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Claire McCaskill legitimately raped Todd Akin!,” mugged Stewart.
Shifting demographics caught Republicans off-guard with Team Obama’s campaign recruiting Chicago behavioral scientists.  They tapped into a new source of voters via a sophisticated data base packed with names of millions of undecided voters and potential supporters. That created “a portrait of shifting voter allegiances.. .The Donald W. Reynolds Foundation has forked over $30 million to Mizzou to continue funding operations of the journalism institute bearing his name. . .Key sales figures fell for McDonald’s in October for the first time since 2003.  So, the Oakbrook, IL-based firm is ramping up its advertising for Dollar Meal.  Longtime rivals, Burger King and Wendy’s, meanwhile, are launching new ad pushes, while Chipotle Mexican Grill and Panera Bread are flourishing. . .Hats off for Christopher McGraugh who has been anointed by Guv. Nixon as St. Louis associate judge filling the vacancy created by Circuit Judge Michael Stelzer. . .Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper andRobert DeNiro star in “Silver Linings Playbook,” (tonight-Nov. 18) at the Tivoli as the opener of St. Louis International Film Festival (SLIFF).  More than 400 films will be unspooled with 50 countries represented throughout the festival..  More than 100  filmakers including Beau Willimon, recipient of the Charles Guggenheim St. Louis Award. . .Not to be missed – “The Mikado,” which hits the boards at 8 p.m., Friday at the Skip Viragh Center for the Arts at Chaminade. . .Dierbergs is being romanced to build a market in Glen Carbon, IL by the Moran Economic Development on behalf of the Premiere RE, Inc.  No businesses have yet been signed for the planned mall on the 328-acre site but establishments are being sought similar to those in Edwardsville.


Missouri native Tommy Sowers was confirmed Thursday by the United States Senate as an Assistant Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs. Sowers, 36, returns to serving America in a military and public service role after an unsuccessful 2010 bid for Congress in southeast Missouri. A native of Rolla, Sowers’ new full title is Assistant Secretary for Public and Intergovernmental Affairs. After graduating from Duke with a bachelors degree in public policy, Sowers served 11 years in the U.S. Army, leaving active duty service in 2009 at the rank of major. His Army service included twice leading Green Beret teams in Iraq and leading a combat engineers batallion in Kosovo. During his military career, Sowers earned his masters and doctoral degrees from the London School of Economics and Political Science. He taught American government and politics courses at West Point before joining the faculty of Missouri University of Science & Technology back in his hometown of Rolla. After his congressional campaign, Sowers served as a senior advisor to the Iraw and Afghanistan Veterans of America, service Sowers said he will be able to continue in his new role at the VA. The job duties include overseeing the VA’s information outreach efforts to veterans, families and survivors, as well as relations with the Pentagon and state and local governments. Introducing Sowers recently to the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee, Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill called Sowers “an extraordinary Missourian” who “understands today’s veteran.


GOP presidential contender Mitt Romney just may eclipse President Obama’s haul in Holllywood, when he drops into California this week for two fundraisers tossed by some of the state’s GOP high rollers.  Billionaire investor and philanthropistTony Pritzer, the Hyatt Hotels heir, will have a gathering at a dinner for which tickets go for $50k a couple. Charles Bartlett Johnson, the heir to the Templeton Franklin fortune, along with former Secretary of State George Schulz and ex-gov Pete Wilson are expected to attend.  Co-chairs of the northern California event include Seagate’s Steve Luczo, Meg Whitman,Cisco’s Brian Halla, Dick Boyce, Goldman Sachs’ Brad DeFoor and Romney’s one-time Bain Capital partner Vince Tobkin. . .Little Willard MO played host to a debate on Friday by Republican senatorial hopefuls. The gem of the night:  Sarah Steelman admitted that she sponsored the successful bill to permit concealed handguns the year after Missouri citizens voted against it. . .The lead editorial today in the New York Times blasts the Chamber of Commerce for its ads attacking Sen. Claire McCaskill.  (“Call McCaskill.  Tell her Missouri doesn’t need government-run health care.”)  The organization spent $33 million on elections in 2010, almost all of it backing Republicans. . .Over the past few days, more than St. Louis weather has been hot.  Ex-Cards slugger Albert Pujols has hit four homers in his last six games.  He’s had quite a slump:  through the first 30 games of the season, Pujols was hitting only .190 with just one homer. . .It’s official.  Plaintiff’s lawyers are formally trying to recover $35 million for clergy sex abuse victims which they say were fraudulently transferred from parishes by then-Archbishop Timothy Dolan on the eve the archdiocese sought bankruptcy protection. . .Next week, historian Douglas Brinkley will discuss his biography of renowned news anchor and Missourian Walter Cronkite at Maryville University thanks to the sponsorship of Left Bank Books and St. Louis Public Radio. . .Our town’s Jamala Rogers, columnist with the St. Louis American and long time activist with the Organization for Black Struggle, has been tapped for an Alston Bannerman Sabbatical Fellowship by the Center for Social Inclusion.  It comes with a $25k award and a three-month sabbatical for “renewal”.  . .Drinks are on the house courtesy of FOX 2’s Spencer Koch for the station’s 21st sweep in a row of ratings from sign-on to sign-off as market leader among adults 25-54. . .Mo. AG Chris Koster heads to Columbia, MO at the Stony Creek Inn to conduct a conference on protecting against financial fraud. He’ll be joined by O’Fallon, Mo.-based MasterCard’s leading brass. . .And, yes, that was Sammy Hagar enjoying the good life the other night at Annie Gunn’s.


