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The Columnist and Gov. Rick Perry

Look for Texas Gov. Rick Perry to announce a campaign promise tomorrow in Pittsburgh, PA., that he will suspend all EPA regulations and “rebuild” the agency.”  Without Congressional action, he would create 1,6 million jobs in his first 120 days in office. He will also address his attempt to release untapped gas and coal energy. Asked if the Tea Party has lost its energy, Gov. Perry told the columnist, “The fuel’s still in the tank, but it needs a spark.”  Gov. Perry was at the Frontenac Hilton Hotel Thursday to rev up about 60 deep-pocket donors over lunch. Prominently on hand were Steve Brauer and his son, Steve Brauer, Jr. as well as Ed

Steve Brauer Jr. and Sr.

Martin, who is running for U.S. Cong. in 2012 in the 2nd Congressional District. He tipped that he’ll become a daddy again in February. “It was a long hot summer,” he said.


An internal poll commissioned by the fourth-term Democrat Russ Carnahan and exclusively by Politico, he may just run for reelection in his newly-configured 2nd Congressional District and it shows Carnahan in virtual dead heat with Republicans Ann Wagner and Ed Martin. . .Richard Rodawald of the Dedicated Closing Agency in Collinsville, Ill., has been sentenced to 30 months in prison for falsifying and concealing inflated fees on residential refinancing, according to the U.S. Attorney’s office.  The investigation was conducted by the the F.B.I. HUD and U.S. Attorney Michael Heap. . . In her new pageturner, Catherine Graves shares the bittersweet story of a woman tormented by a past for which she has no solution. Titled, “Checking Out: An In-depth Look at Losing Your Mind,” the book will be autographed by the author at 7 p.m., Sept. 8 at Left Bank Books.  She will also discuss the whys and wherefores. BTW Graves is the heiress of bon vivant David Charak.


Scribe Gordon Burnside is writing a book on the life of iconic labor leader and Teamsters boss Harold Gibbons. That’s the word from Gibbons’ son and attorney, Larry, who dined with his partner, Polly Burtch of Webster University at Protzel’s Deli in Clayton.  Larry recalled his dad’s friendship with Jimmy Hoffa of whom Gibbons was believed to be the likely heir. “Hoffa never drank or smoked,” began Larry. “He would come to our house and enjoyed conducting a contest of push-ups, which he did with one hand. Harold and dad’s friendship with Frank Sinatra led to the Rat Pack’s performance in 1965 at Kiel Auditorium to benefit Dismas House.” (The Rat Pack consisted of Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, Jr. and Sinatra.) Gibbons was vice-president of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, with which he helped research and submit a plan for the desegregation of schools as well as serving as a member of the American Civil Liberties Union and the NAACP. Harold is also credited with helping to create the University of Southern Illinois-Edwardsville, where its archives contain Gibbons’ papers. He died in 1982 at the age of 72.


An OBGN Dr. Ted Mimlitz and his colelague, Andy Wolf have created a new product coming soon on your supermarket shelves. It’s call ManDip, which they’ve already begun filling orders for 50 Schnucks Stores.  “We’re entering an industry that neither of us have ever worked in,” said Mimlitz.  Grocers’ predictions have it that the “chip and dip” product, containing spicy sausage and cheese, will become a mega-hit, according to Mimlitz. . .Then, there’s Jim Hoffman of Clean Market Design, which markets, designs and procures renewable energy systems for electrical contractors exclusively. One of the systems – a 10kw is being installed on the roof of Birkel Electrical in Chesterfield.  “Mike Birkel’s company will be the first electrical contractor in Missouri to get the renewable energy system installed on the roof, which will cover one-third of his current electrical requirements,” said Hoffman.


The Beacon online paper’s editor Margie Freivolgel had some interesting comments in her weekly newsletter on Rupert Murdoch’s News of the World and the scandal that’s sweeping Great Britain and the world.  She wrote, “. . .many newsrooms are similarly chasing eyeballs.  Crime and celebrities occupy a growing share of news budgets while public-spirited coverage shrinks. Like Murdoch’s British tabloids, his Fox News operation caters to a particular point of view. This blurring of lines between opinion and reporting can be lucrative, and it’s caught on.  Even the New York Times in its newly redesigned Sunday Review intermingles columnists and reported analysis”. . .Ed Martin continued his crusade as declared candidate for Congress having raised $245k in the last eight weeks.  He claimed that he has a 22 percent lead over Ann Wagner, the only declared candidate. . . The Rev. Nickolas Eugene Pinkston, who was arrested on child porn charges, is the third sexually troubled cleric who has worked at St. Ambrose Church on The Hill.  The others: Father Darrell Mitchell and Father Nicholas Volker. . .Following an almost 30-year career with the St. Louis Archdiocese, Frank Cognata has landed as chief development officer for Sisters of Mercy Health System. His colleague is newly-arrived Nancy Schnoebelen. . .



