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Brent Raisman, younger bro of Olympic gold medalist and gymnast Aly Raisman, has chosen WashU. He is now a junior in the Olin School of Business and majoring in entrepreneurship and marketing with a minor in business sports.


“Koch network plans shift in focus from TV to ground game in October” by Campaign Pro’s Kevin Robillard: “The Koch brothers’ powerful network of conservative groups plans to stop airing television ads in early October and instead focus on get-out-and-vote efforts targeting five million persuadable voters in the final weeks of the 2016 Senate elections. . .The eight states on the group’s target list are Missouri, Florida, Indiana, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.”

NEW THIS MORNING – VOTE VETS GOING UP WITH PRO-KANDER AD IN MISSOURI: Vote Vets is out with a new ad in Missouri supporting Democrat Jason Kander and attacking GOP Sen. Roy Blunt on his record on veteran issues. “Jason Kander could have gone anywhere after law school. He chose here: Afghanistan. Now Roy Blunt is trying to smear his record,” an Iraq war veteran says in the ad. “Well, Senator, let’s talk about your record. You lied to Missourians. You didn’t level with us about your draft history. You even voted against increasing veterans benefits for a guy like me. Jason Kander had our backs over there, now we’ve got his.” Vote Vets is spending $400,000 to air the ad in the Springfield market, which is going up as outside spending in Missouri swells.


Chain-smoker and former Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) has joined the board of directors at tobacco company Reynolds American.

Today’s pending historic takeover of Monsanto by Bayer AG brings to mind other St. Louis-based companies that have been gobbled up. Among them: Anheuser-Busch;  Post-Dispatch; Globe-Democrat; Channels 2, 4, 5, 11; First National, Boatmen’s, Mercantile and Mark Twain banks; Pevely Dairy. aerospace giant General Dynamics; Hunter Packing; Kilgen Organ; Falstaff Brewing; Adams Mark and Chase Park Plaza hotels; International Shoe; Famous-Barr; Stix, Baer & Fuller; Hampton Village; Arthur Theaters; Ralston-Purina and Bissinger’s Candy. Gone from the landscape are: aerospace giant General Dynamics; Hunter Packing Co.; Kilgen Organ Co.; TWA; General American Life Insurance; Spirits Basketball Team and Ozark Airlines.


GOPer Sam Fox has sent a missive to followers asking for support to Congressman and Dr. Joe Heck to replace Harry Reid in Nevada. Fox wrote: “Given the volatility of this election and the possibility of losing the White House, we know that the Democrats will pour a lot of money into this race. Joe needs our help in this election. Let’s not forget, Democratic victories in November will accelerate and entrench every negative trend of the past eight years. This race could determine the balance of power in the Senate and which party has the majority.”

CARDINALS’ 2017 REGULAR SEASON SCHEDULE IS NOW OFFICIAL and for the first time since 2011, the team is slated to open the season at home, when they will host the rival Chicago Cubs on April 3. The Cards will also be home to close out the 2017 regular season during a weekend series against Milwaukee Sept. 29-Oct.1 at Busch. Our hometown team road trip will take them on their first ever trip to new Yankee Stadium during a three-game Easter weekend series with the Yankees April 14-16.

“DONALD TRUMP: THE MAN WHO WOULD BE KING” is the title of a new book by Darwin Porter and Danforth Prince coming soon to your favorite store.

TRENDING: MUSLIMS IN GOVERNMENT: John Brennan, head of the CIA, converted to Islam while stationed in Saudi Arabia; President Obama’s top adviser, Valerie Jarrett, is a Muslim who was born in Iran where her parents still live; Hillary Clinton’s top adviser, Huma Abedin, is  Muslim whose mother and brother are still involved in the now-outlawed Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt; Assistant Secretary for Policy Development for Homeland Security, Arif Aikhan, is a Muslim; Homeland Security Adviser, Mohammed Ellbiary, is a Muslim; Obama adviser and founder of the Muslim Public Affairs Council, Salam al-Maraya, is a Muslim; Advisory Council on Faith-Based Neighborhood Partnerships, Eboo Patel, is a Muslim; Congressman Keith Ellison took his oath on a copy of the Qur’an, not the bible.


The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee has earmarked $1.5 million for TV and digital advertising to defeat Sen. Roy Blunt. . .Bill O’Reilly’s next “killing” tome out tomorrow: “Killing the Rising Sun: How America Vanquished World War II Japan”. . .Fox Sports play-by-play’s Joe Buck: How will he get to cover the     L.A. Rams/Seattle game Sept. 18 in time for the EMMY’S?

The last game of the L.A. Rams’ regular season was on Dec. 16, 1994 and lost to New Orleans. On the team’s maiden return there, Buck explained how he will transition from the L.A. Coliseum (kickoff at 1:25 p.m.) to the EMMY’s at the Microsoft Theater (5 p.m.). “. . .My daughter, Trudy, is 17 and a high school junior. She is coming out and hanging with my wife (ESPN reporter) Michelle Beisner, but they’re going to duck out and leave early to put on their gowns. . .As the second half is winding down, I’ll wonder what the escape is like at the end of each quarter. I’ll put on different parts of my tuxedo. There are times I won’t have to wear pants on the air, because on TV I’m only half human – waist up. There is going to be 90,000 people and going out it could be treacherous. Am I worried? Yeah, I’m a little concerned. I’m a stresser,” he told the Hollywood Reporter.

