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Most red-light runners who get a citation after being caught on camera in the City of St. Louis are not repeat offenders. That’s the crux of a new analysis of the city’s violator-funded red light safety camera program. Nearly 350,000 red light running violations were reviewed in the city from the time the camera enforcement program started in February 2007 through this past August. Nearly 80 percent of those receiving a ticket after being caught on camera running a red light did not receive a second ticket. And just 15 percent of drivers received two citations. This is consistent with studies around Missouri and nationally showing red light safety cameras have a positive influence on safer driver behavior. In the program’s lifetime in the City of St. Louis, the number of red light running violations has decreased an average of 55 percent for all locations with cameras. Some reductions in red light running are as high as 87 percent from when the cameras first became operational. Because the program is violator funded and other police resources can be deployed toward serious crimes, cops call the safety cameras a force multiplier that doesn’t gobble the tax dollars of safe drivers. And cops are calling on the safety cameras to provide evidence helpful in non-traffic related crime investigations. Video from the red light cameras helped in the investigation of the hit and run driver who killed St. Louis City police officer David Haynes in 2010.


  • Not Politically Hooked Up says:

    It’s pretty well known where the money goes–to the local political “consultants”.

  • TheTruthMonger says:

    The red light cameras aren’t what you think. Do some research.

  • Rick Suarez says:

    Wow, you guys are out of control. The truth hurts, doesn’t it? Because you don’t like the results of the study? Additional facts are: a PORTION, a small portion of the money goes to the company that paid for the cameras and technology, and the rest goes to the municipality as standard ticket revenue. it all depends upon what the fine was that the muni put into place with it. Geez. Red light camera monitoring works…just as if an officer was there with his car. It is indeed, “force multiplication” for a fraction of the cost.

  • buttinsky says:

    Would be interested in who paid for the study?

  • jbaby says:

    The ones in Creve Coeur are PATHETIC! Coming off 270 and going west on Olive if you go thru the light on yellow you hit a red light in the middle of the intersection. I was hooked there. I was going to court & fight it.
    When I heard the procedure and that hundreds had been trapped like I was, I just paid the $100. It sucks. . .literally

  • RETIRED1 says:

    KMOV Channel 4 is doing a report on Thursday Oct.25 showing how wealthy the out of town owners of these red light cameras are getting at the expense of Missouri drivers!

  • Marge says:

    Hey Retired1, aren’t the ones paying for the camera program the ones running the red lights, not taxpayers? If you don’t want money to go to the camera owner don’t run the red light, that is easy. I want the SLMPD to have live officers available to deal with serious crimes like carjackings, robberies and such. If the cameras raise some money from those who are so important they must run red lights and hit my car and endanger my family, it is fine with me. Jerk drivers.

  • Anonymous says:

    Red lights seem to be the cause of much angst so why don’t we just get rid of ALL RED LIGHTS? There would be no need for cameras. There would be no need to have laws governing red lights. And ALL the violators who drive THRU an intersection ignoring red lights wouldn’t any more because who would care? No more tickets. No more violations. Maybe that would make everyone happy. Why do we need red lights anyway? Forget stop signs too. Why in the world did we ever think red lights and stop signs are worth a damn?

    Just think of the gridlock. Lanes of cars piling up behind each other waiting for each car to give permission to the other cars to let them go thru and waiting for your turn. Then finally it’s your turn, but you actually go cautiously thru the intersection because you think that other guy might think its his turn instead of yours.

    Isn’t that system MUCH BETTER than worrying about some red light cameras?

    Traffic laws were written for the safety of all the drivers, some of whom are irresponsible enough to violate a red light driving thru an intersection at the peril of everyone else at that intersection.

    Guess what would happen if ALL of you FOLLOWED and OBEYED THE LAW? No tickets, no revenue, no worries and maybe, just maybe no one would wind up getting killed or maimed because some of some stupid idiot who thinks driving thru a red light is OK.


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