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Richmond Heights native Ryan Fogle, 29, flew out of Moscow on Sunday for the U.S.  Fogle was the accused American spy for the CIA and was the third secretary of the U.S. Embassy in Moscow. . .Treasurer Clint Zweifel will announce a new education initiative partnership with the Jewish Federation tomorrow re unclaimed property worth $750 million for more than 4.4 million accounts. . .WashU researcher Jeffrey Gordon in the spotlight of the national media for his work on malnutrition in mice.  He found that the mice which were fed the children’s typical diets and could not metabolize nutrients and he concludes that it takes more than calories to cure malnutrition. . .Hostess to guest: “Is that a tan?”  Guest: “Yes.  Either that or my liver’s going.”


More than $23 million of unclaimed property has been returned during the first six months of fiscal 2012, says Mo. State Treasurer Clint Zweifel. “The amount is a 31 percent increase over the same record-setting period the previous year,” he wrote. . .The City of Dellwood has requested assistance from the St. Louis County cops and additional county officers are temporarily detached to Dellwood beginning today, according to county Chief Tim Fitch. . .Clayton barrister, Albert Watkins, who usually bombards media with emails: “‘Watkin’s World” airs on Fridays, 7-9 a.m. on KFNS FM 100.7″‘. . .From the “Stuff Journalists Like” blog: “New Year’s resolution for reporters: (1) Dinner can’t be anything that can be ordered by the number or in a drive-thru. (2) Quit smoking (unless accompanied by drinking). (3) Work on making bar tab less than rent. (4) Drink less at work, and (5) Appreciate the fact you still have a job in journalism.”


The man with the typewriter – or the hoe or the shovel or any other pre-electronic device – had to feel pretty much at the mercy of a lawyer to draw up a will or partnership arrangements, etc.  Then, there was a sudden renewal of pride in the much-derided phrase, “Yankee know how,” when hit cyberspace.  A class-action lawsuit was filed alleging that LegalZoom was illegally practicing law in Missouri.  It claimed that the law bars non-lawyers from preparing legal documents. A trial was set to begin yesterday, but was called off, because the matter was settled as civil litigation so often does. There were as many as 15,000 users of the do-it-yourself products. The settlement “does involve a change or abridgement of LegalZoom’s business practices in Missouri,” offered plaintiffs’ attorney David Butsch. . .Look for “The Godfather: Five Families” game to launch on Facebook on the heels of social gaming powerhouse Zynga’s “Mafia Wars”. . .The famously reclusive Belleville Bishop Edward Braxton is pledging to hold “open town hall-style meeting or meetings” to discuss what he calls “the Pastoral Plan for Parish Renewal and Restructuring for the Diocese of Belleville.”  Like most dioceses, the Catholic church in southern Illinois faces a continuing priest shortage.  Braxton’s asking the flock to “propose realistic concrete suggestions for the future of their parishes and schools” while avoiding “the temptation to embraces skepticism and cynicism.” A longer explanation of the process is now online at the diocesan website. . .Mo. State Treasurer Clint Zweifel commented on today’s unanimous approval of a $122 million housing plan to tackle homelessness in Missouri: “We are going to embark on the creation of sustainable long-term housing that begins the process of eliminating homelessness for 24,000 Missourians, of which 5,000 are veterans and 16,000 are school-age children”. .  .And now we have the first University City Jazz Festival, which will take place 11 a.m.-7 p.m., Sept. 24 in Heman Park.  Headline features are Jeanne Trevor, Mike Silverman’s Classical Jazz Quartet and a John Coltrane tribute featuring Maurice Carnes Hipjaz Quintet.


The burning question is would you pay $300 a ticket for the second row in the Fox orchestra pit to hear an 84 year-old singer?  If so, that’s what the tariff will be to hear Tony Bennett sing “I Lost My Heart in San Cholesterol on Nov. 16. Would you open a restaurant on nutty streets as Walnut and Chestnut? Would you buy a condo on Forest Park Parkway near the sprawling Barnes-Jewish campus and drive to Illinois to work each day over a bridge which tolls for thee – a few bucks a week in tolls? Would you enjoy hearing Michael Feinstein accompanied by the St. Louis Symphony?  Well, that will happen come May 13 at Powell Hall. Then, there’s conservative state Sen. Jane Cunningham, who has launched a campaign for re-election in 2012. . .State Treasurer Clint Zweifel has awarded $200 million in low interest loans during the first half of 2011. . .And, Jeff Smith has been dubbed assistant prof of politics and advocacy at the New School of Management and Urban Policy in New York.


