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There’s nothing new about families questioning affairs of their children. The Jack C. Taylor dynasty has added a different twist – background checks on anyone coming close to family members. The billionaire founder of Enterprise Rent-A-Car and a sponsor of the series, “The Roosevelts,” has led background investigations on any man or woman who becomes romantically involved with any of his children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews.


Welcome to our world, Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky, first grandchild of Bill and Hillary Clinton. Parents are Chelsea and Marc Mezvinsky.


Amazing, the expertise that falls out at once. The words have been spoken about U.S.’s A.G. Eric Holder’s resignation. Karl Rove on Fox News: “I think his resignation is good for the country, good for the Dept. of Justice. Holder has been a partisan hack.” Rush Limbaugh opined, “Eric Holder will wind up on the Supreme Court.”
Can anyone remember the Ozark Room restaurant near the northwest corner of South Lindbergh Blvd at Clayton Road? I do. The structure that once had interiors of violent wallpaper is now being demolished to make way for a Reliance Bank branch. The Ozark was where after the martinis, wines and cognacs, pressure became intense with chatter about the war. The conversations also focused on “dead man’s curve” on Lindbergh where a series of accidents resulted in many fatalities. “Hod Rod Moore,” local mafia members and criminal attorney Morris Shenker – the go-to-guy who could get you or your kid out of harm’s way – were also timely topics.
“Last year, with the exception of Normandy, every Missouri school district with 50% or more minority students either saw test score gains or held their own.” So said outgoing state education commissioner Chris Nicastro on KWMU. She was interviewed by station staffer Dale Singer, a former P-D scribe and copy editor.


Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has been sued by a woman who alleges sexual assault. . .Russia is poised to boycott Hollywood movies based on U.S. sanctions and negative portrayals. . .Amazon Studio is releasing “Transparent” this week. It’s about a family patriarch who transitions to Maura.


Referring to President Obama’s handling of the unrest in Ferguson, former Veep Dick Cheney said on Fox News’ “Hannity”, “It’s outrageous. . .I was stunned!” . . .Just in: Ferguson Police Chief has apologized to Michael Brown’s family. . .Joan Rivers’ jewelry is selling out on QVC. . . Think the name of the Chase Hotel’s Khorassan ballroom should drop the name, given that Khorasan is the monicker of the Syrian army terrorists?. . .Definition of impotence: No hard feelings.


Webster U. film series presents tomorrow at 7:30 p.m., Saturday at 5 p.m. “Corpus Christi: Playing with Redemption,” a documentary film that portrays Jesus and his disciples as gay and living in 1950s Texas. This film follows a 2006 production of the play from its beginnings in a small California church and thrust onto the world stage. . .From “there’s a club for EVERYthing these days” category: the St. Louis Cigar Box Club meets on the third Saturday of each month at the Road House in Webster Groves.


Just added to the Pageant Theater lineup: comedian, actor, screenwriter, and TV and film producer and director, David Chappelle On Oct. 30. . .NFL’s enduring criticism of handling violent incidents involving players may have affects of the league’s $50 billion advertising biz – especially with women. They make up 35 percent of regular viewers. . . So, the patrons of 1111 Mississippi restaurant were robbed (and wonder why the daily has declined to name the dinery). . .Barbra Steisand’s new album, “Partners,” has hit #1 among Billboard’s top 200. . .Six European countries and Australia is where Netflix’s debuts are scheduled. . .It’s the 49th anniversary of the historic exec order – signed by Lyndon Johnson – ensuring that companies with federal construction contracts for infrastructure, highways and such hire minority workers. But the percentages were last updated by Jimmy Carter in 1980. So faith leaders in the Gameliel community organizing network and the Transportation Equity Network are prodding the Obama administration for action. (The regs helped minority employment in federal projects in our town jump to 20.7 from 14.7 percent, for example. . .Ex-Suburban Journals scribe Doug Minor is making waves with his impressive year-old website, “40 South News,” which covers Brentwood, Maplewood and Richmond Heights. . .Next month, after 40+years at Scheidt Hardware in Maplewood, long time, pipe-smoking fixture, Roger McCreight will retire. . .Our own Dwight Davis Tennis Center has been named, “Tennis Facility of the Month” by Tennis Business magazine. (For the uninitiated, it was named after the man who is best remembered as the founder of the Davis Cup international tennis competition.) Congrats to staffers Mark Zolman, Dan Batchelor and Jess Campbell Batchelor. The facility is trying to raise funds to “bubble up” six of the 19 courts and enabling tennis activities during the cold months. . .One of the nation’s most notorious priests (at least 17 victims, five of whom committed suicide) has past away. Originally from Wichita, Fr. Robert Larson spent his last eight years at St. John Vianney Renewal Center in Dittmer, a church-run center for child molesting clerics. His crimes attracted national attention, beginning with page one exposes in the Boston Globe. . .Hibbs Homes will unveil its “Proud Green House” tomorrow, beginning at 1 p.m. and Friday, beginning at 10 a.m. It’s in Wildwood and it has high-performance systems. It’s the company’s latest sustainability built showcase home.


R&R icon Quincy Jones is producing a film documentary on the life of Vashon High alum and jazz legend, Clark Terry, 93. Terry was a mentor to Alton, Illinois’ Miles Davis, jazz musician, trumpeter and composer. . .One of our town’s most popular small venues for R&B, the Blues City Delim, celebrates its tenth anniversary Saturday with bands all day long, some local (Big Mike Aguirre and the Blu City All-Stars, Roland Johnson and Soul Endeaver, Miss Jubilee and the Humdingers) and some outta town owners (Hank Mowery and The Hawktones from Michigan and the 24th Street Wallers from Toronto). . .Debbie Reynolds, 82, will be honored with the Oscars’ “Lifetime Achievement Award.” The yesteryear star once appeared at The Muny in “Irene”. . .High-end, luxury shoe designer Jimmy Choo is poised to issue an IPO on his line. . .”Making a splash on campus” is the headline of an article in the NY Times that includes quotes from Darren Brevard of our town’s Counsilman-Hunsaker aquatics design firm. The piece is about colleges competing for students using new, resort-style facilities, that include elaborate swimming pools. His firm has designed the water portion of nearly every big new university (recreation) project, reports Courtney Rubin.

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