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Nancy Schnoebelen and Joe Imbs

At Tuesday night’s Cardinals/Bank of America salute to the 2011 National League World Series, a brewery source divulged that AB iNBEV “is pissed off at Mayor Francis Slay for his friendly wager of Schlafly Beer over AB products with Arlington, TX Mayor Robert Chuck.” However, Slay’s chief of staff Jeff Rainford said, “It will be fixed.” Furthermore, the brewery source said the matter “has gone all the way up to top officials and some of them are vowing to withdraw all support of the city.” Rainford, with his daughter, Claire, a soph at Nerinx Hall, jammered with Husch Blackwell partner and real estate guru Gregory Smith. Across the buffet, RCGA’s

Colleen and Kurt Reinlein

outgoing chief Dick Fleming said when he steps down in December, he will turn to “the philanthropic sector.” His and wife, Sarah’s, heiress, Caitlin, is an intern at the White House. Brian Wahby, chairman of the St. Louis Democratic Central Committee, confided he will run for St. Louis Treasurer in the upcoming election. With Wahby were: his wife, Robbyn; J.C. Corcoran; John Ulett. Then, we learned from a City Hall tipster, that a new animal care facility will open in a building on West Florissant Avenue to replace the one on Gasconade Avene, that was built during World War II. Chef

Dr. Hashim Raza and Ken Reitz

extraordinaire Lisa Slay, who delights patrons at Remy’s, popped that her brother and sister-in-law David and Gail Slay of L.A., are bursting with pride that son, David Slay, Jr., is studying sports management at Bond University in Australia. U.S. Banks’ Joe Imbs introed Nancy Schnoebelen, “My significant other for three years,” he cooed. A trio of U.S. Marine recruiters got an earful about our town from Caseyville, Illinois’ Sgt. Matthew Tucker. Creve Coeur Camera’s Steve Weiss was on hand to snap pics with his ever-lovin’ gal pal, Jenny Cosby. Lodging Hospitality & Management’s Bob O’Loughlinsaid he’s awaiting word on Brownfields tax incentives

Dick Fleming and Mike Owens

and credits “and then we’ll decide what to do about restaurants,” at the Cheshire, he offered. Former Cardinal outfielder and Cardinals Care’s Ted Savage was the center of attraction in one area, while nearby geriatric specialist Dr. Hashim Raza ruminated with Ken Reitz, known as “The Zamboni” during his run with the Cardinals (1972-1975 and 1977-1980). Tom Villa was greeted and solaced on his bout with soil bacteria in his arm for which he’s undergone eight surgeries. Villa ran in the election for mayor, which was won by Freeman Bosley, Jr. Ald. Bosley, Sr.was spotted at the bar munching on dinner and stopped to say his

Ald. Freeman Bosley, Sr.

proposed $500 million development in the Salisbury strip in Hyde Park was uppermost in his mind. On hand at the gala were: Laninya Cason with KMOX sportscaster Mike Claiborne; Board of Aldermen’s Kacie Starr Triplett, Sam Moore with his wife, Linda; Marlene Davis; License Collector Mike McMillan and Laura and AON’s Kurt Reinlein. Colleen and Ron Watermon, Cards’ savvy PR and civic affairs exec, made the rounds to insure that all 2,500 guests were pleased with the buffet prepared by chefs from Baltimore, Cincy and elsewhere, the Cadence Drum Troop, the Clydesdale and Budweiser Beer Wagon, live painting by Kyle Lucks and Steve Shankman’s musical troupes.



U.S. Marine Sgt. Matthew Tucker flanked by Sgts. Alvaro Aro and Luis Pagan

Linda and Sam Moore, Kacie Starr Triplett, Mike McMillan and Marlene Davis









J.C. Corcoran, John Ulett, Brian and Robbyn Wahby

Steve Weiss and Jenny Cosby

Jeff and Claire Rainford and Gregory Smith

Laninya Cason with Mike Claiborne


The most lavish holiday event is, arguably, the Veiled Prophet Ball on Dec. 22 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel.  People mingled well the other day in front of the hotel, that is unlike another nearby inn where it’s suspicious.  The Gideon Bibles are on chains. One person came from a hometown that doesn’t have a town idiot.  The people take turns.  The
classified phone book had one page.  Another came from a poor town, where the doctor’s stethoscope has a party line.  They chatted and eyeballed the planners streaming in and out for the ball.   One of the ball’s yesteryear matrons of honor, who dropped by for a peek,  is so fancy, friends joke she has Perrier on the knee. Some wealthy VP Order members made money the old-fashioned way – they inherited it.  But, the columnist hardly ever knocks the rich. I never got a job from a poor person. In the old days, it was fashionable for some to knock the VP.  Not today, because of its goodwill to our town.  With almost 2,000 members, who each pay an annual membership fee of $1,000, much of the money goes to help support: the St. Louis Public Schools; Habitat for Humanity; the Herbert Hoover Boys & Girls Club; Operation Brightside and housing.  The young women who make their debuts at the ball are required to serve three years of community service before they take their bows this year in the direction of Veiled Prophet Joe Imbs.


