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LAWYER FINDS JESUS AT ARMSTRONG TEASDALE: Jay Summerville, after 40 years of the practice of law, will become a full-time student and candidate for Masters of Divinity degree at Eden Seminary and is certified as an Inquirer for ordination by the Presbyterian Church (USA). . .Weather or not: Cold and snow are predicted for the Super Bowl; balmy temps for the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. . . Year’s-end New Year’s Eve 75 years ago, Lou Thesz was reigning wrestling champ.. .Dec. 29 ’84, The Blues took 27 shots against the Islanders in one period. . .TV watchers will see Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor will lead the final 60 seconds countdown to push the ceremonial button to signal the descent of the New Year’s Eve ball in Times Square. . .It’s a day of mourning for those near and dear to Dr. Joseph Santo, who has joined the immortals of fine dining. An alum of St. Louis University School of Dentistry, oral surgeon Santo is being laid to rest today. For those of us at a Certain Age and former New Yorkers, we can recall his opulent landmarks of romantic dining at his Sign of the Dove, Yellowfingers, Arizona 206 and Contrapunto. The high-end eateries fed diners from nearby Bloomingdale’s and he was frequently seen carving a rose from a potato as he sidled up to a couple and presented it to the lady.

12 Responses to “RUMINATING”

  • RETIRED1 says:

    Attorney Summerville is going from one occupation with a reputation of being unscrupulous to an even more unscrupulous reputation occupation as a pastor!! I’m glad to be an atheist.

  • cynical says:

    Everyone’s glad…except other atheists!!!!! Why don’t you give it a rest?

  • J.M., M.D. says:

    After reading many of Retired1’s tirades on gays and the Catholic Church, it appears he was either molested by a priest as a boy, or he had an Oedipus complex with his mother. It is also likely he has been a molester himself. At any rate, he is a bitter person with never a kind word to say about anything or anybody. He needs therapy, and I know several prominent psychiatrists who could analyze him. But just from his rants he appears to be beyond help, unless heavily medicated or placed in an institution.

  • Towncar07 says:

    WELL, a refreshing rejoinder from the sidelines…yes, Tired1 and his cohort Anon, seem to like to complain, and offer nothing but venom, absolutely lacking any saline solution to hydrate the conversation. I have doubts about wishing them a Happy New Year, since “Happy” does not seem to be in their Thesaurus. For those of us that try and keep an open mind, while commenting on the trials of the day, maybe 2014 may hold hope for those that believe in both a higher power, and common sense.

  • stl priest says:

    I think retired ought to commit suicide. His earthl existence is needless. He can then be totally in bed with satan .

  • RETIRED1 says:

    I see we have a couple of pedophile Catholic priests posting ad hominem attacks on me since I constantly expose them for the vile sick child molestors that they are!

  • Towncar07 says:

    As Tired1 takes his last gasp at rebuttal, kindly reread the Doctor’s evaluation, then take a good look in the mirror…if it does not shatter, there may be hope…meanwhile schedule a mental review by a trusted neurologist, psychologist, and finally a psychiatrist.

  • RETIRED1 says:

    Religionists of the ilk of Towncar07 and his cronies in this blog hate seeing the light illuminating the debauchery of their fellow religionists and always try to denigrate the messenger.I won’t be silenced in spotlighting the sick pedophiles in your religion and I will always exalt my atheism!

  • Towncar07 says:

    You just proved my point…I have made no comments regarding religion, except one above, and in passing…you on the other hand go over the top selling your delusional acceptances…I really don’t care, and you really should seek emotional/psychological evaluation, and for what it’s worth, you still have time to do it THIS YEAR.

  • Anonymous says:

    Pompous boy is at it again. I know you think you’re superior to everyone, as proven by your continued pompous ass commentary. Contrary to right wing conservative so-called Christians, there are other folks in the world that are just as correct as you are. Try opening your brain to other thoughts sometime and you too might gain happiness in this world.

  • John Seiler says:

    I can’t imagine any way anybody could be an atheist….at least you are not one of those right wingers….I will start the New Year giving thanks to God,and wonder why people like you exist….John Seiler

  • Towncar07 says:

    On behalf of all non-athiests and right wingers, I wish all the Happiest of possible New Years, and I even extend to those who wish to go thru life and forge their own path, even if it leads nowhere but only to death, and death takes us all, you may still find salvation in the realization that there really is a Higher Power…even if it’s just up there, somewhere.

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