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It’s a rotten week for Republican State Senator Jim Lembke. First, his Senate District 1 gets re-drawn to take in Democratic-voting areas such as Rock Hill, Webster Groves and Maplewood. As his viability for re-election slips away, Lembke and his allies begin floating his name as a possible GOP candidate for governor, including setting up a new Twitter feed. Word is, Lembke, who parties in Jefferson City while exuding worshipful piety back home, figures he can appeal to the religious right wing that helped Rick Santorum win the Missouri GOP presidential primary this month. Such talk infuriates Republicans who are lining up behind wealthy businessman Dave Spence’s campaign for governor. Now, KSDK NewsChannel 5 is promoting tonight’s (Thursday) 10 p.m. investigation by reporter Leisa Zigman that nails Lembke for accepting lobbyist freebies. The promo airing today shows Lembke twitching like a kid with his hand still in the cookie jar as Zigman confronts him. “Lembke is being hit by a loser’s trifecta –bad Senate district, bad move trying to start buzz about him running for governor, and now he’s the media’s bad boy of mooching freebies from lobbyists,”says one political insider. “All the lobbyists know Lembke is a serial mooch, and now the voters in his district will know he’s piling up gifts on someone else’s dime while they struggle back home. Many Republicans don’t trust him anyway and didn’t mind that he got the short end of the stick in redistricting. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving guy.”


  • DogTown says:

    Lembke is a slimeball. He prays loudly on Sunday and drinks the lobbyist booze on Monday. Hypocrite!

    I want to know if he gets free tickets to professional events like Cards and Blues games.

    These politicians like Lembke are nauseating!

  • sontag says:

    This bug-eyed fool should run for governor so i can vote against him.

  • trashcup says:

    NOPE – he shouldn’t run for governor, he should just run – run away and get the heck out of Missouri along with all the lobbyists and Missouri congressmen and women who take all those freebies.

  • KITTY says:

    Lembke is the GOP equivalent to the #1 sleeze bag in local Democratic politics: Russ Carnahan!

  • DillyDally says:

    Lembke’s official “Senate Biography” includes references to “serving a Christian academy … senior elder of Holy Trinity – Anglican Church…former board chairman of Providence Christian Academy….attended Covenant Theological Seminary.” With all that churching up, he would have to be a hypocrite and put on a different face 100 miles from home to swill booze and smoke the Cuban cigars of lobbyists. Right? That just can’t be the case – no politician is ever a hypocrite! (sarcasm)

  • buttinsky says:

    lobbyist swag should be banned. These people have no integrity.

  • sick'ntired says:

    It’s about time someone exposes him for what he is. No politician is lily white, but anyone that always has his hands out to the lobbyists is never is your corner. He doesn’t have to get Blues tickets because his wife works there and he gets his tickets from her. They both almost ran me down between periods at a game trying to get to the smoking exit. Buttinsky is right–ban the swag from lobbyists or at least put a limit on it like other states.

  • Hardcastle says:

    Wait just a dog gone minute. You mean State Senator Jim Lembke’s wife works for the St. Louis Blues? How did she get that job? What does she do down at the St. Louis Blues? I would like to know if the Blues lobbyists are providing sweet tickets and goodies to Senator and Mrs. Lembke. That quote above, that he is a serial moocher, that really does fit if he got his wife a job at the Blues.

  • Matt H. says:

    As a conservative, I am ashamed to see this about Sen. Lembke, or should I call him, “DIAMOND JIM.”

    This is the type of unethical coziness with lobbyists that have turned so many of us off on trusting government and politicians. Throw him out!

  • South County Steve says:

    I saw the KSDK 10 o’clock news. Lembke is caught redhanded. He says the number of lobbyist presents “only” came out to an average of about 10 per month. How out of touch can you get? He is a scoundrel and should be thrown out of office.

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