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The item below reminds some of the link between McCarthy and President Donald Trump. The link is Roy Cohn, who was counsel to the McCarthy Committee, later as NYC lawyer he represented Trump, first in a lawsuit by the federal government alleging racial discrimination. Cohn was a mentor to Trump, and Cohn taught that you always attack, never apologize, and wear opponents down. The lessons seem to have stuck. Cohn was also an investor in our town’s late broadcaster Richard Miller’s radio enterprises.

WINNING STREAK: For the seventh consecutive week, CBS’ Late Show with Stephen Colbert bested Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show on NBC by a million viewers.


  • KITTY says:

    The Bergermeister’s thinly disguised smear of President Trump by associating him with Joe McCarthy is a prime example of liberal media bias! And linking them simply because they had the same legal counsel is absurd. And bet the farm 99.99999% of America NEVER thought Trump and Joe were linked thru Roy Cohn. And bet your portfolio 95+% of America NEVER heard of Roy Cohn to begin with! And if Trump did become a person who attacks first, never apologizes, and wears down his opponents, then lets give a huuuge round of applause and kudos to Cohn for inspiring him to do so!

  • KITTY says:

    Off the subject, but a must see video of the Clintons literally jumping for joy when the exit polls showed she would win the election. This is Zapruder stuff!
    And the greatest Fake News scam ever! And she signed the Time Magazine cover, Madam Presdient!!

  • Jean Valjean says:

    Have you seen Trump’s 33 year old, robotic staffer Stephen “The authority of this president will NOT be questioned!” Miller? This guy IS Roy Cohn, except if you punch him and his massive forehead falls of his pencil-like neck, the electrodes would be exposed and he’d groan “psycho-mechanical malfunction” until his battery pack ran out.

  • Jean Valjean says:

    Correction: Stephen Miller is only 31 years old, and was, according to John Oliver, “The least popular boy at Vampire School”.

  • Eagle says:

    Somehow I think Stephen Miller and a Nazi uniform are a match made in…Hell!

  • Kitty boo boo says:

    Kitty sucks big dicks on the corner…….now go suck off the people who voted for that bozo
    Kitty is really a big o’l homo fag

  • cynical says:

    Who’s watching the store? Why has the content of this site gone to hell in a handbag? It would be better to close it down rather than watch it sink into oblivion.

  • Kitty pussy licker says:

    Oh get a grip “cynical” take another enema & calm down gurl ! Newsflash this site sunk years ago bitch !
    Fuck FuckFuckFuckFuck off dummy

  • cynical says:

    I rest my case, you simpleton. What a third class low life!

  • TOWNCAR says:

    I agree totally…to comment here would be a total waste of time and thought.

    I guess this is the nadir of Obama’s “transformation” of the country.

  • ino2 says:

    The nastiness of some of the above comments is disgusting and outrageous. Whoever posted such vulgar comments should be condemned by all.

    Perhaps the one who has been absent since the election has resurfaced to once again pollute the waters at Berger’s Beat with more nastiness than ever before.

  • Eagle says:

    TC…You overlook the fact that the site wasn’t corrupted until the Era of Trump, in keeping with everything else he is ruining.

    I question if there isn’t some way Jerry can block posts that are simply intended to disrupt the site with their grossness. Possibly the website manager can adjust the criteria for acceptable posting.

  • TOWNCAR says:

    I totally disagree Eagle…Obama’s transformation did more to split, divide, and cause high-level rancor about everything patriotic and American values while the whole time stating that everything is so much better now that OB had control of the situation.

    Trump just took the Obama narrative and turned it obversely bassackwards and this was proven by the election turning out to be the biggest embarrassment and caused panic of the established “DC way of doing things” An attempt at death by a thousand cuts is the retaliation against Trump.

    As I find more of my time better spent than having verbal duels that change no minds but only inflame deeper passions on both sides, your idea of kind of webmaster-censorship has merit. Name calling and vituperation proves nothing but ignorance and is indicative of the level of social intelligence and political ignorance and denial of today.

  • Eagle says:

    TC…So Obama caused the trolls above to dump their vileness on the Berger’s Beat site? That’s ignorance to the 12th power.

    If you want to assign blame to the rancor in Washington, look to Mr. McConnell’s statement that he was going to do everything in his power to make Obama a one term president. That became the Republican congressional SOP for the president’s terms in office. Persons of good conscience left office in disgust and now a Republican moderate is a very rate bird indeed. By the way, the Republicans bookended the Obama administration’s time in office with their shabby treatment of Judge Garland. Your party, my friend, is a disgrace.