“You cannot take photos or interview members of the site committee,” demanded Brian Wahby, a force behind the St. Louis host committee to lure the convention to St. Louis.  (Sorry, Brian, by the time you said that, the columnist, a dutiful news gatherer, had already covered the group). The site team, that will make their recommendations to the deciders to hold the 2012 convention here, might have already pored through the 1,000-page proposal, that had been submitted. (St. Louis is one of four cities being considered, including Minneapolis, Charlotte and Cleveland).  A tension-filled, bipartisan gaggle of our town’s leading citizens romanced the committee over cocktails at the Hilton Ballpark Hotel before a concert was to begin in Kiener Plaza. On hand were: Kitty Ratcliff of the St. Louis Convention & Visitors Commish, who had just returned from Vancouver, where she took the show on the road at a trade show; County Exec Charlie Dooley on the Immigration Bill – “No one should have to carry an ID”; former mayor Vince Schoemehl with his wife, Lois – “It would be a celebration of the renaissance of downtown. It would be guaranteed to carry Missouri in 2012”; Missouri Treasurer Clint Zweifel – “It would be on a Super Bowl level”;  Martin Casas, president of the Young Democrats, with his wife, Katie – “It would be a new identity, a fresh outlook and perception of St. Louis”; GOPer Ray Wagner – “It’s all about showcasing St. Louis to the world, but I cannot further comment. I’m here for Enterprise (Rent-A -Car)”;  State Sen. Robin Wright-Jones – “It would stop St. Louis from being a midwestern, sleepy town”; site committee member Steve Kerrigan, sipping a Bud Select, to former Mo.Lt. Guv Joe Maxwell – “You have an amazing city”; Jerry Feldhaus, exec sect’y. and treasurer of the St. Louis Building Trades Council, turned to the woes of unemployment and moaned, “There is about 30 percent unemployment – across the board”; St. Louis Police Capt. Sam Dotson on the convention – “It’s ours to lose”;  East St. Louis Mayor Alvin Parks, with his wife, Jo Ann – “It would help boost the economy of East St. Louis through the spillover. We have gambling and entertainment.” . . . It’s a mystery why his Mysterious Majesty of Khorassan  (read that as the Veiled Prophet) banker Joe Imbs was a no-show.

John Smoltz, Michael Jackson and August Busch IV meet in premiere column.

Al and Nancy Malnik with Michael Jackson

Al and Nancy Malnik with Michael Jackson

DON’T STOP THE PRESSES; THEY MAY NEVER START AGAIN!: The Post-Dispatch’s Tony Messenger was bylined in a page-one scoop, outlining the connection of erstwhile Democratic campaign consultant Milton “Skip” Ohlsen to the investigation of the 2008 bombing in a private Clayton parking garage, that injured an attorney. The article sourced “a search warrant obtained” by the newspaper. That raises a couple of Berger-worthy questions:: who gave the search warrant (and several supporting documents) to the newspaper? and which local news managers are now kicking themselves for not pursuing the lead as assiduously as the tireless Messenger? If you have answers, let me know.

* * *

WARREN RAPP HAS SOLVED THE MYSTERY, THAT HAS ENTHRALLED CARDINAL NATION:”(Cardinals pitcher) John Smoltz told me, that in his first practice session with the Redbirds, Chris Carpenter confided in Smoltz, that he tipped his hand by the way he held his glove,” said Warren Rapp, general manager of Il Bel Lago Restaurant. Smoltz continued to admit, that he knew which pitch was coming and had the best outing of the year. Stoltz dined with his uncle, St. Anthony’s wunderkind Dr. Anthony Tensigni.