Is this progress? On Monday evening, former Ambassador of Luxembourg Ann Wagner popped into the Jefferson County Republican Central Committee meeting at the Ponderosa in Arnold. She told some of the guests that she was there because she’s thinking of running for office. According to some in the room, she admitted Arnold is “Ed Martin country” and attended just to say hello. No word yet whether the buffet was up to Duchy standards.


The invitation read that Mr. and Mrs. Darryl Ross will host a dinner Sunday night “to honor Ed Martin” in the Republican’s race against U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill. Tix range from $500-$2,500. The frolic was set for The Plaza in Clayton, the same location where the Rosses tossed a fundraiser for Ed in his race against Cong. Russ Carnahan. However, a tenant in the building complained that the by-laws forbid political events. So, the dinner has been moved to Old Warson C.C. One guest asked the burning question: “Are more folks looking out for Claire than Russ?”


Kim Tucci, Sherry Wibbemeyer, Joe Ambrose

Got a buzz out of being a hometowner on Tuesday evening despite the howling wind and sub-freezing temp.  It began at the Missouri History Museum, where Francis Slay‘s pre-Mayor’s Ball was held to raise extra bucks for the event on March 4 at City Hall.  That’s when his Mardi Gras masquerade is held to raise money for the Soulard community.  With his wife Michelle, Fire Chief Dennis Jenkerson poo-poo’ed City Hall’s criticism of a swelling budget for his department of which the mayor’s chief of staff Jeff Rainford mentioned that it will reach 40 percent of the entire city’s budget:

Gary Best, Alexis Tucci, Martin Casas, Krista Mallett

“That’s money due to all the raises City Hall gave us. We didn’t steal anything. Not one of our 630 firefighters called in sick during the recent snow storm.” Others cornered at the buffet: Walgreen’s district manager Ed Catani: “Our new store on Olive Boulevard in Creve Coeur will open in April.  We won’t be building any more this year, but will be remodeling the 40 stores in my district. Also, new branding is being packaged for the company.” (Walgreens is one of the sponsor’s of the mayor’s events.)

Consultant Louis Hamilton: “AB-InBev contributed $50,000 in seed money for the ball.”

Ed Catani and Trish Hamilton

President of Young Democrats Martin Casas: “(2012 Senate hopeful) Ed Martin gives tons of crazy material to the media.”

Retired St. Louis Police Sgt. Dan Godfrey: “I recently ran into (former chief) Joe Mokwa at Lorenzo’s and he has so much money – $105k a-year in pension and $750k parting money.”
Word swept around the room in Bixby’s, the museum’s dinery, that more than a dozen employees in the U.S. Attorney’s office here are taking buyouts.
Kim Tucci was hailed on his Pasta House’s newest franchise and record-breaker on Manchester and Weidman Road, headed by

Fire Chief Dennis Jenkerson and wife Michelle

David Ruth. Charming Krista Mallett, who crafted the event, said she will begin working at Logos School,  after her awful experience at MADD.  Alexis Tucci of MAC Meetings & Events chirped the firm’s bookings are filling up for the year. Upon leaving, a few notable figures were spotted braving the cold to hear a lecture at the museum on anthropology and info on the new Athens museum. Shivering while coming in from a Forest Park parking lot were

Park Ranger Dan Stritzel, Ret. Sgt. Tom Godfrey, Louis Hamilton

Marilyn Lipman and Judy Brilliant, followed by John Harney, “the prince of chintz.”


Ed Martin will swoop down on Ladue’s Deer Creek Club at 12 p.m., Feb. 10 for a Missouri Eagle Forum.  His speech “Election fraud is like original sin; reflections on my battles with ACORN and stolen votes. . .Just in from Concrete City, ubiquitous actress Estelle Siteman has completed research and shopping for her next starring role in “The Lady with All the Answers,” due to hit the boards here in May. The play is themed on the late advice columnist Ann Landers. . .Year-to-date stats on airport screening from the Department of Homeland Security: weapons discovered-0; transvestites-133; hernias-1,485; hemorrhoid cases-3,172; enlarged prostates-8,249; breast implants-58,350 and natural blondes-3. . .That was former KWMU staffer Hillary Wicai (now Hillary Wical-Viers) quoted in Sunday’s N.Y. Times, headlined, “For Capitol’s Nursing Mothers, an Escape From Politics,” describing Viers as “a former Democratic communications director on the Hill, who was recently hired in the same post for the Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues.”  It told how she “spent the past year using a House of Representatives’ lactation suite,” set up under the reign of Nancy Pelosi, to nurse her baby and “reach across party lines to share baby tips”. . .KTRS’ J.C. Corcoran’s predictions for 2011: “The St. Louis Rams will formally announce they want a new stadium.  Not to be upstaged, the Cardinals will ask for another one, also.  In December, St. Louis will experience a mass exodus as residents attempting to avoid re-airings of KSDK’s Cindy Pressler‘s ‘ Elf promo.  In May, the new ‘American Idol’ winner will have to wait several weeks to be officially crowned when Ed Martin challenges the results and demands a recount.  Tornadoes will again hit out-state Missouri causing millions of dollars in improvements.  A Tea Party rally in St. Louis will make national headlines when every word on demonstrators’ signs is spelled correctly.  Sam Bradford will text a photo of his junk to a female reporter.  Initially fearing a scandal, Rams’ management will learn the photo depicts old and unused items from Bradford’s garage and basement he intends to sell at a garage sale.”