Senator Claire McCaskill  complains that two weeks ago, Martha Johnson,  the then-head of the General Services Administration, ducked a meeting with her, apparently because Johnson knew that an embarrassing report on the agency’s expensive Las Vegas conference would soon be released. “As a government auditor,” McCaskill reportedly said, “I have found that there are two possible responses from an agency when they get a critical audit. One is to say, ‘You know what, you’re right, we need to do better and we’re going to fix it.’ The other is to circle the wagons, rationalize and obfuscate. G.S.A. had the latter down to an art form”. . .Former St. Louis archbishop Raymond Burke may soon preside over a highly unusual case in his role as head of the Catholic church’s top court.  In an unusual move, Cleveland Bishop Richard Lennon has been ordered by Vatican officials to re-open parishes that he closed as part of the diocese’s “downsizing.”  Lennon may appeal that decision to Burke’s court, called the Signatura.  Burke, now permanently ensconced in Rome, recently rubbed shoulders in Florida with President George W. Bush, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, and other conservatives at a gala for Legatus, a group of Catholic CEOs founded by Domino’s pizza founder Tom Monaghan. . .Husch Blackwell partner Christopher Rockers has been installed as prez of the American College of Commercial Finance Lawyers. . .The Chicago Tribune headline seemed more like fiction: “Prison note details how priest allegedly conspired with mob hit man.”  The story details the bizarre case of Fr. Eugene Klein, a priest for 40 years, who repeatedly visited a vicious mob killer, Frank Calabrese, Sr. in prison and is accused of colluding with Calabrese to try and sell a valuable violin hidden in the mobster’s home to help pay for his defense (and prevent the government from seizing it).  Klein contends that during some of the alleged wrongdoing, he was in St. Louis tending to his ill mother. . .St. Louis’ Interfaith Committee on Latin America celebrated its 30th anniversary the other night at the Maplewood’s Maya Cafe (designed by Bill Christman) by honoring two of its long-serving leaders.  Bill Ramsey and Virginia Druhe had both traveled and worked in Central America and have been active in influencing our national policies towards our neighbors to the south.  After a super dinner, the group danced away to the Latin sounds of Clave Sol. . .Looking for a different kind of live music this weekend?  Head to Rue Lafayette Saturday night for the unusual sounds of Whack-A-Doo, which specializes in “toe-tapping vintage swing, folksy and Americana and speakeasy syncopation.”  The quartet – Valerie Tichacek, Paul Davis, Brian Reno andMark Hrabovsky – has an upbeat style reminiscent of nostalgic eras: the cafes of the 1920s Europe.  Prohibition, juice joints and back porch swing.  They’ve performed at the City Museum, First Night St. Louis and at political fundraisers. . .OwnersJennifer Klayman and her mom, Lois Klayman, have debuted Re-Designz at 6352 Delmar Blvd. in The Loop. The two women offer a mix of retro and contemporary goods from mid-century furniture to today’s funky jewelry.