* * *

WHEE, THE PEOPLE: Banker Joe Imbs is brushing up on syntax of a speech he’ll deliver in 2010, when he becomes the Mysterious Majesty of Khorassan or the Veiled Prophet. .The lilting language of the prince of prose has returned to your screen with a bon mot about Michael Jackson from the late icon’s frequent host in Palm Beach, Al Malnik. Former St. Louisan, businessman and philanthropist Malnik said that when Jackson houseguested at Al and Nancy Malnik’s Palm Beach estate, “he could compose two songs at once. He could write a song in five minutes,” recalled Malnik. . .Gregg Wurm, yesteryear Ladue police chief-turned-secuirty chief has been bounced from his $200,000 a-year job at Centene Corp. Centene is also where former KSDK, Channel 5 anchor Deanne Lane is rumored to be toiling. . .Over in Forest Park, rumors are rife, that Broadway vet and frequent Muny headliner, Lee Roy Reams, may be paged to succeed productions chief Paul Blake. Muny officials are still burning over Blake’s 20-minute onstage eulogy for performer Gretchen Wyler a few seasons back. “Ninety-nine percent of the audience had never heard of her,” commented an angry official. Also at the Muny, beloved boxoffice guardian George Walsh retired after a 69-year gig there. . .The beleagured Dr. Bill Landau of WashU med center’s neurology dept. has not only been ousted from the ACLU for uttering the “n” word, but also faces a number of angry docs. The contentious Landau harps about the dearth of “secretaries” at clinical staff meetings and frequently uses his battle cry, “I’ll sue.” After the meetings, docs complain they have double-digit numbers of cases to Landau’s few. Another kind of brouhaha took place years ago there, when the department’s chief Dr. Dennis Choi threatened to evict Landau. Choi backed off after Landau threatened to sue. . .And, August Busch, IV, is telling pals, that he “has left Dodge City for the Ozarks” where he is spending most of his time these days.

* * *

THREE-DOT JOURNALISM, CONT.: Retired P-D reporter Bill Lhotka has scribed a tome about crime in our town, “St. Louis Crime Chronicles: The First 200 Years,” featuring 50 historic events. Among the stories is the one about the murder of Native American Chief Pontiac in Cahokia, Ill., who was buried around Broadway at Chestnut St. The pageturner is due to hit the stalls in October from Reedy Press. .Sam Koplar was spotted checking out the Clayton real estate market with what friends say is a possible move of Koplar Enterprises from its downtown Jello-tower of indecision. . .Carlene Goddard Mazur is now a permanent resident at Delmar Gardens on outer US-64. The unfortunate woman collapsed from a stroke in her kitchen and was left unattended for three days. . .Don’t invitems to the same party: electrical wizard David Payne and wife, Amy, and Sugo Restaurant bossman Michael Del Pietro – all over the eatery’s outstanding debt of $60,000. . .Are the former Harriet Cella and hub Doug Marshall getting separate mail?… Celebrated chef/owner of Niche Gerard Craft, is eyeing the purchase of the venerable Chez Leon in the CWE

* * *

NO ENNUI AT SLU: Prez of St. Louis University the reverend Lawernce Biondi, SJ has been the butt of a few jokes. Some of the administrators refer to the Jesuit priest as “L.B.J”

* * *

TO PONDER: Why the shakedown at our fancy shmancy markets? I mean, they’re touting Kobe Beef, when actually the meat is Kobe mixed with American cattle. A customer was overheard telling a meatcutter at Straub’s, “Real Kobe would be about $400 for six sirloin steaks.” The butcher shot back, “Is there a real American car?”

* * *

Bogart and Bacall

IT’S ONLY MONEY: And, the top-grossing mom & pop restaurant in our town (as opposed to a chain operation) has to be Annie Gunn’s out in Chesterfield, which rang up $6 million last year, according to an insdier.  For this columnist, Annie Gunn’s is a marvelous retreat and the house disease is nostalgia. It’s the kind of place I would imagine could be a fanatastic movie set. Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart might have been embracing in one of those private hutches near the bar. Mixologist Eve Perlmutter excused herself from the brokers and broken  to create whiskey sours for the twosome. Bogie got a tic in his upper lip as he had in “The Maltese Falcon,’ in which he played private eye Sam Spade.  He said to Perlmutter, “In a paternity case, it’s always her child; in a divorce, it’s her children.

* * *

ALL OF MY WASTED LIFE I’ve never seen so many new buildings that are studies in sterility and lone cranes no longer hoisting girders out of a sea of mortgages. There was a time, when topping off of a new building downtown became the lead story. In those days we’d gather for a 35-cent dinner at Garavelli’s on Grand at Olive Street, our baseball heroes were the Browns at Sportsman’s Park on Grand at Dodier Street, where we entered with a Knothole Gang card. I wonder if nostalgia attracts many living people these days. But, back then, anyone worthwhile wore Threadneedle Street shoes from Boyd’s (packaging chief Bob Ragsdale still has a few like-new pairs) and then there were crewcuts. My crewcut appeared as if I had been readied for a prefrontal lobotomy.!

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