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David Letterman’s goodbye show: 13.8 million viewers – highest score since “Late Night” debuted in 1994. The rating was a million shy of Jay Leno’s goodbye.


Aren’t the caterers fortunate to have clients Sam and Marilyn Fox at their Carrswold Dr. manse? Here goes another political fundraising dinner to be held on June 14 and this time for New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte. In their invitation, Sam wrote: “It’s no secret that the world is a more dangerous place, and America’s influence on the world stage has been severely weakened as a result of President Obama’s failed policies. . .Senator Ayotte’s race will be one of the toughest. . .at top of the Democrats’ target list. . .She will be up against a full force of the Democratic campaign machine that the Clintons are setting up in New Hampshire.” (Bill Clinton: There is nothing wrong with America that cannot be cured with what is right.”)
SENATOR AYOTTE has been criticized for her former (prosecutorial) office’s failure to investigate charges against a mortgage investment firm accused of orchestrating a $80-$100 million Ponzi scheme.
Fox notes that the minimum contribution is $1,000 and maximum is $10,800 per couple. Co-hosts: Ginny and August Busch, III; Rachel and Jack Oliver; Cong. Ann Wagner and Ray Wagner; Lelia and David Farr among others.
THE NATION’S FLAGS WILL BE AT HALF-MAST ON MONDAY to observe Memorial Day (nee Decoration Day), which marks the date when soldiers’ graves are to be decorated. Albeit a solemn day to pay tribute to those who’ve fallen, Memorial Day events will abound including parties, picnics, parades and family getaways. It’s a time when spring nears a close to usher in summer on June 21. On Memorial Day, the Cardinals come back to Busch to play a three-day series with the Arizona Diamondbacks. Some private club room fans will even get “taken by booze” with terrible and laudable dignity. Many will reminisce about years gone by. Ah, nostalgia.
THOSE OF A CERTAIN AGE can recall playing pick-up-cards, pin the tale on the donkey, cork ball, alleys, Yo-Yo, erector sets, model trains and planes, Jacks, grab-bag, Tinker Toy, Flip Cards, Foos Ball, volleyball, ping-pong, ice-skating a the Arena, bowling at Nelson Burton and hopscotch. Comic books: Archie, Nancy, Dick Tracy, Henry, Toots & Casper and Smilin’ Jack. Candy: Babe Ruth, Mounds, Almond Joy, Whiz and Tootsie Roll. Some watched on television “Stop the Music,” “The $64 Question” which morphed into $64k, Howdy-Doody, Ding-Dong School, Mr. Rogers, Capt. Kangaroo, John Cameron Swayze, Walter Cronkite, Dave Garraway or Edward R. Murrow.
HIT SONGS OF THE DAY were by Dusty Springfield, Chubby Checker, the Drifters, the Temptations, Wilson Pickett, Beachboys, Little Eva, the Vandellas, Tiny Tim, Peter/Paul/Mary, Herman’s Hermits and Bob Dylan.
My age: a bleak and chilly number. Seeking solace, I went to my doctor who said, “You’re only as old as you feel.” (For this he gets $130.)



MIZZOU NUTRITION & Exercise Physiology: Snacking on protein can improve appetite control and diet quality in teens. . .Looking back: On this day in 1927, Charles Lindbergh landed the Spirit of St. Louis in Paris on his historic solo ocean crossing. . .1804 – the Lewis & Clark Expedition began. . .1969 – Robert Kennedy wass murdered and his assassin, Sirhan Sirhan, was sentenced to death, but it was later commuted and he was given a life term in prison. 1895 – social swans continued to flutter over Hester Bates Laughln who was crowned the Veiled Prophet’s First Queen of Love and Beauty. She wore a crown modeled after Queen Victoria’s.


Malcolm Gladwell grew up in our town and has been a staff writer for New Yorker magazine since 1996. His review of former DEA agent Edward Follis’s memoir,  ”The Dark Art: My Undercover Life in Narco-Terrorism” (Penquin/Gotham) is riveting. Follis on drug trade in South America: “If you ask any DEA man, he’ll say there’s nothin’ we can do. . .I said to myself, fuck it. I’m gonna become that DEA man.”



Devyani Hunt, MD, Susan  Barrett, Dorte Probstein, Mitchell Hunt

Devyani Hunt, MD, Susan
Barrett, Dorte Probstein, Mitchell Hunt

If we’re talking about creativity, let’s turn to the other night’s Dada Ball & Bash to benefit the Contemporary Art Museum at the south side’s Koken Art Gallery. Guests were invited to enjoy “libations, seated sustenance and daring deeds.” Honorary chairman was the French, naturalized painter Marcel Duchamp (1889-1968). More than 300 lounge lizards and reveled at the event as lensed by Terry Baer/Blacktie Missouri:




Barbra Streisand, 73, whose earlier gigs included one at the Crystal Palace in Gaslight Square, is the subject of an autobiography that Viking has acquired. She’s the only entertainer whose honors include an Oscar, Tony, Grammy, Golden Globe, Peabody and Kennedy Center awards. The title is unknown yet, but chances are “Misty Water, Colored Memories” might be appropriate.


Illinois State Rep Kelly Cassidy has shepherded HB217 to House approval moving the state closer to banning sexual orientation conversion therapy.


The big question among pols: Can Missouri Republicans recover from the indiscretion of former House Speaker John Diehl; the fallout of Todd Akin; the double suicides of gubernatorial candidate Thomas Schweich and his spokesman Robert Spence Jackson?

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