Politicos from Sen. Claire McCaskill to Missouri state Auditor Tom “Owl Eyes” Schweich to Gov. Jay Nixon battle – with words and lawsuits – over disaster relief funds, perhaps Misourians victimized by the next tornado or flood will get a tad more federal aid if GOP hopeful Michelle Bachman replaces President Obama.  Bachman has a brother, Gary Amble, who lives in KC.  He happens to be a meteorologist for KCTV-5. . . .David Schwartz, the former Webster U. grad student who was terminated from his pusuit of a master’s degree in counseling for “lack of empathy,” will conduct an empathy workshop at the Zoo at noon tomorrow on the site of the polar bear exhibit, sez his mouthpiece and press agent Al Watkins. . .  Cannon Design is taking its signature charitable event, benefiting urban arts and education outreach on the road.  Proceeds will come frtom a three-day auction to support COCA and its urban arts programs.  Contributions have come in from renown architects Norman Foster, Michael Graves, Steven Holl, Helmut Jahn and others. . . A history professor claims that about this date in 1861. a Union general in our town “acting completely on his own and without precedent,” issued the first Emancipation Proclamation “a full year before Abraham Lincoln issued his own.” The fascinating 1,600 word saga involves two Missouri governors (Hamilton Gamble and Frank Blair), a military commander (Gen. David Hunter), a future GOP presidential candidate (John C. Fremont), a prominent abolitionist (Sen. Charles Sumner)and a Missouri First Lady who was the daughter of Thomas Hart Benton.  The academic, Michael Fellman, has authored eight books on the Civil War. . .Greg Marecek’s St. Louis Sports Hall of Fame has partnered with the Missouri Athletic Club to host the “St. Louis Rookies of the Year” Thursday, Sept. 22.  Many of the rookies will be on hand including Roy Sievers of the Browns, Cardinals Albert Pujols, Wally Moon, Vince Coleman and Todd Worrell.  Gridders to be honored are Johnny Roland, Ottis Anderson and Rams qb Sam Bradford. Others: Blues defenseman Barrett Jackman, the Hawks’ Bob Pettit, the St. Louis Stars’ Jim Leeeker and the Steamers’ Don Ebert and Steve Pecher.


Arlene and Dr. Phillip Korenblat

Arlene and Dr. Phillip Korenblat

MoDot has presented a proposal to reduce staffing, facilities and equipment “to put more funding toward vital road and bridge projects. The proposal was sent to the Missouri Highway and Transportation Commish. . .Chez Leon was where attorney Gene Zafft and his wife, Maureen, entertained pals at their table d’hote, while the go-to barrister mentioned he’s now representing several descendants of brewery magnate Adolphus Busch in a trust matter. Nearby were Bob Green, walker for Lois Cook, whose ex (for 30 years)

Lois Cook

Lois Cook

was famed banker Sam Cook, whose sobriquet was “Blythe Spirit.” Of Sam, 89, Lois sighed, “I still love him.” Sam once gave $2.5 million to Mizzou to fund a chair for research in the study of macroeconomics – chump change for one of the nation’s top economists. Chef Marcel Keravel’s signature popiete de raie, skatewing stuffed with artichoke mouse and lemon butter, was de rigeuer that evening. . . “Rusty” Carnahan emailed everyone on his lists to shoot down robocalls “distorting my record by

Elizabeth Gambaro and Mark Phillips

Elizabeth Gambaro and Mark Phillips

using a political stunt,” he wrote. The robocalls included this message: “After spending recklessly and maxing out the nation’s credit card, Carnahan demanded that Congress vote to increase the nation’s debt limit without making any spending cuts.” Rusty countered, “Republicans are prepared to spend big dollars spreading lies”. . U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill’s office has emailed invitations to attend a fundraiser for her reelection bid, that will be hosted at 150 Central Ave. in Clayton by Diane Gershman and Jimmy Jenkins. Guests are invited to chip in from $500 each to $5,000. Sniffed one of the recipients, “That’s enough to send her back for lessons at a flying school”. . .The conference of the U.S. Federation of the Sisters of St. Joseph will be held July 12 at the Millenium Hotel, where nearly

