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Dave Drebes at Missouri Scout had the first scoop, and he got it right – southeast Missouri Congresswoman Jo Ann Emerson says she will retire from Congress in February 2013 to become President and CEO of the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association. In that role, the congresswoman says in a statement, she “will continue her advocacy for rural communities in Missouri and throughout the country.” More from the congresswoman: “I am going to miss the constituents I work with every day, the thousands of small business owners, compassionate families, community leaders, students and service members who define the character of Southern Missouri. My respect for them is boundless, and I will never forget the wonderful friendships I have gained through my service in Congress … And I plan to stay in Congress as long as I can to ensure the gap in their representation is as brief as possible. I am not leaving Congress because I have lost my heart for service — to the contrary — I see a new way to serve. I did not go seeking this opportunity, but I am excited about the new challenge it offers to find ways to promote strong rural policy … Our district has earned its reputation for commonsense above all else, and I will leave Congress in February with a heavy heart despite my confidence that Southern Missouri and its standard for leadership will endure.” Political party committees would select nominees for a special election to succeed Emerson in the Republican-heavy 8th District. The frontrunner is Cape Girardeau native and Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder, who just won a third, four-year term and who got his political start more than three decades ago working for Emerson’s late husband, Congressman Bill Emerson.


  • OldLobbyist says:

    Kinder walks into this job if he wants it.
    I think he wants it.

  • xCOS says:

    What an unexpected development!! I agree with Old Lobbyist. This is Peter Kinder’s congressional seat if he wants it. I also suspect he would like to carry his fight against ObamaCare to DC.

  • katie says:

    Loyd Smith is the choice, he has a pornstar mustache.

  • Dogtown says:

    I nominate Russ Carnahan. He will need a new gig in January.

  • KITTY says:

    Dogtown: Not even the rednecks and toothless hillbillies in rural southern Missouri would want anything to do with Russ-The Village-Idiot-Carnahan. The Carnahan stench will hang over Missouri long after he leaves office.

  • RETIRED1 says:

    There goes that hateful Kitty spewing more of her hate! She hates gays,blacks,muslims,jews,”rednecks”,young people,old people,men,…!!

  • fuzzy says:

    So nice of Jo Ann Emerson to make her resignation effective next year after she is sworn in for an 11th term. That should boost her taxpayer funded pension.

  • Towncar07 says:

    Besides agreeing with Kitty, I think Kinder he perfect fit for Emerson’s job…though I thought she was so good right there. Peter Kinder, I think the man that actually saved CCW for Missouri. My kinda Kinder.

  • Anonymous says:

    retired1 – you are correct, but I’d add one thing Kitty hates herself as well. She must not have much to do everytime I come on here there’s Kitty making her idiotic remarks.

    Todd Akin ought to go for the job. They love him in outstate Missouri. I vote for Todd Akin, the fearless leader.

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