  • Eagle says:


    As you are probably aware, President Trump’s approval rating has sunk into the 30s. For the reading pleasure of those who didn’t vote for Mr. Trump–the majority of the electorate–here are comparative ratings for other recent presidents in the early stages of their first term.

    Other presidents in March of first year
    Barack Obama 62 Mar 2009
    George W. Bush 58 Mar 2001
    Bill Clinton 53 Mar 1993
    George HW Bush 60 Mar 1989
    Ronald Reagan 60 Mar 1981
    Jimmy Carter 72 Mar 1977
    Richard Nixon 64 Mar 1969
    John Kennedy 73 Mar 1961
    D. Eisenhower 74 Mar 1953

    Those who voted for the vainglorius Mr. Trump, your man is doing you proud! Remember my prediction that he would have at least one foot out the door by the end of next year? Looks like he might be leaving even sooner, moving to the Moscow Trump Tower perhaps?

  • TOWNCAR says:

    In the case of Obama, his was a “magical thinking” kind of Presidency…and his magic was the slight of ideology that no one dare question since he was such an articulate and handsome new voice for America. To think or say otherwise was racist, bigoted, and even “anti-American”.

    I wrote back in the late stages of OB’s 2nd term that in order to correct and right all the wrongs would cause as much domestic upheaval as to be almost war-like in it’s intensity. And this is proving to be more than true, as the beneficiaries of the Obama largesse are not about to watch their new and improved “standard” of living rudely interrupted by the scalawags that dare question the motives and results of the “Messiah” The Rules for Radicals seems to have taken root and is growing, and now ALL of the rules have been successfully implanted, and the race to the bottom fights the race to stop the madness. This is not going to end well at all.

    It’s going to get worse before it gets better, but I have this sinking feeling that everyone will, in the end, lose.

    I have completed this thread, and you may hear from me again some other time, some other subject.

  • Eagle says:

    In the current rankings of US Presidents by historians, political science PHDs, President Obama is currently number 12. Evidently those who are schooled in what makes a president effective were sufficently impressed with Mr. Obama’s execution of his duties to rank him very highly.

    For those who believe Obama was a terrible president, I can only state that reading too much rightwing pap can rot your brain.

  • Towncar2 says:

    Towncar needs a good lube job, maybe new oil in your engine, you’re engine seems fried………….suck it bitch !
    Lube ! Oil ! Lobotomy ! Yes gurl !

  • Eagle says:

    It appears that we’ve been invaded by at least one human cockroach. Actually, I suspect that the witless garbage that has been dumped on the site is the product of one fairly unintelligent, immature fool.

    Evidently the poster/s lacks the intelligence to realize that he can write all the garbage he wants and it will have zero impact as his messaging is so retarded. This delusional moron’s scribblings amount to less than that of a passing skunk.

    So go ahead and fire away, imbecile. You’re less meaningful than a fly turd compared to the persons who normally correspond on Jerry’s site. Just remember that you leave a digital trail and emailers can be sued for defamation.

  • Mickey says:

    Eagle, u little slut cum hole, sit back and enjoy. Don’t gag. Force it down. Like your mommy and her minions have done. Wipe the poop, and take it like a BITCH that you are.

  • Eagle says:

    Mickey, given you have the aplomb of a sewer rat, I figured all the ugly stupid posts were from you. Had you actually graduated college–too many interuptions for prison I would guess–you would realize the portrait you paint of yourself is one that would cause your family deep shame.

    Do you really think your moronic utterances mean a thing to the regular posters to Jerry’s site. Grow up. Get some class. Go back to your far right sites, you worthless bigot.

  • TOWNCAR says:

    Nice to know someone wants to appropriate my moniker for all he WRONG reasons…the clue is that his shadow is in black print…that should show it’s not me.

    Yes, we have been invaded by rats, and if there is anything that can kill a site is the allowance of poseurs that pretend to be whom they are not. I would suggest that Mr. Berger get together with his webmaster and verify the emails as listed are actually for the person…but I fear Mr. Berger is still in the recuperative mode, and not really paying too much attention except to regain his health.

    Unless something is done to overhaul this site as anything approaching meaning and somewhat sane discussion, it will have to be done soon…or there will be only the rats left to inhabit this site, and that will spell doom for everyone…how about all the rats talking to themselves…now that would be a discussion from Mars.

    I will watch and wait to see how this crooked line progresses…and because many are used to my expressions of comment and syntax, it will be easy to spot and like all rats, be the last to go down with noting left in their vocabulary except expletives.

    Is this an example of “Sic Tempis Gloria” ? That will remain and to be acted upon sooner than later. How sad.

  • Eagle says:

    Mickey i’ve changed my mind, get over here and make sexy time with me hole

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