900 Sisters from St. Louis and across the nation and the world will gather. The key objective will be to salute the hotel for its signing of the EPCAT code to combat human trafficking. . .Shaun Hayes‘ manse at 9 Fordyce Lane was slated for foreclosure, while he owns two other houses – on Glen Eagles Drive and on Collingwood Drive in Olivettte. . .Laurie Klayman has been dubbed manager of the Tumi boutique at Plaza Frontenac. The shop, which will vend luxury travel, business and lifestyle accessories debuts June 16. . .Over on The Hill at Viviano & Sons bossmen John, Sr., John, Jr., and Tony are offering Sapori Antichi,

gluten-free pasta in a spectrum of colors and cuts such as the Vatican, the Eiffel Tower and other landmarks. That’s where we espied lovely oenophile Valery Welp Starr, who reps Terra Firma Wines. . .Over at Adriana Fazio’s namesake dinery, she has named dishes after her heiresses: Tia, Diane and Suzanne. . .The Foundry Arts Center will pay tribute to Bobby Darin on July 15 with the music of Robert Shaw and The Stardusters Orchestra. . .Canoodles: Missouri Baking’s Gambaro family is still

celebrating the marriage of Elizabeth Gambaro to Mark Phillips, who tied the knot at St. Ambrose Catholic Church followed by a pouring at the Rose of the Hill on June 10. Parents are: Chris and Diane Gambaro; Charlie and Shirley Phillips of Affton. . Asthma and allergy specialist Dr. Phillip Korenblat and wife Arlene toasted their grandsons at Tony’s. . .On June 24, the ubiquitous musician Patrick Clark of Channel 11 will have a CD release party on June 24 in the Duck Room at Blueberry Hill.


Anne Stupp, Charlene Prost, Bill Shswacker and Robert Stupp

Anne Stupp, Charlene Prost, Bill Shswacker and Robert Stupp

At the apex of her powers as a museum founder and benefactor, Emily Pulitzer, whose largesse helped propel The Beacon into a viral success, was front and center Monday at the online newspaper’s brunch.  The fundraising soiree took place on the grounds of Andy and Peasy Love’s Westmoreland Place manse.  The savoir faire was quickly established with Lawrence Barton serving as  tapmaster. “He’s with the good Racquet Club on Kingshighway,” pointed out a guest. SallyAltman and Richard Weiss were on hand and he introed us to his and partners’ new online product. Richard with Laszlo Domjan, Tim Rowden and Kristina Sauerwein – all former Post-Dispatch employees – have launched to help provide professionals with “high-quality, same-day editing” on most documents. Under

Sandy and Cynthia Peters

Sandy and Cynthia Peters

the banner of WeissWrite LLC, a client may upload documents and request the sort of editing desired.  Former WashU Chancellor William Danforth arrived on crutches and could barely stand erect. He said, “When I was chancellor, I thought I had good advice, but nothing for this.” He complained of back problems, while Carol Walker motioned behind his back that he had fallen. As for the time spent in Hungary, Carol said, “We have had good friends there. If we stick around long enough, they’ll be coming here any minute.”  Her husband, former Ambassador to Hungary and diehard Republican Bert Walker told The Beacon’s Dick Weil that he has spoken with former U.S. Sen. George Voinovich, (R, Ohio), who revealed to Walker, “I

Andy Love, Emily Pulitzer and Maggie Stearns

Andy Love, Emily Pulitzer and Maggie Stearns

like Claire McCaskill.” Following the columnist’s sneezes, 45-year vet at SLU Dr. Ray Slavin pointed out, “We now have antihistamines that don’t make you sleepy.  People don’t have to live with their allergies anymore.”John McPheeters, whose dad Tom was a partner in yesteryear’s Bryan Cave, said, “I’m a farmer,” which broke up Andy Love. McPheeters explained that he owns Bowood Nursery and the Osage Restaurant, 4605 Olive St. “Why did they name Olive Street Road?,”argued Love. “Don’t they have enough streets?” Love ponted out that his Heartland Banks are now providing leasing of needs for small businesses that wouldn’t have bank credit.

Joe Losos, Richard Weiss, Carolyn Losos

Joe Losos, Richard Weiss, Carolyn Losos

The banks are an offshoot of his family’s first mortgage business, Love & Sons. “My grandfather was in the Confederate cavalry and came to St. Louis in the 1850s,” he hailed. Industrial developer Joe Carpenter introduced his fiancee and Chicagoan and marketer of the Admiral on the Lake, Rita Winters, after which he explained how he first spotted the dormant Fox Theatre as a ripe candidate for renovation. “I took Leon Strauss to breakfast,” he explained. “Then I showed him the Fox and told him of the possibilities to turn it into a showplace.” Harriet Baron, ex-wife of urban planner Richard Baron, offered that she’s now heading WashU’s January Program for freshmen classes.