With banks easing terms on loans, our town’s Truman Bank has been unforgiving with Shaun Hayes and has foreclosed on his house on St. Andrews. . .Auomotive giant Frank Bommarito got a phone call this week from U.S. Secretary of Transportation Ray Lahood thanking him for his company’s ads that, instead of selling cars, driving cars while distracted was the theme. . .A summons was recently served at the Kirkwood residence of Grand Slam Sports prez and GM David Greene. Greene allegedly breached a contract with CitiBank of South Dakota for an unpaid balance of $33k. Grand Slam Sports owns St. Louis Sports magazine. . .The amiable Caitlin Kirby has jumped ship from One 19 North Tapas Wine and Bar in Kirkwood, where she was a managing partner over a rift with Pat and Ellen Carr. Kirby is the heiress of Tim and Joan Kirby of Duff’s in the CWE. . . Sprightly ophthalmologist Bob Munsch, was expected at the nupts of his pal Prince Albert to Charlene Wittsock in Monaco. . . Another aisle-walk in our town will be this weekend’s merger of AMT Electric exec David Mooney to Fort Zumwalt South science teacher Caitlin Smith at DeMenil House. . .Mo. Secty. of Treasury Clint Zweifel sez 120,000 accounts containing $36 million of unclaimed property have been claimed.


Brenda Smith, mother of Terrance Hendricks, alleges that the St. Louis circuit judge was asleep most of the time, when he heard the trial of Hendricks, who was sentenced to life for robbery, assault, burglary and three counts of armed criminal action in a 2009 botched-up burglary. . .Civil rights activist, former NAACP attorney and nonogenarian Frankie M. Freeman will be honored with the NAACP’s highest honor, the Spingarn Medal, during its convention July 28 in Los Angeles. Instituted in 1914, the award recognizes an African-American for “outstanding and noble achievement during preceding years.” Freeman has dedicated her life ‘s work to the civil rights movement. . .Carl Hente’s 14-acre Schmittel’s Nursery in Maryland Heights has beckoned Shonda Lucks as its landscape designer and exec assistant over that one and the nursery in Troy, Mo. Veep Scott Egelhoff, Lucks and Hente have begun gearing up for trucks-load of locally grown trees and shrubbery as well as booking entertainers for the late spring and summer. Mo. State Treasurer Clint Zweifel opened up 1,200 safe deposit boxes received from 100 banks after they have had no contact after five years with the owners. The unclaimed property is sold at auction after two years and proceeds are held indefinitely for owners. Most unclaimed property contains cash, stocks and bonds from abandoned accounts. . .To satisfy the long lines of hungry and patient customers at her Jilly’s Cupcake Bar & Cafe in U. City, owner Jill Segal is planning to bow evening hours. For now, she
greets customers at daily lunch and unparalleled brunch on Sundays. Her talented top toque? Dana Holland, former chef at Mirasol.


Missouri Treasurer Clint Zweifel provided almost $300 million in loans to small businesses and farms in 2010, the most lent in the last 10 years.  It reportedly will impact 3,500 jobs and 950 farmers.  The money was approved by the Missouri Linked Deposit Program.  Zweifel pointed out that the low-interest loans have helped pharmacists, advanced manufacturers, residential energy, suppliers, community newspapers, hardware stores and cattle ranchers by providing needed capital. He said qualifying borrowers save 30 percent on the cost of the loan.


“You cannot take photos or interview members of the site committee,” demanded Brian Wahby, a force behind the St. Louis host committee to lure the convention to St. Louis.  (Sorry, Brian, by the time you said that, the columnist, a dutiful news gatherer, had already covered the group). The site team, that will make their recommendations to the deciders to hold the 2012 convention here, might have already pored through the 1,000-page proposal, that had been submitted. (St. Louis is one of four cities being considered, including Minneapolis, Charlotte and Cleveland).  A tension-filled, bipartisan gaggle of our town’s leading citizens romanced the committee over cocktails at the Hilton Ballpark Hotel before a concert was to begin in Kiener Plaza. On hand were: Kitty Ratcliff of the St. Louis Convention & Visitors Commish, who had just returned from Vancouver, where she took the show on the road at a trade show; County Exec Charlie Dooley on the Immigration Bill – “No one should have to carry an ID”; former mayor Vince Schoemehl with his wife, Lois – “It would be a celebration of the renaissance of downtown. It would be guaranteed to carry Missouri in 2012”; Missouri Treasurer Clint Zweifel – “It would be on a Super Bowl level”;  Martin Casas, president of the Young Democrats, with his wife, Katie – “It would be a new identity, a fresh outlook and perception of St. Louis”; GOPer Ray Wagner – “It’s all about showcasing St. Louis to the world, but I cannot further comment. I’m here for Enterprise (Rent-A -Car)”;  State Sen. Robin Wright-Jones – “It would stop St. Louis from being a midwestern, sleepy town”; site committee member Steve Kerrigan, sipping a Bud Select, to former Mo.Lt. Guv Joe Maxwell – “You have an amazing city”; Jerry Feldhaus, exec sect’y. and treasurer of the St. Louis Building Trades Council, turned to the woes of unemployment and moaned, “There is about 30 percent unemployment – across the board”; St. Louis Police Capt. Sam Dotson on the convention – “It’s ours to lose”;  East St. Louis Mayor Alvin Parks, with his wife, Jo Ann – “It would help boost the economy of East St. Louis through the spillover. We have gambling and entertainment.” . . . It’s a mystery why his Mysterious Majesty of Khorassan  (read that as the Veiled Prophet) banker Joe Imbs was a no-show.

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