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A dozen years ago tomorrow, George W. Bush tapped Dick Cheney to be his running mate.  And in a second new book about Missouri Sen. Tom Eagleon, Joshua Glasser writes, “On paper, the young, liberal, border-state Catholic who enjoyed popularity among blacks, women and labor seemed to be the ideal match” for Democratic nominee George McGovern. Explaining why Eagleton didn’t disclose his three hospitalizations for depression, Glasser says that “To Eagleton they were a thing of the past.  If he considered his mental health disqualifying, Eagleton would never have promoted the idea of his candidacy. . .”. . .Today’s edition of The New York Times has published an article, “Today’s Hunt for No. 2,” in which it outlines McGovern’s less-than-an-hour decision to pluck Eagleton for No. 2.  Eighteen days later, Eagleton was forced to resign. . .Writing in the latest issue of the New Yorker, Jack Hitt explains the growing popularity of forensic linguistics, using cases like the Unibomber, the congressional Abscam scandal, and the 2009 Columbia Illinois murder by ex-Joyce Meyer Ministries staffer Chris Coleman.  An expert in the field, Roger Shuy, believes that forensic linguistics can do for language of crimes, like bribery, blackmail, extortion, what DNA has done for violent crimes. . .Congrats to Adam Hackbarth of O’Fallon (the Missouri one).  He’s one of three finalists in the New Yorker’s caption contest this week.. .Gov. Jay Nixon has created the Local Government Task Force to assist Westinghouse Electric Co. in its bid for funds from the U.S. Dept. of Energy to design, license, manufacture and commercialize American-made small modular nuclear reactors to bolster the nation’s energy needs. . .Hollywood superhero movies are on the rise.  In production are: “Guardians of the Galaxy”; a reboot of “The Fantastic Four”; “The Amazing Spider Man”; “Man of Steel”. . .Look for Bloomberg Daily to produce a 32-page issue of “Bloomberg Insider” for both the Dems and GOP.

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