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“Don’t you think this page would make a great resume?”

22 Responses to “Photos”

  • Lane Hale says:

    Mr. Berger,
    Those pictures are amazing! The stories I bet you could tell. What a career you have.
    I love your updates as well.

    Lane Hale

  • philip slein says:

    These photo’s blow me away! awesome collection!
    Philip Slein

  • Anonymous says:

    Just like Johnny Carson, there will never be another guy like you! You gave us all a fascination about people and you did it with such energy, love and passion. I hope this finds you well!

  • George Noory says:

    You bring us down memory lane. You’re the best!

  • A Jerry Fan says:

    Pictures are worth a thousand words….your amazing career is distinguished by these fantastic photos….and in every one you are in a coat and tie, respectful and having fun! All the best to you!

  • Jaime Dodd says:

    Mr. Berger,
    What a fabulous collection of photographs – reflections of an amazing and impressive career. I had the pleasure of meeting you at Truffles about a month ago, while celebrating my birthday with a couple friends. You took our pic and mentioned us in “Berger’s Beat”. I’d decided then and there that I could die happy, having finally “arrived”! Perusing your photographic memoir now, I know this is certainly true. I’ve brushed elbows with a LEGEND. Thanks for making my 50th so memorable!

  • Sally Levis says:

    Jerry, these photos are the best…….truly the life of an exciting man. I enjoyed them so much, yes , a book is in order.

  • tessa says:

    Yes, an *Awesome* resume. You wrote an article on myself when I did a a feature presentation at the then “PTs Show Club”. You were just as kind, gracious, and professional then, as you are today. Everyone has much respect for you, and honored just to read your articles.

  • Angela Wulff says:

    What an amazing career you have had and it was a pleasure meeting a famous icon like yourself today right here in St. Louis!

  • sylvia niederschmidt says:

    Jerry you are the best and really missed. No one and I MEAN NO ONE, gives the entertainment news like you have always done.


  • Mr. Berger:

    Your life, your contributions and this photos – Wow! Thanks for showing people that anything’s possible with great personality, tenacity and being photogenic! Oh to have a ‘resume’ like that…These photos certainly tell thousands of stories!

    You are Extraordinary!
    Jo Lena Johnson

  • Gene Walsh says:

    Hey, Jerry, where’s a photo of you and Charles Andre Mogab?

  • Ed Beck says:

    I enjoyed looking at your impressive pictures, Jerry!

  • Kelsey says:

    It was a great pleasure meeting you the other night at Herbies! Your pictures are quite impressive! I can only imagine the stories you could tell!!

  • Interesting to see your steps in life. I think we were each others first dates when we were about 12 years old….. Stay healthy
    Shirley Zamel Roskin

  • Steve Brown says:

    Great photos , many from one of the great eras in show business. I remember having lunch with some friends inc. Jerry back in 1981, and Jerry gave me some simple advice that I adhere to today- “put some money aside, always.”

  • Steve Brown says:

    This is not a duplicate comment-Great photos , many from one of the great eras in show business. I remember having lunch with some friends inc. Jerry back in 1981, and Jerry gave me some simple advice that I adhere to today- “put some money aside, always.”

  • JoeH says:

    Great site Jerry! Love the nostalgia of it all.
    In your St. Louis Post Dispatch column, many many moons ago (circa 1985’ish ??) you called me a young Richard Gere. I was dining with my mother at Distafanos when we met. I have that article framed in my office here in Phoenix!

  • Jeff Klayman says:

    Jerry…Looking at all those photos of you and celebs, I just gotta think that you really should write a book.

  • Jeffrey Link says:

    Jerry, I recognize that KMOX table with Gloria Swanson (I worked there 1989-82 producing Anne Keefe and Bob Hardy, Jack Buck, among others that came through those doors). What year was that with Ms. Swanson? I’ve been back at CBS Radio part time since 2008….and I agree with all these comments…what great photos to share…but I didn’t see any with Gussie Busch…and I have my own story about him (along with Anne Keefe) one eve at “the big house” at Grant’s Farm…what a character! I only bring that up because Gussie would have turned 115 on March 28th! Cheers to the King of Beer!

  • Dillon heitert says:

    Great photoes, with great memories.
    Thank you for sharing these with us jerry, you are a great guy

  • TOWNCAR07 says:

    I found the photo collection a great visual memory trip…and what;s with Kieth, who belongs in the cosmos of idiocy.

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