Theresa, Jack and Henry Biggs with Andy Love

Theresa, Jack and Henry Biggs with Andy Love

Her daughter Emily is studying at the University of Illinois-Chicago, majoring in – what else? – urban planning.  On hand were: co-chairs of the benefitTheresa and Henry BiggsCynthia and Sandy Peters; The Beacon office manager and planner of the party theme Martin Kaplin; national press rep of Opera Theatre of St. Louis (OTSL) Maggie Stearns; OTSL general director Tim O’Leary with wife Kara and daughter Rose; Circus Flora’s Laura Carpenter Balding and David Balding, who brought Billy the Pony and a miniature piano-playing Romany the rooster and The Beacon family of gm Nicole Hudson Holloway with her husbandCameron Hollway and their kids Hudson and Hugh; editor Margaret Wolf Freivogel

Dr. Royal and Donna Eaton, Nancy and Dr. Robert Taxman

Dr. Royal and Donna Eaton, Nancy and Dr. Robert Taxman

and her husband Bill, The Beacon board member and director of the School of Journalism at SIU-Carbondale; Weil, board chair of The Beacon, with his wife,Josephine and Robert Duffy, mastermind of the entire do.


Bill Siedhoff and Charles Jaco

FOX 2’s Charles Jaco staked out the entrance to downtown’s The Dubliner to get sound bites from Sen. Claire McCaskill before she arrived for her fundraiser.  The wise Jaco wanted to scoop other media types who might arrive.  With him was Bill Siedhoff, director of the city’s Dept. of Human Services, who had just come from meetings with IBM loaned execs collecting data on crime and public safety. Asked about the homeless encampment on the riverfront, Siedhoff pointed out, “We will have permanent settlement housing for them.” Without fanfare, McCaskill arrived and generously gave interviews to Jaco and a KMOV reporter to whom McCaskill responded on

Claire McCaskill and Bryan Wahby

her and husband Joe Shepard’s wealth.  “I worked my way through college as a waitress, while Joe worked in a steel mill,” she recalled. In the upstairs party room, Rick Destefane, ceo of Reliant Care Group, addressed the flap over McCaskill’s airplane: “She stubbed her toe, but she’s not going to break it.”  Destefane, who shares a house in the Ozarks with Claire and Joe, touted the April 3 bow of his and Keith Rhodes‘ Mile 277 at Watson and Lindbergh (the former Viking) where “bands will play two or three times a day and will offer Mexican and Cajun food. It will have a motorcycle theme.”  Like Shepard, he is also

McCaskill and Rick Destefane

an owner of nursing homes with a fifth to open April 1 in East St. Louis. Nancy Lieberman, prez of the youth initiative, go! St.Louis, said 60,000 participants are expected to attend the run April 9-10 covering three events.  She said, “It’s an investment in youth and we also will have 19,000 students and children in the marathon.” Upon leaving the cavernous Dubliner, the columnist noted gawkers trying to catch a glimpse of the senator.  One of them uttered the old Gaelic expression, “Though wisdom is good at the beginning, it is better at the end.”

Danny Dragicevic and Molly Bohde

Donna and Don Glenn and Monty Franklin

Clay and Mike Harbor


Talk about poor timing!  Just as the scandal over Claire McCaskill’s
private plane is, excuse the pun, “taking off”, her re-election
fundraising letter is hitting thousands of local mailboxes.  She crows,
“I’m focused like a laser on reducing spending, cutting waste and saving
taxpayer money.”


The invitation read that Mr. and Mrs. Darryl Ross will host a dinner Sunday night “to honor Ed Martin” in the Republican’s race against U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill. Tix range from $500-$2,500. The frolic was set for The Plaza in Clayton, the same location where the Rosses tossed a fundraiser for Ed in his race against Cong. Russ Carnahan. However, a tenant in the building complained that the by-laws forbid political events. So, the dinner has been moved to Old Warson C.C. One guest asked the burning question: “Are more folks looking out for Claire than Russ?”

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