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Rupert Murdoch, staunch supporter of Israel: “Why is Jewish-owned press so consistently anti-Israel in every crisis?”

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  • Buttinsky says:

    That is a great question. I never fail to marvel at the recent anti-Israel stance of the media, liberals and the mainstream intellectual complex. I think it stems from the GOP and Christian right’s strong support of Israel. If they are for it, they must think, we must reflexively be against it. Meanwhile, they would be the first ones to be beheaded if Muslims took control.

  • Towncar07 says:

    Buttinsky…now that’s a comment with some very common sense attached. Nice going.

  • Wally Ballew says:

    It is amazing to me that the Jewish-owned press would not back Israel.

    Can you imagine the St. Louis Review showing its back to the Vatican?

    How the hades can Israel be expected to draw up a state for Palestine that the latter would approve of when Hamas wants to wipe out Israel altogether.

    As an “Irisher,” I still would like to see England out of Northern Ireland and I wouldn’t mind if Mr. Netanyahu led the cause. It might finally get done. It’s only a question as to how much longer he will wait on Mr. Obama to back a move, possible on Iran prior to Palestine,

  • tom cori says:

    The jews are anti-israel because if you make nice to those who hate you, maybe they will kill you last. The same logic of the farmer with a 3 legged pig. He tastes so good, we are eating him slowly

  • Jeffrey Stiffman says:

    These are among the most ignorant comments I have ever read. They missed the evil of Murdoch’s comments and the totally inappropriate use of the terms “Jewish” and “Jewish owned”.Murdoch has already apologized for this anti-Semitic, racist generalization about “Jewish owned,” press. In America, the press is supposed to report. Some papers might be owned by Jewish or non-Jewish people who are either pro a certain American administration’s policies or against them. That’s what a publisher is supposed to be – independent and considerate. Some papers owned by Jews and non-Jews agree with a particularleader of Israel and some don’t. I read the press widely, and find varying views. Even some of the Israeli newspapers disagree with the Netanyahu government, as is appropriate in a healthy and vigorous democracy. To say that the Jews are anti-Israel is absolutely, positively false. The liberals have been vocal supporters of Israel, even if they disagree with some aspect of Israeli policy at the moment. It’s that way when Americans have the right to think for ourselves. Please cut out the name-calling and stereotyping. Hamas is sending thousands of rockets a day into little Israel. We are all united in prayuing for peacde for her and her neighbors.

  • Towncar07 says:

    I, not being of the Jewish faith, applaud the unification in prayer for peace…however when your back is to the wall (I say that respectfully) those that editorialize against the cause, are against the cause. There comes a time when action is needed, and united action is most effective. Beyond that, I side with Isreal, and should they fall, for whatever reason, the world shift will outdestruct any bomb.

  • Towncar07 says:

    My apologies for the misspelling of ISREAL.

  • Towncar07 says:

    ISRAEL…bad eyesight and a finicky keypad.

  • RETIRED1 says:

    Jeffrey,Towncar07 and Buttinsky are known for making many ignorant statements along with their hateful buddy Kitty!

  • Towncar07 says:

    Retired1…Hawaii is calling you…get packing and go poison a luau.

  • Buttinsky says:

    I would bring up the “Retired” kettle calling the pot black, but that would probably be considered racist. I stand by my comments and by Israel.

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