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Perched at the cusp of the Fourth of July, the columnist reflected on whether anyone can recite/sing “America The Beautiful,” published on a
July 4 by Katherine Lee Bates. On the Fourth of July, Yankees’ owner George Steinbrenner, Ann Landers, Abigail Van Buren, Neil Simon, and Malia Ann Obama were born and Presidents John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and James Monroe died on July 4th. The days leading up to the Fourth, many of us are bored with non-stop reports on the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge‘s honeymoon tour of Canada; the drama at the murder trials of Casey Anthony and Amanda Knox; the Strauss-Kahn mess; the Wimbledon; actor George Hamilton‘s upcoming thesping in “La Cage Aux Folles” (think Ideal casting?) and the marriage of Prince Albert of Monaco to Charlene Wittstock and her Armani gown. Enough already!  Gay Pride parades and celebrations abounded with some guys at Clementine’s chanting, “Yank My Doodle It’s a Dandy,” paraphrasing “Yankee Doodle Dandy.” Those folks planning to attend barbecues are wracking their brains trying to decide what to bring their hosts. Candies imported from Aldi’s Zagreb? Candles that turn out to emit fragrances like lavatories? Booklets on Jewish sports greats? Books on alphabetizing  can goods?


Ed Martin will swoop down on Ladue’s Deer Creek Club at 12 p.m., Feb. 10 for a Missouri Eagle Forum.  His speech “Election fraud is like original sin; reflections on my battles with ACORN and stolen votes. . .Just in from Concrete City, ubiquitous actress Estelle Siteman has completed research and shopping for her next starring role in “The Lady with All the Answers,” due to hit the boards here in May. The play is themed on the late advice columnist Ann Landers. . .Year-to-date stats on airport screening from the Department of Homeland Security: weapons discovered-0; transvestites-133; hernias-1,485; hemorrhoid cases-3,172; enlarged prostates-8,249; breast implants-58,350 and natural blondes-3. . .That was former KWMU staffer Hillary Wicai (now Hillary Wical-Viers) quoted in Sunday’s N.Y. Times, headlined, “For Capitol’s Nursing Mothers, an Escape From Politics,” describing Viers as “a former Democratic communications director on the Hill, who was recently hired in the same post for the Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues.”  It told how she “spent the past year using a House of Representatives’ lactation suite,” set up under the reign of Nancy Pelosi, to nurse her baby and “reach across party lines to share baby tips”. . .KTRS’ J.C. Corcoran’s predictions for 2011: “The St. Louis Rams will formally announce they want a new stadium.  Not to be upstaged, the Cardinals will ask for another one, also.  In December, St. Louis will experience a mass exodus as residents attempting to avoid re-airings of KSDK’s Cindy Pressler‘s ‘ Elf promo.  In May, the new ‘American Idol’ winner will have to wait several weeks to be officially crowned when Ed Martin challenges the results and demands a recount.  Tornadoes will again hit out-state Missouri causing millions of dollars in improvements.  A Tea Party rally in St. Louis will make national headlines when every word on demonstrators’ signs is spelled correctly.  Sam Bradford will text a photo of his junk to a female reporter.  Initially fearing a scandal, Rams’ management will learn the photo depicts old and unused items from Bradford’s garage and basement he intends to sell at a garage sale.”

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