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European media giant Bertelsmann is poised to issue an IPO.  The conglomerate controls broadcaster RTL Group, Random House and FreemantleMedia, producer of “American Idol” and “The X Factor”. . .Rose “The Job Doctor” Jonas is penning an e-book with her son, David Finkelstein, titled, “How to Figure Out What You Want to Do Next,” which is being edited by Dick Weiss and is due out April 15 at cyber-book stores.  Jonas’ previous effort was a 10,000-word paper, “Living on Stress Mountain: Strategies For Doing Well When Your Life Sucks.”  “Clients have told me what works for them,” she said.  “This is a compendium of their advice. Take what you like from it, what you think will work for you. May it help you feel less precariously perched here in this thin mountainous air” and she quotes Henry Kissinger: “There cannot be a stressful crisis next week.  My schedule is already full”. . .Barrister Al Watkins and his wife, Paige, will head to Gotham for the Betty White roast at the Friars Club.  Not only that, they will visit with former Ritz St. Louis’ food & bev guy Angus Bright, who now lives in South Carolina serving as GM of a golf pro signature country club/plantation.  Watkin’s bro, attorney John Watkins is a member of the Friars.  Their mom, Nancy,  was a pal of White, when they both lived in Chappaqua, NY. . .Our town’s renowned criminal defense attorney Scott Rosenblum was spotted celebrating his recruitment of up-and-coming attorney Katie Hummel at Bob O’Laughlin’s hotspot 360. Between trading war stories with former Rosenblum protege Vanessa Antoniou, the barristers congratulated U. City’s own Cornell Haynes, II on the wrap of his next album and its first single, which Nelly expects to be released in April.  Later, Rosenblum and Antoniou dined at Herbie’s ’72, pitching in between courses to extinguish a three-alarm fire in the kitchen. . .Many local companies trade on having familiar family names.  But sometimes, a well-known last name is problematic for a business owner. Take Schlafly’s brewery.  On its website’s FAQ’s it includes this:  “Does Phyllis orAndrew Schlafly have anything to do with the brewery?”  Phyllis Schlafly is brewery owner Tom Schlafly’s aunt by marriage.  Andrew is Phyllis’ son and Tom Schlafly’s cousin.  Neither Phyllis, nor Andrew Schlafly are involved with Schlafly Beer in any way.  Why does this matter?  Because Phyllis and Andy are conservative lawyers and activists whose political efforts are likely anethema to a big chunk of the brewery’s patron.


Politicos from Sen. Claire McCaskill to Missouri state Auditor Tom “Owl Eyes” Schweich to Gov. Jay Nixon battle – with words and lawsuits – over disaster relief funds, perhaps Misourians victimized by the next tornado or flood will get a tad more federal aid if GOP hopeful Michelle Bachman replaces President Obama.  Bachman has a brother, Gary Amble, who lives in KC.  He happens to be a meteorologist for KCTV-5. . . .David Schwartz, the former Webster U. grad student who was terminated from his pusuit of a master’s degree in counseling for “lack of empathy,” will conduct an empathy workshop at the Zoo at noon tomorrow on the site of the polar bear exhibit, sez his mouthpiece and press agent Al Watkins. . .  Cannon Design is taking its signature charitable event, benefiting urban arts and education outreach on the road.  Proceeds will come frtom a three-day auction to support COCA and its urban arts programs.  Contributions have come in from renown architects Norman Foster, Michael Graves, Steven Holl, Helmut Jahn and others. . . A history professor claims that about this date in 1861. a Union general in our town “acting completely on his own and without precedent,” issued the first Emancipation Proclamation “a full year before Abraham Lincoln issued his own.” The fascinating 1,600 word saga involves two Missouri governors (Hamilton Gamble and Frank Blair), a military commander (Gen. David Hunter), a future GOP presidential candidate (John C. Fremont), a prominent abolitionist (Sen. Charles Sumner)and a Missouri First Lady who was the daughter of Thomas Hart Benton.  The academic, Michael Fellman, has authored eight books on the Civil War. . .Greg Marecek’s St. Louis Sports Hall of Fame has partnered with the Missouri Athletic Club to host the “St. Louis Rookies of the Year” Thursday, Sept. 22.  Many of the rookies will be on hand including Roy Sievers of the Browns, Cardinals Albert Pujols, Wally Moon, Vince Coleman and Todd Worrell.  Gridders to be honored are Johnny Roland, Ottis Anderson and Rams qb Sam Bradford. Others: Blues defenseman Barrett Jackman, the Hawks’ Bob Pettit, the St. Louis Stars’ Jim Leeeker and the Steamers’ Don Ebert and Steve Pecher.


The young Orthodox Jewish securities broker, Joshua Gould, has been indicted by a federal grand jury in connection with his actions within the Orthodox Jewish community.  Gould has been charged with one count of mail fraud and one count of wire fraud” in his Ponzi scheme. David Rubin was also indicted in connection with the matter by virtue of the cooperation and efforts of Gould.  Said Gould’s barrister Al Watkins: “Mr. Gould remains deeply committed to demonstrating his acceptance of responsibility.”

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