All the county executive’s men and women will help Charlie Dooley blow out 63 candles on his natal celebration on Dec. 15 at Sugo’s. . .Where’s Charlie?  He’s been to attorney Bob Blitz‘s Christmas party at Cafe Napoli.  Others there were Gaming Comish general counsel Chris Hinkley, Mayor Francis Slay, Lt. Guv Peter Kinder, Judge John Ross, Judge Larry Mooney, Sarah Steelman and Ann and Ray Wagner.  FYI: Clients of Blitz’s Jeff City branch include firms that manufacture games for casinos. . . . .Guests at the St. Louis Hills holiday party saw Cong. Russ Carnahan show up and shake hands with his former opponent Ed Martin and his wife, Carol.  Carny got some ogling over his full leather jacket from Australia.  And, wife Debra was a no-show. . .The hoity-toity Plaza in Clayton condos is now home to some prominent bachelors and almost-bachelors.  Among them are Joe Buck, Sam Bradford, Steve Shankman and Stifel Financial’s ceo, chairman and prez Ron Kruszewski, whom friends say is calling off his marriage. . .Pioneer Bank’s Tom Brewster, Jr., is heading for some housecleaning at Reliance Bank. . .Soldier of Fortune and owner of the yesteryear American Athletic Club on Manchester, Joe Adams, 60, is celebrating his fourth year of marriage to Deanna Daughhetee, owner of American Equity Mortgage at their snazzy Hampton Park manse. But, that’s not the item. Adams is now heading Project Bluelight, an anti-terrorist intelligence operation in support of Homeland Security personnel in the field.  “We primarily report to Border Patrol Intelligence, but do assist agents in the field when called upon,” said Adams.  “Our mission SOP is to make no contact or be detected by anyone entering the United States illegally or involved in illegal activities.  The only time Project Bluelight wavers from the mission is for medical emergencies or the presence of children.  We report all movement and/or activity to federal authorities.”  Recalling the days, when he ran his physical fitness empire where he helped clients attain their physical fitness goals, he poo-poo’ed today’s personal trainers.  “Some charge up to $75 an hour and I charged $125 a-year to help members,” he said. . .Look for Erker Optical Co. to import the chic Mainbach glasses from the Bayern region of Germany.  Jack Erker was toasted on the family-owned business on its 130th anniversary at Herbie’s Vintage ’72 and the soon-to-debut Erker’s in the CWE on Maryland Avenue, which will replace McGinty’s in Ted Koplar‘s edifice, bringing to three stores in the Erker chain. . .Aloyse Heiss McShane is now enjoying the good life in Florida these days, according to her heiress Barbara Heiss, who was with her best friend, Steve Kay, at Protzel’s.  Aloyse, 83, was once married to the late Gordon Heiss, bossman of the Lenox and Mayfair Hotels and then to Edwin R. “Bill” Culver, III.  Meanwhile, deli lama Max Protzel and his wife, Rachel, became parents of Eli Alexander, who popped out at more than eight pounds. . .Susan Gray‘s MAC Meetings & Events is becoming a rising force when it comes to producing street festivals and public events.  The meeting and event planner has scored with some major festivals here:  “Tour De Grove” and the “Grovefest” as well as the “Soulard Oktober-fest.”  Expanded responsibilities will follow for the 2011 Oktober-fest event along with some other major happenings.


Scribe Mark Hemmingway takes Russ Carnahan to task in the Oct. 22 edition.  He wrote of Carnahan,  “He seems to be hitting the panic button.  Carnahan’s opponent, Ed Martin, has caught fire in fundraising and now has a larger campaign warchest heading into the final stretch.”  Hemingway then takes issue with a former Carnahan campaign worker, who has launched “an outrageous website smearing Carnahan’s Catholic opponent as being part of the pedophilia scandal in the St. Louis Archdiocese.”The claims supporting the accusation are “tendentious, unfair and baseless,” wrote Hemingway. . .”The entire episode says a lot about a credulous local media that will reprint almost anything, no matter how irresponsible.”


I felt on top of the world with the glow of youth and good Italian wine.  There was adulation in the air and as Voltaire might have said, “If Columbus Day celebration on The Hill hadn’t existed, it would have been necessary to invent it.” Cong. Russ Carnahan was in the parade as was his nemesis, candidate Ed Martin.  The diff?  Carnahan was there sans volunteers; Martin was surrounded by 130 volunteers some of whom wore Martin for Congress gear.  Not only that, but Martin was accompanied by Dem Derio Gambaro, former state rep, former state senate candidate and former Board of Elections chairman.  Derio walked the entire route and accompanied Martin around the picnic in Berra Park.  The Gambaro family owns Missouri Baking Co., a Hill landmark.

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