will do a Q & A after the screening.


Matt Quinlisk and Katie McTague

Matt Quinlisk and Katie McTague

At Zoe Pigeon’s I Fratellini in Clayton, young lovers Krista McBride and Nick Rieck sipped the bubbly on their first anniversary. They’ll probably head for THAT DAY. With 50 percent of our nation’s population over 65, people can reflect on dating. In our town, some may remember shopping for the ring at Wehmueller, Hess & Culbertson, Jaccard’s,  Zale’s, Hamilton Jewelry, Gallant or buying the ring at Dunn’s. The cake from Wotka’s, Teutenberg’s, Lake Forest, Northwest Bakery, Pratzel’s, Komen’s or opt for Bavarian zwibelkuchen at the Schwarz family’s old Town Hall on Clayton Road.

Krista McBride and Nick Rieck

Krista McBride and Nick Rieck

The photographer from Tooley Myron, Vincent Price or Block Brothers. Floral arrangements from Nettie’s Flower Garden. Entertainment by Russ David or Bonnie Ross orchestras. Standup comic: Tino DiFranco. Honeymoon on an Ozark Airlines flight to Chicago for a honeymoon at the Sherman or Conrad Hilton Hotel and dinner in the Pump Room at the Ambassador East, Henrici’s or Fritzel’s. Onward to a floorshow at the Chez Paree where Sophie Tucker, Ted Lewis, Jimmy Durante or Carmen Miranda might be regular headliners. Back to Lambert Field and the money has parted. Then, it’s dinner at our town’s Forum, Holloway House or Pope’s Cafeterias. Nowadays, they would join the millennials at Sugar Fire, where affable hosts Katie McTague and Matt Quinlisk ply their trade in serving some of the most savory barbecue ribs here.



Effective today: Once one of the nation’s largest chains of for-profit
colleges, Corinthian Colleges, Inc., is shutting down and leaving 16,000
students in the lurch. The closure potentially costs the U.S. Dept. of
Education more than $10 million. At its peak, Corinthian operated more
than 120 colleges with 100,000 students.


Timothy Blair, a California-based millionaire, has gifted the School of Journalism at Mizzou with $1 million to support education on LGBT issues. The Mizzou school is the first to advance eduction of students on the role media have played in reinforcing stereotypes and shaping new understanding. .  . Crystal, a site that helps a user understand how best to communicate with emails. Pick a subject and Crystal will slurp up all public data from around the web and provide a detailed report on your preferred style of communicating. . .Making the rounds: Wanna take a summer travel tour to the Arctic? Seven days and no nights.


The Student Government Association (SGA) of St. Louis University is poised to welcome its new president for the school year 2015-2016, Jay Bryant. The bow tie-wearing Bryant along with the student body and faculty await the university’s early-May release of its strategic plan for the future.


Cardinals left-handed pitcher Adam Wainwright has been put on a 15-day disabled list with an injury to his left Achilles and left ankle during his at-bat Saturday.


The governor’s wife, Georgeanne Nixon, and four members of the staff went on a one-day float trip that cost $1,300!! Said one staffer: “The last time we floated the Current River, it cost $25 for rental of a canoe, maybe $15 worth of gas to get there, and a cooler full of beer and sandwiches. Where did they float? Down the Mississippi on the River Queen? That would cost that much”. . .IBEW Local 4 officials have met with Gannett reps of KSDK. “Despite our repeated attempts at providing Gannett with flexibility for work asssignments, which they demand, they were unwilling to compromise on any issue in their offer,” writes a member of the union negotiating committee. Still, no contract with KSDK. . .Congrats to women barristers who will be honored by The Missouri Lawyers Media recognizing them for their demonstrated leadership, integrity and quality of justice at the upcoming ceremonies. Among them: Virginia Fry (Woman of the Year); Annette Heller; Susan L. McGreevy; Laura Frame; Zoe Linza; (Enterprise Award); Claire Botnick; Taylor Jensen; Mary Hershewe; Kristen S. Johnson (Leaders of Tomorrow); Lucy T. Unger; Sally I. Heller; Elaine Koch (Litigation Practioner Award); Laura Hauber; Teresa Hensley (Public Service Practitioner Award); Kendra R. Howard; Megan McCurdy (Rising Star Award). . .From Olympics to E! network, Bruce Jenner will chronicle his life as a transgender woman in an eight-part series beginning 8 p.m., July 26. It will mark his first time speaking publicly about his sex change.


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