HISTORIC SEPT. 13: 1964, Cardinals became the first NL to score runs in every game since 1923; 1965, Beatles release “Yesterday;” 1972, First telecast of “Waltons”; 1978, First flight of McDonnell Douglas F-18A Hornet.






BEFORE 1,000 IN THE LGBT AUDIENCE, BARBRA STREISAND performed in Gotham to raise big bucks for Hillary Clinton by singing a parody of the song, “Send in the Clowns,” expressing her attitude toward Donald Trump. Here are some of the lyrics: “Is he that rich? Maybe he’s poor. Till he reveals his returns, who can be sure? Some things amiss I don’t approve. If he were running the free world, where would we move?”

OUR TOWN’S WILLIAM SHEARBURN GALLERY is one of the 145 international galleries featuring artwork at the EXPOCHGO Sept. 22-25 on Chicago’s Navy Pier.

ALL OF A SUDDEN, Hollywood and the TV networks have turned to more biographical films. There will be Joseph Gordon-Levitt in “Snowden”; Tom Hanks in “Sully;” “The Beatles: 8 Days Away”; Natalie Portman in “Jackie,” “Barry,” tracing the first year of Barrack Obama at Columbia University and “Raven: The Untold Story of Jim Jones and His People.”

HISTORIC SEPT. 12: 1976, U.S. Mens Tennis at which Jimmy Connors bested Bjorn Borg (64 36 76 64); 1958, U.S. Supreme Court ordered Little Rock, Ark. to integrate Little Rock High School; 1953, Sen. John F. Kennedy, 36, married Jacqueline Bouvier, 24.


UMSL criminology prof Richard Rosenfeld’s homicide study reveals that among 56 cities, St. Louis has had the second highest rate with 59 per 100,000 residents. He told The New York Times “Rising crime may be linked to less aggressive policing.”

MANAGE CARE PROVIDER CENTENE has purchased nine year-old The Crescent at 155 Carondelet in Clayton to add to its $772 million expansion.

BROWN UNIVERSITY has set into motion providing tampons in both women and men’s bathrooms for “trans-inclusivity. . .an important part of the population.” The Brown U. Undergraduate Finance Board will fund it.


As we near the anniversary of 9/11, Pew Research Center’s survey: Currently, 40 percent of the public say the ability of terrorists to launch another major attack on the U.S. is greater than the time of the 9/11 attacks – the highest share expressing this view over the past 14 years. . .Mizzou football coach Barry Odom’s contract: “Keep public statements complimenting the athletic department and to the university and not engage in any transaction or commerce. Do not appear on any radio or television program, or in any public forum that is likely to bring criticism or discredit to the university, curators, officers, employees or students”. . .WEBSTER U. AWARDED $1 MILLION IN GRANTS INCLUDING ONE FROM THE NIH for science and scholarships.
HISTORIC SEPT. 9: 1956, Elvis Presley’s first appearance on the Ed Sullivan show; 1955, Louise Suggs won the LPGA St. Louis Golf Open; 1945, Philadelphia A’s Dick Fowler no-hits the St. Louis Browns 1-0; 1922, St. Louis Browns’ “Baby Doll” Jacobson hit three triples beating Tigers 16-0.
SEPT. 9 BIRTHDAYS: 1964, NHL’s Brett Hull; 1945, Alphonso Jackson, who went from St. Louis director of Public Safety and eventually to became U.S. Secretary of Housing & Urban Development (HUD); 1919, Jimmy “The Greek” Snyder gambler/sportscaster; 1890, Col. Sanders. DEATHS: 1976, Chinese Communist Party chairman Mao Tse-Tong; 1901, French painter Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec.


Up until the newsflash on Sept. 11, 2001, it was a pleasant morning sipping coffee and multitasking. Then came the news flash and time stood still. Conflicting reports, the strained voices of reporters,  incoherent eyewitnesses. As is always the case in times of paramount tragedy, the electronic forces were magnificent – especially the team at NBC’s “Today Show.” Anchor Matt Lauer was seated in various attitudes of despair. There were puffy-faced viewers with backs bent, heads down, drawn faces, coffee pots perking, cigarettes piling up in ashtrays and sudden groans that broke through the air.The words of almost 15 years ago Sunday: Four jetliners were turned into guided missiles with 2,977 people killed. Suddenly, we were vulnerable. Nineteen terrorists gave us a new found fear. One eyewitness: “It could have happened anywhere.” She was right.


 D.C.-based lawyer Abid Riaz Quereshi, has been nominated by the White House to become the first Muslim-American on the U.S. Dist. Court for the District of Columbia.

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