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The 300-room Ritz-Carlton Hotel has been sold to a group headed by hometowner Bruce Karsh, who now lives in California.  Sellers: Lew Wolff and Philip Maritz. The Ritz is perhaps the only hotel in our town that boasts of Juliette balconies.

4 Responses to “RITZ-CARLTON SOLD”

  • Towncar07 says:

    Under the “too much information section”…While our house was going thru an extensive renovation [WE] stayed at he Ritz for 13 weeks…this was in 2007-08 and have never found a Hotel so consistent in it’s delivery of fine service. Everyone and everything was tops. About this time the economy was tanking, and our General Contractor was tanking along with the economy, and our dear municipal government Napoleon’s decided there were not enough permits or not enough inspectors with reasonable IQ’s…so we had to rent an apartment for 9 months while the mistakes were adjudicated and corrected. This is just a hurrah for the Ritz, may it never waiver in it’s hospitality being below a “10”…OBTW…the cost for the stay was $33,000.00+and worth every penny. The house is done, the City off our backs, and life goes on. Best wishes to the new Ritz owners you have a real gem under management.

  • Towncar07 says:

    To answer a person that saw this and called me, the stay at the Ritz was the total quoted…the Villa @ Brentwood was also a fine apartment, but it cost an additional $28,500+…what with renting furniture, rent, utilities…he place was beyond nice for what we got …yes this was quite an undertaking, that almost sent me to an undertaker. Believe me, there is no place like a home done with…my wife has other ideas, but NO…not in my lifetime.

  • CommonMan1 says:

    Are you serious? You are on a blog site talking about a $33,000 bill from the best hotel in town in which you had to stay since your home was being renovated…and you are complaining! Do you hear what you are saying? You have to be a member of Congress or an entertainer, because I cannot imagine any other kind of person more oblivious to the lives of the common people around him!
    I am sorry for being disrespectful, and I’m sure you have earned every cent of your wealth, but within your compliment of the Ritz is proof positive that the gap between the wealthy and middle-class is wider now in America than at almost any other time in history.

  • Anonymous says:

    CommonMan – I wouldn’t believe everything you see written on the internet. Undoubtedly, Towncar wishes he had big bucks.

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